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Her Summerfest dance performance was bumped for rain. But she is such a showboat no matter. Striking these Marvelous poses !  #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #gingershavemorefun #primaballerina
-- Lavender -- #augustbreak2017 .  The moment I pointed out to these two prescious red-headed girls that they were both wearing purple and standing next to a purple bicycle. .  #gingershavemorefun #taleswithfriends #lavender #fionamariepeach #bicycle
-- My Eyes -- #augustbreak2017 .  I am a witness to their growing up, their childhood reflected in my pictures, through my eyes. But for me, they also reflect what's good and hopeful in the world. They give me a reason to be better and show up even when I am scared and weak. .  Btw, Fiona looks more like her Dad with his square face and hazel eyes and Eamon's got my almond shaped eyes but his are blue as the sky. .  #daddysgirl #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #toddlersofinstagram #fourismore #nothingsordinary #blackandwhite #daughter #lovedones #portrait_ig
--Glass-- #augustbreak2017 .  The Gettysburg visitor center bustling with people from all over the world and huge windows overlooking beautiful landscaping. My camera lense greedily grabbing ever moment I could to document our time together. .  On the blog today, 25 year old Crazy Brain. Some of us made silly crazy choices 25 years ago. Good news was, they didn't ruin us and we rechose for this life now. These children are my Mulligan. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . New posts Mon. & Wed. & Fri.. .  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #gettysburg #familytime #taleswithfriends #kidsofig #mywisdomlessons #vsco #ontheblog
Morning -- #augustbreak2017 .  Homework for soccer camp was decorating his ball . With his trademark Ninjas ! Each sporting a different weapon of course.  And he needed to bring a joke. .  Why can't you give Elsa a balloon?  Because she'll let it go. .  On my blog today, my reflections on my 6 year Blogaversary. I feel slightly lackluster this year but I am filling the week with posts of my reality as I chronical my recent dive in and out of a self-doubt storm.  Link in my profile to Shalavee.com . .  #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach #brittishsoccercamp #morning #ontheblog #blogaversary #blogger #writersofig
Visions of what might be. A Glimmer of hope, a Glimmer of what you want to be. On my blog, I ponder glimmer, how Social Media is a good thing, and my sixth year blogaversary. Link in my profile.  Tomorrow, I fill every day this week with storytelling on the blog. My story of crashing and burning this Summer, of feeling like poop about myself, busting myself for self-bullying, and making a new plan. Stay tuned, subscribe to my posts on Shalavee.com, and I'll be back to tell you what you're missing.  #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #tomatopatch #mywisdomlessons
Apparently, "New Sketchers make me run and climb better Mom". New tenners for both kids today. Tye-dyed socks for her and some athletic shorts for him. School shopping started. .  Then we had to take those Sketchers to the park and make sure they did what they promised. And, what do you know, she can climb that slide better than ever. .  #sundaythoughts #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #theartofmothering #playground #slide #prekhereicome #sketchers #gingershavemorefun
Our weekend began early with a visit from our favorite Miss Sue and rousting game of freeze tag. Today was a visit with an Aunt and Uncle at their house and pool in Bethany Beach ! .  In many ways we are a reflection of those who pay us attention and love us. Our mirror world supports our assumptions of our value. And I'm hoping these children get how precious they are to so many. .  #fionamariepeach #backyardshennanigans #summerfun #dentonmaryland #taleswithfriends #weekend
My heart falls out of my chest at the site of this girl doing this. She is a climber. She is a scrapper. She is a reflection, an inspiration, and she is just getting started.  #fionamariepeach #rockclimber #idlewildpark #eastonmd #redheadsdoitbetter
