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Facing #famine, girls and women bear the heaviest burden. #foodsecurity #fourfamines #conflict #facingfamine
It's World Humanitarian Day on 19 August! We're celebrating the bravery of medics who work in tough and dangerous places. This is Patricia, a nurse who volunteered for us this summer in Kenya, where our outreach teams are going to remote villages everyday to treat families suffering from malnutrition. #worldhumanitarianday #humanitarian #aidworker #medecinsdumonde #doctorsoftheworld #kenya #isiolo #marsabit #fightfamine #fightingfamine #facingfamine #drought #malnutrition
: http://www.vision-hope.org "Where indifference ends, life begins"  picture:  a child lays on the hospital bed while receiving treatment for cholera.  Hardly news anymore, #wartorn  #yemen is #facingfamine and #fightingfamine. Recently the #yemencholeraoutbreak is also making victims, many of whom are children and women. - "The worst humanitarian crisis the World have since the foundation of the @unitednations" (UN). The violence turmoil escalated from clashes since the Spring of 2011, to violent war in March 2015. The result is that most of the foreign supply of food has stopped and people are hungry. Starving to death.  From the 27.7 million Yemenis, about 18 million can't feed adequately. Over 4.5 million need services to treat or prevent malnutrition. About 14.5 million Yemenis are in need of WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene assistance (all according to the UN-OCHA, in March 2017). Now, from an "unprecedented"outbreak, as the WHO - World Health Organization pointed out, an epidemic of Cholera is feared by everyone as the suspected cases rises today above the 450.000 and the associated deaths are already more than 1900. We are also working for educating towards hygiene and prevention of cholera as well as the distribution of hygiene kits.  Vision Hope International staff knows it. Since 2002 VHI works for development and human relief of communities in #yemen. We are making a difference and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TOO ! When you like us; When you follow us; When you share our pictures here or on https://www.facebook.com/VisionHopeInt/, you are not remaining indifferent. We have a solid group of volunteers and perhaps you can join them too.  Donations in 2016: - Yemen: 71% - Tunisia: 1.5% - Jordania: 6.7% - Syria: 16.9% - Headquarters Germany: 3.9%. Know more and donate here: https://vision-hope.org/media/current-crisis/  Thank you.  #instagood #instadaily #middleeastblogger #humanitarianassistance #emergencyfooddistribution #humanitarianaid #yemen
Here's our brilliant Kenya team! In Isiolo and Marsabit counties, malnutrition is far above emergency levels. Our team is travelling to remote villages to treat children in need. See link in bio for more info. #kenya #isiolo #marsabit #fightfamine #fightingfamine #facingfamine #malnutrition #drought #humanitarian #humanitariancrisis #doctorsoftheworld #medecinsdumonde
In Kenya's Isiolo and Marsabit counties, malnutrition is far above emergency levels. Our outreach team is travelling to remote villages four times a week to treat children in need. See link in bio for more info. Photos by @p_a_t_r_i_c_i_a_ #kenya #isiolo #marsabit #fightfamine #fightingfamine #facingfamine #malnutrition #drought #humanitarian #humanitariancrisis #doctorsoftheworld #medecinsdumonde
In Kenya's Isiolo and Marsabit counties, malnutrition is far above emergency levels. Our outreach team is travelling to remote villages to treat children in need. See link in bio for more info. Photos by @jelle_iboone #kenya #isiolo #marsabit #fightfamine #fightingfamine #facingfamine #malnutrition #drought #humanitarian #humanitariancrisis #doctorsoftheworld #medecinsdumonde
Im Oktober 2016 wurde im Jemen die Ausbreitung von Cholera identifiziert - ein kleines Zeichen dessen, was kommen sollte. Die Antwort gegen die Krankheit wurde dann auf beschränkte Gebiete des Landes konzentriert.  Mit dem Jahr 2017, sind Hungersnot und einem zunehmenden Verlust des Zugangs zu primären Bedürfnissen Dienstleistungen wie sauberes Wasser, Gesundheit und Bildung, Alle 10 Minuten starb im Jemen ein Kind - jetzt ist es ein Kind alle 7 Minuten!! Aber bis dahin, war eine Hauptursache eine schwere und akute Unterernährung: 462.000 Kinder unter fünf Jahren waren betroffen. Die Situation im Jemen wurde von den Vereinten Nationen als die "schlimmste humanitäre Krise" seit ihrer Gründung.  Jetzt kehrte Cholera zurück und der Cholera-Ausbruch wurde zu einer Epidemie. Seit Beginn des Ausbruchs im April, Fast 1.900 Menschen starben an der Krankheit und über 425.000 Verdachtsfälle sind identifiziert. Seit 2002 sind wir im Jemen tätig. Unsere jetzige Arbeit konzentriert auf die Verteilung von Hygiene-Kits, Wasser Silberfiltern und die Schulung von Gemeinden und Mitarbeitern, wie man die Ausbreitung der Krankheit mit unseren Cholera Response-Projekten bekämpft. Parallel dazu versorgen wir Gesundheitseinrichtungen mit Medikamenten und Hygieneartikeln, Wassertanks und Verbrauchsmaterialien. Dies geschieht im Rahmen des Integrated Water Resources Management.  