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She became a leopard today. Best face painting ever! Thank you Ashley. Tats for Tales, a fundraiser for the Caroline County Humane Society in #downtowndentonmd . #easternshoreofmaryland #fionamariepeach  #gingershavemorefun  #toddlersofinstagram
#choice for Day Three of the #soul_selfie Challenge - .  When did this wonderful word become such a burden? Power of choice used to feel so... empowering. And then we we're reminded that we had a choice every minute of every day. A multitude of milliseconds chock full of choice moments were ours but for the snatching. Fear and overwhelm finds us chosing the same safe thing every time. Because it's what we know, who we are, how we roll. .  So let's reframe and question the hell out of our choices instead of succombing to our overwhelm. Let's be proactive and choose not to spend time, energy, and money on anything that doesn't make our own souls sing. Let's choose our own happiness first. Our purposes can only be fulfilled if we are full of light and love for our own lives.  Let's choose ourselves first. And then bring that back to help others. Because what you buy and what you wear to there truly won't be a choice that changes you or the world anytime soon. But choosing to walk or journal or talk or ask will.  On the blog, I stare at the door to my own future paralyzed to open it, memorizing the crackling paint texture. The choice to consider my future should be a good powerful thing. Read the piece titled aThe Door That I've Been Staring at But Can't Open at Shalavee.com , link in my profile.  Ps Fiona buried Eamon on the couch under all the pillows.They we're very amused with themselves.  #choice #instachallenge #fionamariepeach interiors #liveauthentically #mywisdomlessons #creativism #writersofig #creativemamas #createeveryday #creativehealing #selfdevelopment
Yesterday, I surprised Fiona with a new room arrangement with this second-hand little cream vanity and tufted stool I got at Today's Yesterdays on Kent Island, MD.  I had always imagined a vanty would be perfect in that middle Bay window. She immediately goes over and starts making faces at herself. Well there you go. .  #interiors #bedroom #vanity #fionamariepeach #gingershavemorefun #daughterlove #toddlersofintagram #thesepreciousmoments #creativemamas
With the hurry and the whoosh of life, this sight makes my heart flutter. The girl who never ever will take another nap put herself to sleep on the couch on Sunday and I got some writing done.  There's an hour between when my son leaves for school and she does. This morning it seemed like the longest hour ever with her multiple dramas . But out on the sidewalk, she's excited to go to school. I'm excited to have my time back during the days.No guilt. .  And this weekend, we have special family time planned : pizza and a movie out! It will also be our 16 year anniversary on Friday. .  #fionamariepeach #sleeping #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward #writerofig #gingerhavemorefun #unlesstheyresleeping #toddlesofinstagram #taleswithfriends
Love for #breatheseptembwr2017 .  When I'm not thinking I need more, it's not enough, more,more...I'm pretty in love with my life now. My children, the weather, my creative possibilities. Sprinkling Weekend charm on my life again.  Leaves are falling, fall is here, and Fiona wanted in on some Fall falling action.  Friends are coming tomorrow for one last Birthday hurrah. An annual crab feast with my peeps I adore.  Love is in between stuff. Look hard and you will find it holding up your existence on stilts. Hope is your morter. Belief your life's infrastructure. Never doubt it is all as solid as the world outside your windows. The leaves under your feet.  #taleswithfriends #fall #fionamariepeach #backyardshennanigans #gingershavemorefun #toddlersofinstagram #outsidelookingin #green
#nourish for BreatheSeptember2017 .  I was thrilled beyond belief when I found out Fiona was going to have Wendi Kistler as her Pre-K teacher. She was Eamon's Kindergarten teacher and she is so dedicated and so incredible with these children. She nourishes their minds and their little souls. .  She sees them when they feel invisible. She reigns them in when they can't. She praises and never talks down to them. She feeds and waters our little seedling children and we are all better for her contribution. .  This was them singing "If You're Happy and You Know it" on the "meet the teacher" day. Fiona was right up there in front and Wendi later pointed out that Fiona's gift will be to show some of the other children how to be a good student. She will be an unknowing leader. Fiona and I have so much in common I forget. .  #fionamariepeach #prek #school #classroom #putyourhandsintheairlikeyoujustdon'tcare #happyandyouknowit #liveauthentically #smallmoments #theygrowsofast
