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This is how our beautiful mums come in and get their eyebrows done 😍 #glenelg #eyebrowsdone #mumslife #mumsinstyle
Beautiful brows done by Advanced Technician, #eyedesignlarissa at @eye_design_ny. ⭐TECHNIQUE: Microblading 🎨COLOR: #eyedesignpigmentchocolate 💲PRICE: $690 🖥WEBSITE: eyedn.com 🗒BOOK: eyedn.com/book ☎ CALL OR TEXT: 917-200-0727 💌EMAIL: studio@eyedn.com
A super pretty set of brows ✨ If you're thinking of new brows, now's the time!!! #pprettybrows
Shape, tint & wax ✨
... or just wake up with perfect eyebrows! And this #agate for #positivevibes & #clarity & emotional balance
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The Difference Between Microblading and Powder Effect.  Microblading is the manual method of depositing pigment under the first layer of skin. For this technique, we use a special Microblading pen. The end of the pen holds a small combination of needles, making them look like a blade. With this special needle, technicians are able to draw thin lines to create an appearance of natural brow hairs. It looks so natural that you can’t tell the difference between which hair is real or not. Everyone’s eyebrows are not the same because their brow hairs grow in different directions. Technicians are able to create a unique brow pattern for every client.  The Powder Effect involves using a permanent makeup machine. This technique is more gentle than the traditional way of practicing permanent makeup. The old way of brow tattooing looks harsh and block-like which makes people shy away from getting permanent makeup. Using our new technology, the results you will see after using our Powder Effect will make your brows look more natural and soft, especially after the healing process. Using a one point needle, technicians deposit pigment under the first layer of skin, leaving small microdots filling in the shape of the eyebrow. This technique is recommended for people who have oily skin and have enough eyebrow hairs but want to define it more.  You can also combine Microblading and Powder Effect for a full eyebrow look but every client must discuss with their technician which technique is best for you. Book a consultation at eyedn.com/book to find out! ✍🏼