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Last bit of our Endless Summer 🇨🇷🌊🌴🐒🇨🇷 #costarica #puravida #fspuravida
Saved the proverbial best for last with this set of sunset moments from my #hostedstay at @fscostarica on @peninsulapapagayo. The first two images are from a special expedition to one of the @fourseasons villas that you can rent when you’re a guest. It was not rented for that particular evening and because it’s at the very end of the peninsula, the stay affords you both a view of sunrise and sunset each day. I had SO much fun photographing this house. You might remember that in Stories I showed the standalone tub that you can soak in while you watch sunset. It’s archived in my profile if you want to still see it! The sweetest FS employee, Errol, took me up to the villa and I really enjoyed talking with him about the differences between Costa Rica and the USA, before we eventually enjoyed the view in contemplative, grateful silence. Don’t worry though if you can’t rent it, there are two beaches on the resort that serve almost the same purpose with one giving guests a sunrise view and the other, sunset. The timelapse video that comes next when you Swipe Left was created on my @apple iPhone at the sunset beach and the rest of these images were taken with my #sonya7rii with @vanguardworld VEO tripod. When you visit, make sure you walk along the beach allllllll the way to the right. Because of the curve of the peninsula, sunset will last the longest for you when you do that and you’ll also find these gorgeous reflections in the pools of water that collect in the rocky area of the shoreline there. It’s worth the extra time to walk back when you’re done! Though really, you can’t go wrong anywhere on this property. It recently re-opened after an extensive renovation and though I didn’t see it before to compare, I know what’s there now has made it one of my favorite #fourseasonsresort properties. 🌴🌅 #fspuravida #fscostarica #sunsetsforbreakfast #sunsethunters #shotoniphonex #vanguardworld
costa rica, you have a special place in my heart. from the amazing people to the bangin’ beaches and as much arroz y pintos as I can eat - you’re a truly special place. pura vida. thank you so much to the Four Seasons Costa Rica for having us! @fscostarica @peninsulapapagayo #fspuravida
call me captain @fscostarica @peninsulapapagayo #fspuravida + I didn’t photoshop my butt in this picture. My bathing suit is uneven. I would have thinned up my arm too if that was the case, you nutters. Chill.
Sunset from the beach at Four Seasons Papagayo.  #fspuravida
Can’t stop won’t stop raving about the this balcony on my suite at @fscostarica from my #hostedstay this week! 😝 This airy space is screened in, so you can sit with all the benefit of being outside, enjoying a gorgeous view but with no worry of pesky monkeys or mosquitoes or anything uninvited coming in. Though who am I kidding, a visiting monkey would have been adorable - for a minute! 🐒 And I think I loved this particular space as much as I did because it also reminded me of the Vermont house that I grew up in. It was not on the water but in the middle of a large tract of land where we’d sit and watch lighting storms from the comfort of an enormous screened-in porch. For me it just reinforced that theme @fourseasons has, of wanting you to feel like you’re coming home when you visit. I rave about them not because they’re paying me to, because they’re not though they did host me, but because they’re genuinely a brand I love even more with each of their properties I am able to visit. Now about that gorgeous view though, I’m sorry I’m not showing you that and you have to look at me instead. Because it’s currently dry season on @peninsulapapagayo in Costa Rica, the tree that’s in front of this room actually looks dead in photos. Not just dormant. In person it’s so different and afforded such a wonderfully clear view of the hummingbird that visited the first morning. But in photos it just wasn’t the same. Thank goodness for all the palm trees on the property that never lose their green fronds. The rest of the resort still looks like a veritable garden of Eden, so swipe left to see what I mean 😊🌴🌸 #fscostarica #fspuravida #fourseasonsresort #costarica #peninsulapapagayo #deltamedallionlife
The last morning view like this that I will see for a while.  #blessed #fspuravida
This is my favorite venue at the resort ❤️
More behind the scenes photo of this evening’s beach elopement with @sylviaguardia_photography. They weren’t afraid to get a little wet!
Inspired by this bright, tropical tablescape I spied on @ruffledblog. I can’t wait to do something like this at the resort! 🌺🌴 . #repost photo @sarahellefson design @willoweventdesigns florals @pigsty rentals @partypleasers venue @retreatmalibu calligraphy @cotecollective HMUA @blissbridalbeauty  charcuterie board @sorellacollective cocktails @calicraftcocktails sweets @sugarlabbakeshop
Ready to dive in? Journey with @jakerosenberg and @laurarowley into a #fspuravida state of mind. 💯
okay found my #puravida in the natural hot springs and volcano mud!!!! If only I could bottle this whole experience and bring it home conmigo.... @fscostarica @peninsulapapagaya #fspuravida
Just a simple moment, listening to the waves and enjoying the warm breezes, on one of the two beaches at @fscostarica during my #hostedstay this week. I was always on the beach early to shoot product for clients, so as not to disturb guests of the resort later on when the chairs started filling up. And yet it was amazing to me that no matter how early I had my toes in the sand, there were always a few people who had already staked their claim on beds or beach chairs. I mean why not?! That’s what you go on an actual vacation for, yes? I know I would!! And while I tend to travel for cultural reasons more than relaxation, I can’t deny that being such a huge fan of @fourseasons going back to the earliest days of my career as a travel photographer, their resorts are the first place I think of for relaxation. What about you, could you enjoy a day here just relaxin, maxin and maybe drinking one of those cocktails with edible flowers that I talked about in my last post? 😝 #fscostarica #fspuravida #peninsulapapagayo #beachlifeforme #deltamedallionlife #shotoniphonex
Heading south today to scope the surfer dudes. Besides that, what should we do? Leave recs in the comments. 🐠 @fscostarica @peninsulapapagayo #fspuravida
Costa Rica is amazing and I loved how adventurous @PeninsulaPapagayo can be on any given day. Tonight I’m headed back to Brazil for the first time in a few years. Can’t wait to get down there! ___ #partnership #fspuravida #fscostarica #peninsulapapagayo #papagayoexplorersclub —- @PeninsulaPapagayo @fscostarica
How was your Valentine’s Day? ❤️ I’ve often heard it said that food is love and if that’s true then the staff at @fscostarica love their guests very much!! During my #hostedstay, I found that the zeal & passion that goes into food prep, service and delivery is off the charts. From Roberto, who went out of his way to spend time showing me how the 6 bartenders on staff make the CR6 cocktail with dry ice, to @kirsten.cowles who had dinner with me to the bewildered staff who worried over me at breakfast each morning wanting to make sure my Huevos Racheros were perfect (which they always were!!!!) - there was never a doubt in my mind that food was just a physical manifestation of love. It proved you don’t have to be in a relationship just to feel loved. But we all know that already, right? 😉 I’m grateful for what’s often called a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ in the USA because it’s the day I met @dante.vincent 5 years ago. Yet I do think Valentine’s Day places an overemphasis on love only in the terms of romance. Like @theblondeabroad said in her latest post, if you can’t love yourself first or you can’t find love outside being part of a couple, then.... • #fscostarica #fspuravida #whatsforbreakfast #foodtravel #foodieforlife #sonya7rii #fourseasons #fsfoodie #peninsulapapagayo
think im in loveeeeeeee @fscostarica @peninsulapapagayo #fspuravida
Are you dreaming of blues and greens? 💙💚 #fspuravida 📷: @luxe_tourista
I love you too, Costa Rica. 💘@FSCostaRica @PeninsulaPapagayo #fspuravida