#view for #breatheseptember2017 . It's an Indian Summer here and we broke out the pools for one last splash. .  I swept the leaves from the porch again Because when the rains come, it'll be less leaves plastered to the porch. .  I may be feeling a little wobbly about being further into my 50's suddenly but I've got little sassy pants here to keep my vision of my life real, like it or not. Today I'm craving a little less crazy and a little more quiet. .  #liveaithentic #taleswithfriends #backyard #gingershavemorefun #fionamariepeach #midlifemom #oldermum #babypool #indiansummer #selfdevelopment
Treasure for #breathesepyember2017  Yes of course my daughter, and my son, are the most treasured part of my life. I love that I get to witness them growing and blooming.  And they are such amazing inspiration and impetus to do my own work. .  Today my blogpost is titled Re-establishing Trust With You is the Most Important Thing You’ll Ever Do. "Lurches and leaps and lapses in faith littered my way from there to here. Yet I keep adding drops into my bucket to fill my self-esteem bucket up. I trusted myself when I made decisions to risk and won. I saw myself in a different more valuable way when a community rose up around me to support me. I dedicated myself to my therapy homework and to writing what I felt and putting it in front of you dear reader." Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . .  I am a evolving woman. I am more and more grateful for my life and my community here on IG and in my real world. I'm feeling like the force might be with me. .  #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #soul_selfie #writersofig #fionamariepeach #gingershavemorefun #dressup
I'm three days into Fiona's preK year and life feels different in a wonderful way. While she's off getting her learning and social needs met, I'm home buckling down to do the work I've been WAITING to do. .  On the blog, a post titled Let Me Tell You Where I am Now. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com. .  And yes indeed, proof is Ithe picture, it'll soon be time again dear friends to do a week of soul searching for my biannual Soul Selfie Challenge. An opportunity to dig a little in your vulnerability zone and let it be seen. Or just get to know some of your IG friends and community a little better. .  The challenge will be held Oct 9 - 15th, hosted by me, and we'll use the hashtag #soul_selfie to connect with one another. Who's in? .  #challenge #community #taleswithfriends #wisdomlessons #leadership #enlightenment #acceptance #emotionalmaturity #selfdevelopment #shalavee #fionamariepeach
#kindness for BreatheSeptember2017  I've been at the receiving end of so much kindness recently. I am boatloads of grateful for all of your birthday wishes. Awesome hospitality and people spoiling me confirms what I already knew. I have great taste in friends and family! .  What have I got going on right now? My blog post tells all. Link in my profile to a snapshot of my brain and current life process/progress. .  #taleswithfriends #lifeblessings #fionamariepeach #bunny #ontheblog #gratitude #friendship #amonthofbirthdaycelebrations
Inside/Outside #breathseptember2017 The season is changing thankfully. The weather begins to be bearable, gorgeous even. Where we were trapped inside in the heat, we're now languishing in breezes outside. .  Inside, I am changed again. Work and play, thought and words moving forward towards a next evolution. Present, witnessing, forgiving, allowing. Breathing new air with a different compassionate me. .  #backyardshennanigans #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward #writerofig #itsmybirthday
And with all the iconic goodness we can squeeze from this moment, Fiona is off to her first day of PreK. She's a pretty tough and tumble 4 1/2 year old and I've no doubt she'll fair the storm and have some tales to tell. .  #schoolbus #prek #fionamariepeach #aloneathome #toddlersofinstagrem #gingershavemorefun #ithoughtthisdaywouldnevercome
Fun and no fun #breatheseptember2017  On Monday, I had my second and hopefully last round of steroid shots in my ouchy SI joints. My husband drove me over the big bridge into Annapolis. And what should have been a relieving experience turned into a slightly upsetting one with my outgoing nurse badgering me about my blood pressure.  Read my piece on Shalavee.com titled Misunderstand and Misunderstood about the two experiences I had with strangers recently that show how maybe I need to filter my happenings less through my feelings and more through my head. Link to my blog  in my Bio. .  After eating a 700 calorie Baja burrito which made me feel much better, we drove back over the bridge to Grammy's house and found Fiona and Grammy playing football! So so cute! Lifted my soul. .  #fionamariepeach #storytelling #ontheblog #feelings #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #taleswithfriends #fun
