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Right before I took this pic I accidentally cried 🙄watching some freakin video on how this guy beat cancer after he realized chemo wasn't working him.. Him and his girlfriend decided to try going completely vegan and keep his diet super strict and only do natural cleanses and holistic remedies... He fucking BEAT IT.  He was only supposed to have weeks to live after they had removed the fist-sized tumor.. The cancer had spread to his other organs and chemo was the only option. But it did nothing. So they took it into their own hands.💗 THIS. Is why I love doing what I do. I truly believe we can fight the years of bad shit, that we had no idea was slowly killing us. I get frustrated when people think they don't need guided nutrition, that they don't need exercise, that they don't need positivity and growth. That they don't need to have faith or hope in anything. Um YES YOU FCKIN DO.  It gives you LIFE.  Stop thinking consistent booze, shit food, fake friends, laziness, and gossipy drama are gonna continue to make your world go round.  I've had my fair share of consistent crap-ass decisions and I'm grateful to still be here to change my whole mfckin world for the better 🙌. My job is HARD. People make it hard. But I'm up for the challenge💁🏻. As for taking the easy route-just lemme know how those fat blockers, wraps, and fake-filler slim fast shakes are gonna change your LIFE while you sitting on the couch binging the fifth season of Dexter and slamming beers and funyuns.  I know it seems hard to be disciplined now.  I KNOW. Been there.🙋🏻 Future is outta site, outta mind right? Maybe it's time to change that.  I'm here to change lives. I pray about that shit every day. For realz. (God please forgive my potty-mouth too😬🙏). So when are you gonna let me help you?  It's time you power through this life like the gashdamn magical beast you're meant to be. Seriously. Small changes lead to bigger changes, bigger changes lead to lifestyle changes, and
Well after finishing up my last final for today I finally have some time to think about you being gone and I’m truly heartbroken Bisbee 💔 you were my buddy from the day we brought you home you were always there for me and you were the best cuddle buddy I could ask for I can’t believe you only had 4 short years on this earth before cancer took you from us but I can only hope that we meant and gave you half as much as you love and gave us 💗 it’s going to be really hard to go on without you and I wish you could have kept fighting until you got here but I’m happy that you are no longer in any pain I know that some day I’ll get to see you again and until then enjoy all the stuffed chickens, runs through the fields, romps in the mountain streams, and jumps off the docks in heaven 💗 you’ll always be my lion, my Bizzle-bee, my buddy sweet dreams sweet boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #putemupputemup #bizzlebee #bisbee #bestdogthereeverwas #fuckcancer
WOW, $11,075.00 that's $1075.00 over my goal Thank you so much again for everyone's help🥊🥊 #karterwillwin #55strong #hockeyhairfightscancer #hockeyhair #fuckcancer #missionaccomplished
Having #scanxiety... At #cityofhope getting my 2year #petscan in an hour to make sure I'm still in #remission. Just have to let that #radiation sink in first. Here's hoping for #ned #negativeevidenceofdisease#cancersucks#cancersurvivor#warrior#anxiety#justbreathe#fuckcancer#hodgkinslymphoma#lymphomies#lymphoma#bloodcancer#lymphomaclub#cancerawareness I really am #radioactive now. ☢☢☢
It’s hard to believe that it has been 7 years since my grandfather “Papa” has passed away. I think about him everyday and I miss him so much! It never seems to get any easier!❤️❤️ xoxo #grandfather #grandpa #papa #rip #family #memories #cherishedmoments #moments #missingyou #thinkingofyou #throwbackmemories  #gonebutneverforgotten #loveyou #love #remember #fuckcancer #curecancer #instalike
Repost @extend_the_scope ・・・ Ein Käfer, ein Schmetterling und eine leuchtende Blüte mit Knospen als Narbencover. #scartattoo #scarcoverup #cancersucks #fuckcancer #brustkrebstattoo #mastectomytattoo #breastcancer #postmastectomy #göttingen
Sneak peek of my brother @mountain_man_80 new Hanks we just finished!  Man, now these make us proud to be an American business and this....this particular hank is made with 100% American made fabric!  Thank you brother for Again trusting us with your design!  #edc #everydaycarry #fuckcancer #cancersucks #leatherforleukemia #mountainman #america #usa #smallbusiness #patriotic #midwestmountaineer
Big congrats to Kate Renshaw aka @jiggermetimbers on Ms #speedrackmw!!!
I was excited for 27, and for 2017...but it turned out to be the year that turned my world upside down. I still feel like I'm walking in circles sometimes. People frustrate me endlessly lately. They say patience is a virtue, but I'm not in a patient phase. Here's to 28, get ready life, I'm about to grab you by the balls.
To say this past year has been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster would be a complete understatement. This woman right here has been through the worst strain of cancer you could ever imagine. Tears of joy to say she is finally cancer free! Ring that bell mooch! I love you so much! #fuckcancer #cancerfree #ringingthatbell🔔
W for coach Sylvie ! #hockeyfightscancer #fuckcancer
My dads hair has started to fall out due to his chemo treatments, so today my brother and he went and shaved it all off! Looking handsome as ever I must say! #teambobwegotthis #wegotthis #teambob #fuckcancer