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I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day.  Today’s workout was AAA = Arms, Abs,A** I totally loved it! Try this move for a great core workout 15 reps.
Day 4 πŸ’ͺHoly shoulder burn.
Hangin with my bestie πŸ‘±πŸ»‍β™€οΈβ€οΈπŸΆ
Day #4 workout is complete. It wasn’t easy. But it was so worth the feeling of finishing what I set out to do, which is rare while being a mom! Most days I feel like I start a million things and never quite finish any of them! Does anyone else ever feel that way? Maybe it’s the Snow Days, maybe it’s just life with kids.... I wouldn’t change it for the world!
The view this morning πŸ™ŒπŸ» #goodbyechitown #howdyflorida
I think it’s safe to say I am becoming #obsessed with this program!  Today was AAA. Arms. Abs. And AπŸ‘πŸ‘. Totally feeling it!  Day 4/80 is done!  I am doing @80dayobsession  to get healthy and work on my nutrition.  And it’s working!  I crave healthy foods. I am so happy to be Doing this  program!  #my80dayobsession #sweepstakes
The last hours of DR I run into this sweet baby. He has someone that looks after him but still in much need of food, fresh water, shelter and love! Please look into donating to one of my favorite rescues in the world @rojoscollares here in DR. They do everything they can to get the struggling pups off the streets, heal the hurt ones, spay and neuter as many as the can and most of all show these babies that humans can be loving. They can only do this with the support and donations of other dog lovers. @yanelahoyo you are my hero! They get little to no help from the government here in DR. Here’s to hoping this sweet boy gets a meal and some kisses tonight. πŸΆπŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ . . .  #dogmom #dogmomlife #dogmomaf #dogmoments #dogmomprobs #galsbestfriend #furmama #puppylove #puppylife #crazydoglady #doglover #dominicanrepublic #beachdog #straydog #rescuedog
A little over a year ago I had just committed to becoming a Coach... All I wanted was to change ONE persons life. I knew being a coach would hold me even more accountable to my own goals and it would push me to be better.  But here's what I didn't know: - That I would literally find the best friends I could've asked for. - I would have the BIGGEST support team backing me at all times. - I would change MORE than one life and have people thanking me left and right for encouraging + helping them to take control of their health + life. - I would immediately gain a sisterhood I never knew possible. It's something sorta kinda like a sorority... but for fitness lovers and life changersπŸ’•πŸ’• - I would be the healthiest and happiest I've EVER been.  Are you still on your journey? PERFECT, us too! Are you looking for your tribe? PERFECT, we've been looking for YOU. You don't HAVE to be PERFECT to be a coach... I'm not... none of us are, but together, we make a pretty amazing team and we all have at least one thing in common, we LOVE changing lives. Tonight at 8pm EST we have our Live Happy Hour to give you a sneak peek into what we do as coaches and why we πŸ’— it so much... if you can't make it LIVE, don't worry, it will be recorded! Comment "GOING" to be added! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bethelight #dogmomlife #wifelife #marriedlife #marriedlifebelike #furmama #mykidshavepaws #livingroomworkouts #inhomeworkouts #nogymneeded #sweatingforthewedding #wifey #newlyweds #justmarried #vagirl  #virginia #countryliving #targetdoesitagain #cchats #confidenceiskey #dogmama #brittanyspaniel #beaglemama #positiveaffirmations #dailyaffirmations #youngandmarried #fitnessgoals2018 #summerbod #brokentoblessed
This little stinker kept me up all night. But thankful for weekly pay days! Every Thursday we get paid and I had to take Pete to the vet this morning. Good news he’s better. Not going into details. 😝 normally I would have needed to charge that bill. Bonus didn’t have to take off work either! Hallelujah! Where are all my fur mamas at? Is it just me or does the fur baby still feel like the first?
Favorite workout from yesterday, Cardio Core! The video shows toward the end I start to give up.. but with a few Winnie kisses and short break,pick back up and finish!  This. Was. Hard.  I’m glad I continued though! Another move I’m excited to improve my form with πŸ”₯ If you want to try out my workouts for free for two weeks LMK! I have a group starting Monday
Ready to feel your best again? I can help. Head on over to my page and reach out to set up that consult. πŸ’œ
WHOOPS! The secret to half my motivation is OUT!! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ aka the liquid crack that’s in this cup! Off to slay Day 4-AAA. Arms, Abs, and πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ˆ. Wish me luck. πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ’• • • • • • • • • • • • #preworkout #liquidgold #gsdmom #dogmom #workoutoftheday #fitspiration #gluteworkout #happygirl #serverlife #jacksonvillenc #ombrehair #bootyworkout #goodvibes #goodvibetribe #bartenderlife #workoutmotivation #collegestudent #furmama #sahm #healthyandhappy #dogmomlife #fitwife #homeworkouts #wifey  #ombrehair #militarywife #marinewife #qotd #doglover #theluckyfew
Today, I'm sick of the snow. I'm ready to get out and go places and do things. Target is calling my name πŸ˜‰. Yesterday, I loved it. I went sledding with the kids and ran with the animals outside. This girl is my baby. We call her our dog-cat, or Tabby. She follows us around the yard and is constantly under our feet. She's a great mouser. She's fierce when it comes to hunting, yet gentle with the kids when they hug her a little too tightly. We rescued her almost 5 years ago as a tiny baby and she is such a huge part of our family. Even my father in law who "doesn't like animals" loves her. I just wanted to introduce y'all to her since she's one of my babies. Are you a cat person? . . . . . #catsofinstagram #furmama #countrylife
Our spoiled, rotten fur child 🐢❀️ She is the most sweet, cuddly girl & we love her so much! - Growing up I have always had dogs and cats, so after moving in with my boyfriend it was different not having a pet in the house. We had always talked about get a puppy just didn’t have money at the time. Then I found this precious thing and wanted her soooo bad! We ended up adopting her from an animal rescue in Virginia. The owners of the rescue flew her to us ✈️ which was AWESOME! - She has been with us for about 5 months and when we first got her she was a tad shy towards us, well not anymore! Everywhere we go she follows. She even knows when I go into the bathroom and she HAS to be right there with me! Right before Christmas we bought her a huge bed for her to lay on, well rarely does she like laying on it, she would rather be on the couch with us! Even though this drives me a little crazy I would not want it any other way! We are so happy we adopted her! πŸ˜πŸ€— - Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!! • • • #dogsofinstagram #brindle #brindlebabe #ourfurbaby #dogmom #furmama #pitbullmix #relationshipgoals #ourlittlefamily #loveus #fitchicks #fitnessgirl #fitcouple
#tbt to our Nala girl next to one of my favorite pillows in our house - always the perfect daily reminder. Nala spent the first year of her life in a college house at Ohio State with 10 guys so we always forgave her crazy, sassy ways. We miss you so lady!