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When Monday night feels like Friday night because it's my (long) weekend! 🤗 . . . #friyay #mondaymood #mondaymotivation #monday #montagsglück #mondaytofriday #happywalk #weekendvibes #hamburg #visithamburg #elbphilarmonie #raincoat #mondayhappiness
Buenas noches chic@s! Hoy os quería  enseñar mi nuevo precioso @danielwellington 😍😍 es súper elegante y perfecto para cualquier outfit ❤ Con mi código "HASTAELULTIMODETALLE tenéis un 15% de descuento en su web 🔛 #danielwellington #dwclassicpetite
lazy friday 😴 #friyay #lazyday
😅😅To be posting this on the internet with the public to be able to see, is super scary to me! I am totally cool with sharing health and fitness posts, progress photos, photos on a bar and shorts, there's where my discomfort gets me ! It's only because I have literally never been comfortable in a bathing suit. And I think this is the second photo I have ever post on Instagram in my bathing suit. Why? Why am I okay with every else and not a bathing suit...it's because I have never been comfortable in a bathing suit. I have always had thunder thunder thighs that run together so much that I have chaffing (have you ever been one of those girls who had to put deodorant on your thighs to help with the burning?), have you ever been one of those girls that has to buy a one piece but want to wear a bikini? Do you understand what's to like to make jokes about your belly or thighs "jiggling" in the car to make yourself "okay" with the fact that you have extra fat in your body? Well for me, like I've always said I have never been fat but I have never been skinny either. I have never felt confident or comfortable in my own skin! I have always been active but the more I dig down, the more I realize that I wasn't living the life I wanted, I was only okay with who I was being and who I was being wasn't who I am. When I sacrificed my happiness and dreams for someone else, everything just stopped and my job sacrifices made me gain weight .... I truly didn't want to be doing what I was doing and I even said to myself "this is my life now and I have to just live with it", I found myself looking for jobs with the same job title and description, like another company would make s better job for me..but is a rose still as sweet when called by another name? A rose is a rose and that life was that life. No matter what I did, I was always going to be unhappy, miserable and gaining weight. The more weight I gained the more uncomfortable I was with myself! Being in a bathing suit in the
#repost @thesurrealrabbit ・・・ Sneak peak of the goodies that our painters will get at this Fridays SOLD OUT painting class!! Thank you to @hechoconcarino_angmir for working with The Surreal Rabbit in making this CONCHA-LICIOUS idea happen!!! Flavors are first come first serve. See you Friday!! . So excited about this collab w @thesurrealrabbit  with @vampkira_art sold out Concha painting class!!! #artistsupportingartists  #thesurrealrabbit #sipandpaint #curiousartparty #vinoyarte #laconcha #concha #pandulce #cultura #pilsen #pilsenpaintparty #byob #byobpaintingparty #chicago #tequila #friyay #hechoconcarinoangmir #angmir
It's a bloody good feeling... Hangover Pill coming soon! Tag your drinking buddies 👍🍻
Follow your dreams.✨🌴