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Cause I hate myself and want chocolate #chocolate
YOOOO can we PLEASE take a moment to talk about how amazingly ridiculous R&B videos used to look. And also how music just ain't what it used to be?! He sings "I almost cried cause it was so beautiful"!!! 😭😭😭 #azyet #lastnight #theygotwindowsscreensaversasbackgrounds #bringbackboybands #forevernostalgic #90srnbforever #theladieshaveclotheson
This is one of the best concerts, I’m in total awe and forever in love with @theweeknd ‘s voice. If you haven’t seen him live in concert you should definitely put him on your bucket list.  #starboytour2017 #theweeknd #heisanangel #forevernostalgic #thankyoubestfriend
I sound like one of those females that goes away and talks about take me back a week later..But take me back to NOLA..starting to have withdrawals already. #forevernostalgic
The chaos within. 🖤✨
Spent most of my life on this beach growing up #oldstompinggrounds #forevernostalgic
Almost a year since the funniest, drunkest, fattest weekend 💗🐷🎉. #melbourne #fitzroy #thenunnery #birthdayweekend #goonandredbull #alibabakebab #donutsforbreaky #forevernostalgic
Finally got my hands on the actual tickets! I am beyond excited to listen to the new album and see #falloutboy live in #melbourne with my fave gals 🙌 it'll be my fourth time seeing them and I already know, it still won't be enough times 💜 #love #maniatour #forevernostalgic #faveband #weekendgetaway
What do you do when you are feeling blue?I've figured that reading helps.A lot.Books are wonderful means to travel.Travelling doesn't always have to be to far away places.Sometimes outside of your head is more than enough. . . . #onepageatatime#longingtobehome#thetravellergirl#forevernostalgic
Stormy oceanside evenings are my favourite 🌊 #forevernostalgic #oceanhair
Seduced by the Beauty of Nature❤ #ootydiaries  One Memorable Trip !!❤ #myboys #friendshipgoals #furiousfour #soulmates #bliss #forevernostalgic #latepost
No words. Just screams. @otownofficial #manband #otown #forevernostalgic
Going through my phone and reminiscing some of the best parts of my summer and Ed Sheeran still holds the highlight😍 this man and his guitar was an experience I will never forget... #edsheeran #divide #dividetour #mohegansunarena #memories #summer #summer2017 #forevernostalgic
This is Patricia. My giant stuffed dog from when I was a kid (seriously she's almost as big as me now). She's been in @thatcrazygingergent 's for a long time, and I finally got her back. I missed her ❤ #forevernostalgic
brace yourselves for an abundance of vacation pictures 💕 #forevernostalgic
The best drive home I ever had was in mid-December 2011. There were memorable homeward bound voyages after this, and before then, but the feeling of this one lingers with me especially. It was a long drive this time, approximately 220 miles. It was a drive illuminated by a full 🌕 shining to my left, hovering high in the east side of the late Fall sky, as I drove south on Florida's Turnpike. Soundtracked mostly by Against Me’s cover of “Wagon Wheel” played on my 20-something track mix CD, I hit the back button as often as I could, replaying the three minutes and 30 seconds of Laura Jane Grace’s riveting voice. “Headed down south to the land of the pines,” she sang, exactly what I was doing. Heading south to my suburban utopia bordering the ‘glades where familiarity waited. My favorite part of this drive was right before I entered Broward County and merged onto the Sawgrass Expressway, just before before the other favorite part when I swing around the highway’s bend where the hammock of Australian Pine trees stood, peeking out behind the highway noise barrier protecting the town over. The large square highway sign saying: “ENTERING BROWARD COUNTY”, greeted me with its humble faded face decorated with a layer of algae. “Hardly home but always reppin,” Drake spit the words from the song “Uptown” on his number 12 track slot on my mix cd. I was home.
Tb to this day ♡ #forevernostalgic #beijing
•San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua 🙌🏼•