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Sloth on a Sunday! 😴😪😴😪 Tag someone who sleeps all day!
Follow @bakchod_engineer01  for more 😂😂😂😂👆👆 . . . . .  #autohash #india # n #people #child #family #outdoors #nature #boy #environment #education #grass #wood #young #portrait #follow4follow
Hiking through bigberry  manzanita (Arctostaphylos glauca) stands. Nice new trail.
Over confident over secure very tall big men drive very economical environmentally respectful small cars. It’s our complex that we have made for ourselves. Under compensating for our perception of the way we are viewed in our society. Slightly an issue we need to figure out at some point. This car is a PZEV meaning almost a zero emission for a fuel powered car. #pzev #subie #subaru #subaruwrx #subarusti #subarulove #subaruimpreza #subaruporn #cars #environment #dreads #dreadlocks
It's a universal language, no? We think so! We're working hard this year to increase our program accessibility and deepen our impact in the community through the language of art - find out more about what we do by heading on over to our website!
🐍G R E E N🐍 • • • The color of life, renewal, nature, energy, growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. • • • It's a reminder to ground ourselves and be rooted so that growth can occur. • • • If you find yourself envying the success or life of others. GREEN is asking you to check in with yourself and explore why you are experiencing these emotions. • • • Are you challenged with thoughts of unworthiness?  Are you operating from a place of fear? What is it that life is calling you to do but you are to afraid to do? • • • We are all on our own journeys, though our destinies may be connected the time in which we arrive at our destination varies. So the next time you look at the life of others and say "Why isn't that me" redirect yourself, congratulate them, and say to yourself "MY TIME IS COMING" • • #green #colorsymbolism #afrohaus #wakanda #wakandaforever #growth #renewal #nature #energy #harmony #freshness #safety #fertility #environment #earth
If you see all plants as medicine... everything around you becomes a MAGICAL opportunity. I could see these beautiful salmon colored quince flowers that have been growing on our land since before we even moved in and, take them for granted as simply “beautiful”. Or, I could see into their message and medicine and see a chance to create compassion and forgiveness in a way that cuts the chords to stories of anger and victimhood that are holding me back and stunting my movement. HUGE difference. In truth, I do both. Simplicity is powerful, don’t get me wrong. But, I believe we need to understand the depth and complexities of our surroundings before we can really appreciate the simplicity and beauty of nature.  Flower essences are a gentle type of medicine that is incredibly low over head to make. Each flower has its own unique offering. Trust yourself, you have the answers. AND just google “daisy flower essence” but insert the correct name of the flower you want to look up. I found these flowers around my property... manzanita, Quince and clematis. Meanings:  Manzanita Flower-harmonize emotional and physical body. Encourage Self Love and acceptance of your body.  Clematis- Integrates internal world with “real world.” Takes people out of fantasy and/or dissociative states to feel Wholeness and to take better care of their physical bodies.  Quince- Helps on process repressed anger and rage in a healthy way. Release. Over coming depression based on bitter feelings of being taken advantage of.  #theeverydaywitch #flowers #nature #monday #mondaymotivation #harvest #diy #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #healing #healthyfood #plants #plantmedicine #medicine #knowledge #environment #oldworld #farm #fitness #lifequotes #lifestyleblogger
A moment of symmetry during my hike in northern Sweden last summer.
Yesterday went by like a blur. My second meet recap will be up on YouTube in a couple of days. I would like to thank everyone who has taken personal time to come support! It was an amazing crowd and environment 💪🏼 🙏🏼
🌱 Quando você se dedica aquilo e o torna uma ferramenta brilhante a partir de estudos e aplicação desses métodos que vão ocasionar modificações na produção humana, transformando algo industrial em um modelo socioambiental 🌿 #meioambienteagradece
No matter how depressed you are, there's always a person who can show you an oasis and get you out of your sadness! And that's the power of love! . This photo is not mine, PC - @anurag_kulkarn1 . #ladakh #natureladakh #oasis #colddesert #canon #greens #naturephotography #environment
Compassion and consideration for other forms of life on this planet is a beautiful thing. In a world where so many people want to inflict unnecessary harm on others, be kind 🕷❤️
Who knew buying toilet paper could bring me so much joy! 🤣♻️ Absolutely delighted to receive my @whogivesacraptp recycled toilet paper - they give 50% of profits to Water Aid meaning that the 40%, YES 40% of people worlwide who don’t have access to a toilet will start having toilets built for them because you are wiping your bum! They come in this really funky wrapping and only cost 1p more per 100 sheets than Sainsburys own brand recycled - so it’s a no brainer surely!? What made this delivery extra funny was that my neighbour kindly took the box in for us while we were away - i did cringe a bit when i saw the “You have a nice bum” on the side of the box when it turned up! . . #sanitation #poverty #charity #wateraid #toiletpaper #dogood #bethechange #environment #eco #ethical #ecofriendly #recycled #savethetrees #planet #green #sustainability #sustainable #ecowarrior
The Armadillo Lizard! AKA Baby Dragon 🐉 🦎  Tag someone who loves dragons!
We changed our retail bags in November last year to a biodegradable format. It’s great to know that already there’s 3500 less foil/plastic coffee bags going into land fills. ✌🏽🌏🌿🌊