I May Already Be Living the Good Life That I Always Wanted, exclaims the title of my blog post yesterday (link in my bio). I am often aware of my subconscious complaining but things are going pretty damn well if I had the proper perspective. .  Me and my kids are enjoying our Summer Vacation at this moment. This is not something I got to enjoy as a child. Hotel tv watching and fantastic pool with water slide are what we're gifting our children's childhoods. That they may feel abundance and gratitude as they look back on their lives. .  #30daysofwhatmattersmost  is these happy family memories . And I am not only giving them to my children, I'm giving them to myself as well. .  #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons  #familyvacation #ocmaryland #holidayinnexpress #fionamariepeach
An overall happy report from our vacation crew. This little playing put put was so cute. She was removing a rock from the caveman's face. And one hole or two later, she broke down crying. .  Almost home to say hello to our kitties and resume our lives. Hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too. .  #familyvacation #oldprogolf #ocmaryland #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends
#30daysofwhatmattersmost. Exercise in the great outdoors ! We got Fiona a used bicycle today and rode around the camping loops at Martinak State Park. Green trees all around us. It was good. .  It's so humid, the kids were sweating profusely under their bicycle helmets. But the smell of woodsmoke hanging in the air was delicious. And we did a little playground hopping. .  I'm slightly sick of listening to them bicker so I'm going to try to wrangle some alone time now. Insert laughter here. .  #fionamariepeach #martinakstatepark #taleswithfriends #outdoors #getoutside #childrenofinstagram #eamonspencerpeach
#30daysofwhatmattersmost On my blog today I ask  Do You Have a Reliable Dialogue with You? I suspected and confirmed that I did not have one with myself. And i describe the conflict as this: . "My child wanted to be free to play. My parent wanted her to please others and comply. There was a lot of work and no play and anxieties. My inner child didn’t trust I’d get a proper reward for my efforts as my word to myself was no good." .  Reestablishing self-trust is a daily intention and so very important for my children as well as myself. They need to know I am trustworthy to feel secure and how can I be that if I don't trust myself? .  Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com and at the bottom of this short post, you can press play and hear me reading it aloud! .  #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #mywisdomlessons #selftrust #fionamariepeach #toddlersofinstagrem #selfdevelopment
#30daysofwhatmattersmost  My husband giving my daughter the attention she needs to know she's special.Even if it's mowing the lawn. I am proud of this fact for both of them  Daughters deserve Daddy's who do this.  #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #backyard #mowinggrass
#30daysofwhatmattersmost  I fought hard for this tire swing for my kids. Because they needed a tire swing to fill up their childhood backyard memories. Their joys and adventures and exercise for that matter, are priorities to me. Their memories and mirrors are my responsibility and I take my responsibility for all of this very seriously. #fionamariepeach #backyardshennanigans  #tireswing #taleswothfriends
Friends and Babies . Of all the joys, it's the people in my life which give me the most joy. In person, on line, and in my memories, I am richer for knowing them/you. And babies are miracles that keep reminding us how wondrous humanity is. We enjoyed our Friday night pizza ritual last night with Jennifer @mrsfistacuffs00 and Scott and baby Maximus. Family is who you make it. .  #30daysofwhatmattersmost #friday #soulstuff #taleswithfriends #fionamariepeach #friendship #family #kidsofinstagram
Joining in @michelle_mccartan 's #30daysofwhatmattersmost today to say #play ❗❗❗ I always prioritize playtime outside for my children. Or running in the aisles of big box stores if it's nasty out. It's just good parenting.  But it has become so everlovin' apparent that I too need my playtime prioritized as well. My inner child is glad to do her chores but she better get her recess or she'll get grumpy.  On the blog today, a piece on carving out a Creative place for myself, figuratively and actually. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com.  #eamonspencerpeach #fionamariepeach #playground #playtime #vsco #kidsofinstagram #createeveryday #taleswithfriends #mywisdomlessons #ontheblog
Father's Day festivities in progress. Crab cakes, ribs, and wine. A new garden hat, bicycle pants, homemade cards, naps, and kids getting yelled at. It's officially a soft entry to Summer . .  #taleswithfriends #liveauthentically #daddydaughtermoments #family #fionamariepeach #fathersday