Drink and Joy for #breathesepember2017 .  I get them something I call "blue juice" , a blue raspberry flavored V-8 splash product. Because having blue tongues is so much fun!  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach  #siblings #silly #creativemama #momentslikethese #childhood  #blue
MINDING THE THINGS THAT MATTER - A self portrait and Yetti tracks. And what I found out was her attempt at writing "too many". . "Too many minds" says the Samurai master (Ken Watanabe) to his prisoner (Tom Cruise) in the Last Samurai. The idea that meditation and mindfulness will have you see the things that are truly important. A quiet mind brings focus. .  The chatter of our monkey minds is accepted background noise. We roll along half listening, getting our chores checked off. A deeper more purposeful life will have us Minding The Things That Matter. Those things could be issues of sell-trust which I wrote about yesterday on my blog (link in profile). That is a very important one for me. World Peace and a compassionate society starts with us and how we do to ourselves. What matters to you? .  Too many things to mind which really don't matter distracts us from the real growth and transcendence. And this process takes a while so I'm committing to a month of minding what matters to me most. .  Preview : The next Soul Selfie Challenge will be Oct 9th - 15th and a tribute to the Library I love. And I'm starting a month of Birthday celebrating so... .  #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #soul_selfie #leadership #emotionalmaturity #writersofig #bloggers #toddlersofinstagram #gingershavemorefun #creativemamas #createeveryday #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward
I consider the importance of self-trust on my blog post today. In every relationship we create, personal and professional, there is a trust fund. Yet we dismiss our own need to trust ourselves. . "I am slowly coming to understand that my inner child has every reason to never trust me again. But that this trust is essential to my happiness and to find more purpose and create more meaningful work. She has to believe that I will keep her safe and not ignore her needs. That is how the trust fund begins to form with anyone as well as yourself. That showing self-compassion instead of employing judgement is the next step to this growing up process." .  Oh this growth thing takes so long and requires so much work. And guess what? Me and you are sooooo worth it.  Link to my blog in my profile and the piece titled The Relationship Trust Fund and my thoughts on the very next chapter of me that I need to rewrite. .  #fionamariepeach #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity #ontheblog  #perspective #liveonpurpose #selfawareness #personalgrowth #mindfulness #humanity #personaldevelopment #emotionalintelligence #leadership #qrowthmindset #movingforward #taleswithfriends
Fire Pit Nite - Creative children do interesting things while the fire's burning. Family sillyness too.  #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #sundayfunday #backyardshennanigans
Grab those moments. Scoop them up and stuff them into your pockets, into your heart. Greedy handfuls of love and devotion and laughter are yours and mine for the remembering. .  #septemberstarts #family #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach #siblings #taleswithfriends #siblings #wholehearted
It feels a bit like Fall here at the park. All is quiet. Dogs are being walked. Faraway crows are cawing conversations. Fiona rode her bike with one training wheel. Then she got bored. A sweet boy has decided to join us. All is well. #taleswithfriends  #fionamariepeach #martinakstatepark #fall #inthewoods  #fridaymood #creativelife
--August was-- #augustbreak2017 .  I entered into the month in the midst of a healing journey. I had to resign myself to a surgery, to the fear of that surgery, to the healing, and to having a seat. All of which gifted me with a quiet shift into my now. I crossed a bridge somehow. .  I wrote a piece on the blog yesterday called Letting Go of the People I Thought I Might Be. When the stuff you have accumulated no longer reflects who you are now. A link to my short post on Shalavee.com in my profile. .  Always grateful for the company that this challenge offers. Thank you all and @susannahconway for this. .  #inthewoods #naturelovers #bridge #taleswithfriends #nothingsordinary #fionamariepeach #runwildmychild #thismamaloves #kidsoftheoutdoors #childrenseemagic #dreamcreatestrive #withintheordinary