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#xplat_calles_ruas #fuji #fujifilm #fujix #fujixt2 #xt2
#xplat_calles_ruas #fuji #fujifilm #fujix #fujixt2 #xt2
Last light on the edge of Whiteout Glacier, #chugach #mountains, #alaska. #landscapephotography #earthfocus #mountainphotography #fujifeed #fujifilmx_us
Cocktails with Miss Ashley Photo • @spikeandthecamera
When a couple a enquire with me, I meet every one of them before they book. I focus on building a friendship and trust in order to make the wedding day as comfortable as possible. In comparison, I never meet the bridal party until the wedding day. Winning over the trust of 10+ strangers in such a short space of time is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my day. Each bridal party is unique, but they are always full of joy and laughter.
Taking in the view before the snow comes.
Low Key...📸⠀
Proyecto 365. Día 323. Retrato de Fernanda. El principal objetivo de este proyecto es, aparte de poder hacer las fotos que yo quiero, poder mostrar gente que a mi entender va creando una mejor Mendoza, gente que no se resigna a vivir en una ciudad conservadora y criticona, sino que hace y empuja a pesar del qué dirán. Una de esas personas es Fernanda Aleman. Música, creativa, comunicadora y organizadora de eventos copados. Creo que con Fer hemos ido creciendo a la vez y sin ser amigos, compartimos muchos amigos queridos en común. La primera vez (y única) que hice fotos en un boliche era su primer presentación de su vieja banda Shimmins (con Nacho Muñoz, otro participante del proyecto). Ya tiene 5 discos y se ha consolidado como una creadora cultural, con eventos como el Bicity o el que realizó sobre moda: Taconeando. La vi y le dije que era la foto de hoy, esperé a que termine de tocar y estábamos en la Mansión Giol, actual museo del vino. Vi este baño hermoso y se prendió para esta foto. Una grosa. Gracias a la genia de Manu Mocayar por la asistencia de iluminación. Fer, gente como vos hace que Mendoza sea más linda, qué hermoso tenerte en este proyecto. . . . Day 323. Portrait of Fernanda. The main goal of this project is, aside from doing the photos I want, to showcase people who, according to my opinion, create a better Mendoza. People who don't settle for the conservative and criticizing town, but push forward no matter what. One of those people is Fernanda Aleman, musician, creative, communicator and creator of cool event. The first time (and only one) I took her picture was in a club at a presentation with her old band, Shimmins (with Nacho Muñoz, another participant of the project). She has 5 records under her belt and is consolidated as a cultural icon, with events like Biciton, or one about fashion: Taconeando. I saw her and told her she was today's photo. I waited for her to finish playing and, being at the Giol Manor, current wine
1/7 - 7 days. 7 B&W photos. No people. No explanations. Thanks @ryangielen and @nicoledorning for the challenge. I start mine by tagging @astoney1 . Game on. . . . #fujifilm #fujifilmusa #fujifilmxseries #fujifilm_xseries #fujifilmxt2 #fujiframez #myfujifilm #fujifilm_xseries #fuji #fujixt2 #fujifeed #teamfujifilm #acros #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitechallenge  #travelphotography #adventure #adventurephotography #fujifilm_street
Sometimes the unplanned things are the best things. We paid $12pp to enter a sea lion cave/protected area. There were 3 or 4 in the cave, and the cave was pretty cool. But i was honestly so bummed because i really wanted to see mounds of sea lions 😹 - later in the day we went to photograph this scenic lighthouse, and @ryeonryser heard the distinctive barks of sea lions. We got back in the car to see if we could find where the sound was coming from... and we did. Loved watching these lions of the sea diving in and out of the water and socializing. #traveldiaries
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Just a moo cow hanging out along Hadrian’s wall near birdoswald. . . . . . . #cow #hadrianswall #birdoswald #moo #england #uk #unitedkingdom #bluesky #sky #grass #green #fuji #fujifilm #xt2 #fujixt2 #fujifilmxt2