Bild: Auf dem Bild sehen wir die Kinder, die über Cholera und Hygiene lernen und auch, wie man den Ausbruch verhindert. Eine Aufgabe, die von einem männlichen und einem weiblichen Field Information Officer durchgeführt wird.  Der beste Weg, um unsere Arbeit zu unterstützen, ist durch eine Spende. Also, wenn du kannst, bitte spende!  Du kannst uns auch helfen indem du: Uns auf Facebook likst:  www.facebook/visionhopeint Uns auf Twitter folgst:  @visionhopeint. Unsere Website besuchst www.vision-hope.org Unseren Newsletter abonierst: https://goo.gl/hCiTwy  Dankeschön!  #humanitarianassistance
: "Where indifference ends, life begins"  In October 2016 Cholera was identified in Yemen as spreading - a small sign of what was to come. The answer against the disease was then focused on confined areas of the country.  With the new year of 2017, entering year 3 of violent war, suffering with famine and an increasing loss of access to primary needs services such as clean water, health services and education, Yemen saw 1 child dying every 10 minutes - now 1 child dies every 7 minutes!! But by then, in March, April and May, a main cause was Severe Acute Malnutrition: 462.000 children under 5 y.o. were in this situation and Yemen was pointed by the United Nations as the "worst humanitarian crisis" since its foundation.  Now Cholera returned and the Cholera Outbreak became an Epidemic. Today, since the start of the outbreak in April, reported 1.864 people died of the disease and 390,865 suspected cases are identified.  Therefore our present work in Yemen focuses in the distribution of hygiene kits, water filters (silver filters), and the education of both communities and staff on how to tackle the spread of the disease with our Cholera Response projects.  In parallel, as we work in Yemen since 2002, we are also supplying health facilities with medicines, and hygiene materials, water tanks and consumables, as part of the IWRM - Integrated Water Resources Management.  Picture: in the picture we see a family receiving being educated, at the door of their house, about Cholera, hygiene, and how to prevent it. A task undergone by a male and a female field information officer.  The best way to support our work is by donating. So, if you can, please donate!  You can always help us by: Joining us on www.facebook/visionhopeint Following our twitter @visionhopeint. Visiting our website: www.vision-hope.org Subscribing to our newsletter here: https://goo.gl/hCiTwy  Thank you!  #instagood #instadaily #middleeastblogger #humanitarianassistance #emergencyfooddistribution
| www.vision-hope.org "Where indifference ends, life begins"  With the distribution of Hygiene Kits and Water Filters, along with education for hygiene, we are helping the Yemeni people to fight the Cholera Epidemic on their own sustainable way throught prevention. Prevention is the key to most of the disasters in life. This are probably the only tools which are at their reach to avoid the infection with the disease.  Picture: From Door to Door Campaign, part of the IWRM - Integrated Water Resources Management, is Distributing Hygiene Kits and Silver Filters for Families contributing in this way for the growth of resilience and hope towards better days.  The best way to help us with what we are doing, not only in Yemen, where we are working for development and human relief since 2002, but also in Syria, Jordan, Tunisia and Germany, is to donate. With your online donation, you reach the people directly in the project countries: Jordan, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen. No matter, if 10 Euro for hungry children in Yemen, 50 Euro for a spot in our kindergarten in Jordan or 100 Euro for youth in Tunisia: each contribution counts. Donate now and send hope to families and individuals in the Near and Middle East. Decide yourself, where your contribution will go – through a periodic donation you will make our support even more efficient and predictable. Do it here: https://vision-hope.org/donate/  So, if you can, please donate!  You can always help us by joining us on www.facebook/visionhopeint or following our twitter @visionhopeint.  To know more visit the website: www.vision-hope.org  Subscribe to our newsletter here: https://goo.gl/hCiTwy  Thank you!  #instagood #instadaily #middleeastblogger #humanitarianassistance #emergencyfooddistribution #humanitarianaid #yemen #nonprofit #ngo #famine #facingfamine #fightingfamine #cholera #facingcholera #fightingcholera #yemencholeraoutbreak #emergency #inspiration #peace #donate #yemenstarving
