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Aquele dia em que você recebe uma mensagem que te traz nostalgia e muita felicidade. Para quem escreve, saber que suas palavras tocaram alguém é tão especial.
Imagine: At Dawn Part VI  Staring at the ceiling, Tom’s been having a hard time sleeping. Yes he isn't busy and he has all the time but he still couldn't sleep. Then he heard Bobby’s cry making him stand up. ”What is it, little guy?” he said picking him up ”are you hungry?” Bobby reaches to his face and licks him on the cheek ”Do you want to go for a walk?” Tom took Bobby’s leash and they drive to the part. Tom took this time to think and just like the other time he tried to think, he ends up thinking about you. Just like a queue, his phone rang. ”Hello.” Tom answered. ”Tom!! You wouldn't believe this but my script got approved!!” you said screaming on the phone. ”Really?! Wow!! Congratulations.” he greeted. ”Thank you. Now, we have to have at least a small celebration.” you excitedly said ”I'll meet you at Henry’s. Bye for now.” you said hanging up the phone. ”[Y/N]” Tom called but it was too late you have already disconnected the phone ”I... I'm happy for you. You deserve it, you are a great writer and your imagination seems endless and I want to be part of the world you are creating. To be the knight who will protect you, a cavalier who will show you what being a true woman is, the boy who will make you feel how fun life is, the man who will make you fall in love.” Looking at the phone in his hand, Tom couldn't believe what he said. Did he just say those words? He just wants to say congratulation and he is happy for you but where those words came from? ”Bobby, don't you think I like [Y/N] more than I should have?” Tom asked, picking up the dog ”Forget it.” Later that, Tom is getting ready to meet you up at Henry’s. He dressed well, fix his hair, trims a bit of his beard and he is now standing in front of a flower shop looking at the flowers displace outside. |cont. in ⬇️|
Sisisiiii, nuevo capítulo en Wattpad! Espero que les gusteee! ❤ - #fanfic #maxiespindola #wattpad
VOTING TIMEEEEEE👇  Ok you guys vote. Pick 2 that you like. Which ever 2 gets the most votes I will post those 2 and you guys vote one more time. The one that gets the most will be the cover!!! Btw thank you guys so so so much for making these covers! I love them all 💙  #hannie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #fanfic #comment #likethis #cover #covercontest
Chapter 55: **Still Y/n POV** Once Jonah got Cooper, Corbyn immediately came in the living room.  Co: “Give him back Jonah!!!” He hissed at Jonah. Dang Corbyn really loves Cooper, probably loves him too much. When Corbyn told me his birthday a while ago, I wanted to give him a dog as his birthday present. I better decide what kind of dog i should get. Jonah gave Cooper back to Corbyn because if he didn’t, who knows what would happen. Once Corbyn got Cooper again, he immediately started to run to his room again. Wow, Corbyn is not even getting the blankets and pillows for the fort!! Y/n: “CORBYN GET THE PILLOWS AND BLANKETS SO WE CAN MAKE A FORT!!!” I yell from downstairs since he’s already upstairs.  Co: “ALREADY AHEAD OF YOU!!!! GET THE STUFFED ANIMALS!!!!!” Y/n: “GOT IT!!!!” I yelled back at him Y/n: “Well i’m gonna go get the stuffed animals now!” I say as i got to the closet.  Jo: “I’ll see you in a bit.” He says laughing at me because i’m such a child. **End of POV** **Jonah POV** Y/n: “Well i’m gonna go get the stuffed animals now!” She says as skips to the closet. She’s so adorable.  You: “I’ll see you in a bit.” I say as i laugh because of how adorable she can be.  I need to have the balls to ask her out but at the same time we can’t date because of S.K.’s rules (1. don’t pick up the phone, you know he’s only calling cuz he’s drunk and alone 🎶). I just wish i could just cuddle with her at her hardest times, protect her with my life, spoil her with all my money even though she won’t let me, and to be with her at the times she needs me the most. I went to my room to get my phone and some blankets and stuff. I looked at my phone and saw my sister calling. **call** You: “What’s up Esth-“ i start to say but i go cut off. Es(Esther): “Who’s the girl?!!!???” She says very eagerly.  You: “What?” Es: “WHO IS THE GIRL!!!!?????” You: “What are you talking about?” Es: “A fan took
I waited... and now I've lost her...
