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You can tell a lot about a team the following year in how they end a season. Since we can assume Diggs was completely healthy over the last six games, he became more of the first option in the Vikings’ passing offense. There is an unknown at QB for the Vikings in 2018 so volume and style can switch things up, but Diggs had 10 more receptions than Thielen over the last 6 games (36-26). The target numbers are pretty close, with Diggs averaging 8.67 to Thielen’s 8.17 over the same period. Depending on where these two will be going in drafts next season will determine who I take, but I can imagine them going pretty close to each other. If that’s the case, Diggs would be the choice in either scoring format, but you can’t go wrong with Thielen in PPR. The issue is injuries; Diggs has been a bit more injury prone in his few years in the league which makes him a bit more risky but his upside and potential consistency could be worth it. - I know we’ve beat this this topic to death, but wanted to hit on it as the Vikings closed out their season. Do these end of season numbers change your opinion on these two? ⬇️⬇️
Time on the field is key for evaluating most RBs, as they usually get more carries in positive game scripts. But teams who can’t maintain those positive game scripts tend to lean heavier on the passing game, which would either take an early down back off the field or have a 3-down workhorse (a coveted fantasy asset) stay on the field. In Fournette’s case, he was on the field for less than 50% of snaps for the Jaguars (a combination of mostly TJ Yeldon, Corey Grant and Chris Ivory were seeing most of the work in passing situations), but the Jags defense allowed the Jags to stay in most games and let them stay within their game plan. Because of that, Fournette was able to average 21 carries a game. When choosing an early down workhorse, we can use Fournette as a success story, and we have to understand that a team’s defense makes a huge difference in evaluating these early down guys. Jordan Howard is a great player, but Chicago’s inept offense combined with their average defense (and John Fox, let’s not kid ourselves) didn’t allow him to consistently get early down volume. Howard had 17+ carry games, but had 6 games with 13 carries or less, and that’s not going to get it done when you’re not involved much in the passing game. . . .  Where are you drafting Leonard Fournette in 2018?
And that concludes Championship Sunday. The Rice Bowl Championship Trophy (Aka “The D”) and The Barrel Man (Aka “The Loser’s Trophy”) have been reunited in our house this year. @biznatchian takes The Barrell Man and I finally got my first Rice Bowl Championship!! #leonardfournette keep your head up, you won The Rice Bowl on your Rookie year!  #fantasytrophies @fantasytrophies #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballchampion #loserstrophy #thed #thebarrelman
Warren Sharp from Sharp Football did a ton of research into the Jaguars pass defense, and one of the biggest takeaways from his article is while the Jaguars are #1 in the league in defending against 3 WR sets, they were in the bottom half or near the bottom of the league in multiple statistical categories against 1-2 WR sets, including 23rd in success rate and 28th in yards per attempt. There’s no doubt that their strengths are those three corners in man coverage. Diversifying through Patriots RBs and Gronk throughout your GPP DFS lineups seems like a good idea. If the Patriots are going to win this game, it’s going to come down to them doing exactly what they do very well already, and that’s heavy involvement from their RBs in the passing game. Check out his article for more.. he’s on Twitter @sharpfootball.
The mantle in my living room just got an upgrade. I’m not talking about the 55’ on the wall either. #fantasyfootballchampion #zekeanddstroy #davesturchio #thechampishere #thetravelingtitle #titlebelt #homedecor
We can probably expect it to be the Derrick Henry show in 2018 with the Titans having the ability to cut Murray at 30 years old after a sub-par season. The fantasy community has been itching for the Titans to unleash Henry, but even though he should be a very productive early down back, there is no guarantee he will stay on the field on passing downs. His skills in the passing game has improved since joining the NFL, but it will come down to competing with more natural pass-catching RBs for that passing down role. The Titans defense will have to improve in order for us to consistently have Henry get high volume games, but Henry will no doubt win us some weeks in 2018 when he’s given that volume.
Are we kidding here ? Was there ever a question as to whether or not 12 was going to play in the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP game?!!! These folks kill me man lol...This man wouldn't  be missing this game if his whole right arm fell off---- he'd throw w/ the left. #nfl #idraftwell #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballchamp #fantasyfootballdraft #fantasyfootballchampion #football #footballseason #footballgames #footballgame #footballgames #footballchick #girlsandfootball #footballislife #footballismylife #followme #follow #followback #followbackinstantly #footballseason #footballplayer #ball #ballislife #footballgame #footballgames #footballgirls #fantasyfootballlord #ohlawd #allamerican #thebest #challenge #newyork #losangeles #playoffs
Momma I made it!!! Won my fantasy league so had to bring my belt to the happiest place on earth!!! 😂😂😂 #meandmybelt #fantasyfootballchampion #disneyland #happiestplaceonearth #redeyemaster #shivakaminisomakandarkram
When your Fantasy win was anything but ordinary... Enhance your showboating with this epic trophy!
My squad Endzone Presidents handled business in my NFL.com Ultimate Fantasy League for an autographed jersey! Had to go with my boy @aarondonald99 from the Los Angeles Rams!#nfl#nflfantasy#nflfantasyfootball#nflfantasyleague#fantasyfootball#fantasyfootballchamp#fantasyfootballchampion#losangelesrams#ramsnation#rams#aarondonald#signedjersey#autographedjersey
I had a Cane Corso escorting me for security we didn’t want anything happening to that party sub.  I took first place in fantasy football 🏈  second pic Red was telling me what side of the sandwich he wanted.  #redthecanecorso #canecorso #fantasy #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballchampion #mostpoints #seeyounextyrsuckers oh ya I almost forgot riding shotgun is @karla_karla my baby and my baby mama also the not so proud recipient of the SackO award. AKA the little shitter (in pic 3) 😭😭😭😭😭
Collected my fantasy football championship winnings from my "Fournetteflix and Chill" team ... Feels great to be our league's first ever back to back champion ... Sorry boys, the trophy is staying with me another year ... #nfl #fantasyfootball #winning #winnings #champion  #championship #football #fantasyfootballchampion #fantasyfootballchampionship #fournetteflixandchill
What a win by the Jags! With Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee likely hitting the free agent market this summer, it's very possible they don't return to Jacksonville, especially the way their rookies have emerged. Dede Westbrook and Keelan Cole have held it down for Blake Bortles and the offense for the most part with Robinson, Allen Hurns, and then Lee getting banged up and forced out of the lineup. Hurns is under contract for 2018, but the Jags have the option to cut him with a zero dead cap number going into next season; his almost $7M salary due in 2018 might be better used elsewhere as Hurns hasn't lived up to his deal. Check out the latest article that’s linked in the bio to go more in depth. .  Topic of the day! Let's assume that at least Robinson and Lee sign elsewhere. Who is the guy to own between Dede and Cole? Let me know what you think 👇 . . #fantasyfootball #fantasyfootballnews #fantasysports #sports #nfl #fantasyfootballleague #fantasyfootballproblems #football #footballnews #nflnews #🏈 #fantasyfootballlife #fantasyfootballproblems #fantasyfootballmemes #fantasyfootballchampion #fantasyfootballadvice #fantasyfootballpodcast #fantasyfootballplayoffs #fantasyfootballteam #fantasylife #fantasyteam #fantasyleague #waiverwire #startorsit #dfs #nflplayoffs #jaguars #jacksonvillejaguars
I am the champion again!! #fantasyfootballchampion #again #winning #girlswhofootball
The Belt wanted to go for a hike and be surrounded by Nature. #fantasyfootballchampion #valleyoffire