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@brookfieldduece let's get it!! Now when you poppin understand they only want you for one reason/All these crabs in a bucket and they climbing out by leeching/This that down 3-1 Cleveland Cavalier face/the outcome is on top like the icing on a cake (4-3)/Switch the flow, you throw the pitch I'm hittin/I rock n roll, I'm full of funk like I'm  George Clinton/It's still something missing I'm here to crack the case I'm the new  Columbo/In the booth wrestling with the mic i royal rumble/Peeping through the blinds, ya might not like what ya see/Got that inner city blues BB King to the streets/From four bars to sixteens the same spill/Pouring out my heart with no instructions so I spit  and kill/In the field like I'm Brooke (BrookField) uh throwing up da ✌🏾(Duece) /Tha)Shipmates diggin in the crates this beat is the truth/Now I'm better late than ever with these lyrical schemes/Passion is  left Success right watch I fit in between this Ryan's Song  #bars #4barfriday #thashipmates #ryansong #hiphop #frontpagehits
Y'all go listen to my brotha tape... #frontpagehits #bozzleman #noturninback info on his page @allstarbozzle @allstarbozzle
Need y'all to go get my brotha @allstarbozzle Mixtape Asap!. And link into @damianlillard bio ASAP! #frontpagehits 👀 #noturningback @dannyfromsobrante @brookfieldduece Both have projects out as well!! Tap in!! #confirmed #dontyoueverdothat #phustle