OKAY announcement time\\\ after we hit 100 followers I will continue the fanfic and we may or may not start a theme. I’ll make more memes, and photo edits. It’s just been hard recently. But comment down below someone who should follow us. And once again I love all 96 of you💓💓~hailey\\ #graysondolan #announcement #ethandolan #dolantwins #2018 #meme #photoedit #fanfic #dolantwinsfanfiction #ilovethetwins @ethandolan @graysondolan
Toxic:part 2  You wonder what's wrong. You got a glimpse of his paper. "Dang an F.." :JACKS P.O.V: when I got my test results back I knew it was going to be an F just like every time. I put my head down in frustration. I wish I could just be smart like the nerd of the school...what's her name?? :END OF P.O.V:  Bell rings* "Finnaly." you sigh in relief. You grab your stuff and head out of class and going home. You have to get ready for the school talent show. " Ugh I don't want to go"you said. You went to your house and got ready. :skip to when heading for school talent show: As you walked to school you thought why would Jack be in the talent show? He has a talent? Maybe just something stupid.  You arrived and sat down in the middle of the crowd next to your friend Amy.  Principle: Every one please lower your voices that talent show is starting right now.. Hope you like!!!😊 #fanfic #jackavery #jachary  #corbina #whydontwe #whydontwemusic #wdw #toxic #trustfundbaby #musicvideo #aprilfoolswdw @jackaverymusic
So many of my smiles are because of u... 🙃
I made a Caveira(@sau_siege) version.  @sau_siege  And I did one seriusly (and funny)edit and meme.  Meme: you can see not have only one interpretation.  1- Caveira see the sau_siege drawing and say: -nice(to the draw and the situation )  2-the other is see the all story and the  big Caveira say: -meme(because is a drawing parody and maybe a meme parody)  Thanks to read⬆⬆⬆⬆😂😂😂 #rainbowsixsiege #rainbowsix #sixsiege #r6s #gamedraw #gameart #game #draw #drawings #drawing #cute #seasoon #littel #fanart #fanfic #ilustracion #ilustration #fanfic #videojuego #videogame#art #funny #meme  #cosplay #parody #caveira @sau_siege
Finally got done with this so here it is.  @seaveydaniel @whydontwemusic #fanfic #theresthisguy #moretocome #follow #followme #limelights #likeitup #hopeyoulikeit #sorryittooksolong #danielseavey
Good morning eh?  This character is Sora from Anything but Ordinary (Durarara!!! X Assassination Classroom fanfiction) on wattpad. By her appearance can you figure out who is her brother? 🙄🙄 .  Check it out and add it to your library if you like to read fanfic, the author is going to comeback with 10 chapter soon👀👀 (i'm a beta reader lol) . Oh by the way, the FF is in Bahasa. .  #fanfic #digitalart #digital #drawing #draw #art #instaart #instadraw #wattpad #digitaldrawing #headshot #durarara #assassinationclassroom
Thank you all so much, I can't believe how much support I have gotten ly all 💕 Comment down below who you want my next post to be about. #bts #btssuga #btsfanfic #fanfic #fanfiction #btsimagine #btsjungkook #btsjimin #btsrapmon #btsjin #btsjhope #jimin #jungkook #jin #jhope #rapmonster #v #btsv #cute #adorable #tae #chimchim #kpop #awesome #army #btsarmy #iheartawards #bestfanarmy #btsarmy #serendipity @bts.bighitofficial
through the dark✹︎ pt 28 • »"Why did-" "I'll stay." "You will?" He asked smiling. I nodded. "Just please don't mess up anything." "They've brainwashed you babe." "What?" "You know the fans hate Madison right? But they love you." "That's just because I'm not dating you." "No it's cause you've been with me since you were 3 and I was 6. They just like that we've been friends forever. The majority of them want us together anyways." "You're just saying that." "No, I'm serious." "You just want us together." "Well yeah, but they do too." "Whatever Jack," I said rolling my eyes. "Can I tell you a secret?" "Yeah?" "I already