Photo by @usunrome . "Two-thirds of the population of Yemen — 17 million people — are severely food insecure, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said yesterday in a briefing to the UN Security Council, describing what he called “the largest humanitarian crisis today.” The U.S. announced $639 million in humanitarian aid for Yemen, Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan, showing its dedication to #fightingfamine in collaboration with the Rome-based UN agencies and supporting those #facingfamine due to violence — for in impacted communities, taking action to combat hunger and malnutrition saves lives. | 📷: AP Photo/Hani Mohammed"
9/9 Become an advocate and raise awareness for the hunger emergencies that are afflicting millions worldwide. With famine looming in four countries, global action is critical to rally support for immediate relief efforts, expanded access to deliver aid, and lasting solutions for peace. Learn how you can take action by clicking the link in our bio. . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @UNFAO/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #facingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
8/9 According to a recent poll released by @theIRC, only 15% of U.S. citizens are aware of the #fourfamines that are threatening #nigeria, #yemen, #southsudan, and #somalia. However, upon learning of the crisis, 73% expressed concern. Click the link in our bio to learn how you can make a difference for those #facingfamine. . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #zerohunger
7/9 @UnitedNations agencies including @worldfoodprogramme_official, @UN_OCHA, @UNFAO, @Refugees, and @UNICEF, are actively working to provide aid for the 20 million people on the precipice of famine. In fact, in one month, the World Food Programme delivered food and nutrition assistance to more than 8 million people in #nigeria, #southsudan, #somalia, and #yemen. Click the link in our bio to learn more about the UN’s response to the #fourfamines. . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #facingfamine #zerohunger
6/9 According to @unfao, consecutive poor harvests due to severe drought in the #somalia have aggravated the food crisis, particularly in rural areas which compose of 68% of those at risk. More than 3 million people in Somalia are in urgent need of food assistance. Read how you can help FAO and other @unitednations agencies that are #fightingfamine in Somalia by clicking the link our bio. . . . Full Photo in Grid: @UNFAO/Karel Prinsloo  #facingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
5/9 Ongoing conflict in #southsudan has led to massive displacement, a disturbance of food production, and rising prices for food. Famine could soon be a reality again as severe food insecurity persists in the country. Click the link in our bio to learn more about those who are #facingfamine. . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
4/9 A combination of diminishing agriculture production, limited farmland availability, and #climate conditions have left 5.2 million people across #nigeria in urgent need of food aid. Find out how you can help by clicking the link in our bio. . . . Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger #facingfamine
3/9 17 million people are in #yemen are food insecure. Malnutrition in Yemen has played a direct role in creating the worst #cholera outbreak in the world with more than 200,000 suspected cases. Learn how you can take action for the Yemeni people and others #facingfamine by clicking the link in our bio. . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
2/9 According to @un_ocha, “Allowing famine to unfold is a choice; we must choose to stop it.” In response to the millions #facingfamine, OCHA is requesting $4.9 billion to respond to one of the worst #humanitarian crises of our time. Learn how you can help by clicking the link in our bio . . . Full Photo in Grid: @UNFAO/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #facingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
1/9 Over 20 million people in #yemen, #somalia, #nigeria, and #southsudan are on the brink of famine—1.5 million of whom are children suffering from severe malnutrition. Millions of families are in need. Learn how you can take action by clicking the link in our bio . . .  Full Photo in Grid: @unfao/Karel Prinsloo  #fightingfamine #facingfamine #fourfamines #zerohunger
Families in #yemen are not only #facingfamine, they are also facing one of the worst #cholera outbreaks in the world. While over half of the population struggles to find adequate food, malnourishment only increases the danger of contracting cholera.⠀ ⠀ This is a humanitarian crisis needs our attention. Visit our friends at @un_ocha to learn how you support efforts to help families in Yemen. You can also help spread the word, by sharing this post with your family and friends. ⠀ 📷: Giles Clarke/OCHA ⠀ ⠀ #aid4yemen #childrenuprooted #humanitarian #digitalhumanitarian #foreverychild #4famines