posted a picture of us." "Jack," I sighed. "But now they know everything. So Madison is out of the picture." "Do they know about..." I trailed off. "No. I knew you wouldn't want to tell them yet." "Good." He smiled hugging me. "I really love you. And I'm gonna be here for you through everything. Every doctors appointment and morning sickness and everything." "Jack, you have a career." "I know, we'll work around it." I rolled my eyes. "Gosh I can't wait to have this baby." “You can't wait? I'm the one puking and eating pickles." "Mood swing?" He asked and I raised my eyebrows. "It's okay. I can handle this." He pulled me in for a hug and I giggled lightly. I hugged him back and closed my eyes.« • Tagged→︎ @wifeofgilinsky @jackgilinsky @jackj @jackandjack @luek_is_confused @itznot_grace_ @vpow.spam @pokemon.lashton @safetypinxtales @bethtippettx @angryladycorn @layan.damra • Tags⇢︎ #onedirection #5secondsofsummer #1d #5sos #edsheeran #cherlloyd #littlemix #harrystyles #louistomlinson #niallhoran #liampayne #zaynmalik #lukehemmings #michaelclifford #calumhood #ashtonirwin #jackandjack #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #fanfic #imagines • 3 comments=new post
Kidnapped chapter 3;  Y/N looks at me. I nod and mouth "please". She takes the plate from Jack and takes a tiny bite out of it. Jack: Good girl. Jack turns to me. Jack: That simple. Corbyn: Is this really necessary? She deserves so much better than that. Jack: Look Corbyn, she's our prisoner. She is gonna be treated like one. Then he walks away. Corbyn: Not if I can help it. I say to myself. I look at her just staring at the plate that was pushed in front of her, farther than she can reach. And her cup was still full. Y/N: Leave. Corbyn: What? Y/N: GET! OUT! I turn around and go upstairs. Jonah was on the couch talking to Jack about how stupid she is and his plan to rape her. I knew he would rape her eventually. If only I was strong enough to make him stop. I look at the door that leads to the basement and shake my head. Corbyn: You don't deserve this. Then I heard footsteps stop beside me. Zach: She deserves the pain that she's about to receive. ›› TO BE CONTINUED ‹‹ - - #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #fanfic #jonahmarais #jackavery #corbynbesson #zachherron #danielseavey
Kidnapped chapter 2;  Corbyn: Why do we have to kidnap her? She did nothing. Jack: Do you really think I care about your opinion? Corbyn: Clearly not you douche. Jack: Whatever. When she wakes up, I'm going to feed her. And I will force her to eat if I have to. Corbyn: No you won't. Jack: You wanna bet? I say nothing, folding my arms. Jack: Didn't think so. Tomorrow is Jonah's turn, Wednesday is Zach's, Thursday is Daniel's, and then you feed her on Friday. And then the pattern repeats. Corbyn: What if she won't eat from any of us? And you still force her, but she keeps fighting back. Jack: Then we have no choice, but to punish her. I bite my lip, not wanting that. I'm scared even for her. Jack: Whatever, go see if she's awake yet. I sigh, turning around and going down the stairs. I turn the corner and see her huddled in a ball and crying. She looks at me, backing against the wall. Y/N: What do you want from me?! I say nothing. Y/N: Who are you?! Why am I here?! Corbyn: I'm Corbyn, and I think it's best if you don't know why. Y/N: Is there more of you? I nod. Corbyn: Yes, but I'm the nicest. I promise. Y/N: I can't trust you.. Corbyn: I know, but you'll gain my trust. I promise. Jack comes down with a plate with bread on it and a cup of water. Jack: Look whose awake! He says brightly. I roll my eyes. Y/N: I'm not hungry... Jack: Eat. Y/N: I already said, I'm not hungry. Jack sets the plate and cup down in front of her. Jack: Eat. Now. ›› TO BE CONTINUED ‹‹ - - #whydontwe #whydontwefanfic #fanfic #jonahmarais #jackavery #corbynbesson #zachherron #danielseavey