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Colony House killing it on their #tour ! Rocking one of our kick drums, feels like we are right there with you guys🤜🏻🤜🏻 support! Photo credit: @colonyhouse
I have a lot of writing credits... and a lot of 'oddball' gear industry contributions. This tune in this vid 'all color lover'  I wrote, played and produced was a short lived success for the artist. No album, no contract, no money. So as a 'work for hire' it is still my song in the archives with countless others. But the part that fuels my memory was the gear I recorded it on! In this pic of my first Austin studio you can see the MV8000. Rolands answer to the AKAI MPCs. What is not shown here is the Tascam SX-1.  The first 'true' 16 track workstation. It was a big mama daddy! I started the first Tascam forums online (I started many first gear forums online and built many online communities through positive moderating) where I became friends with a brilliant multi musician/producer/singer/writer here in Texas (at the time) @magicmendez2691#magicmendez Magic Mendez (If you are a original Cakewalk user his tracks/songs came with the program). Brother Magic has a cool list of credits and tours on Keys/Vocals and produces the Legendary Whispers as his day gig. His own neo soul band Unified Tribe was on regular rotation when I wrote this tune and it was certainly his influence that led to my purchase of the MV8000 as a producer. Magic and his crew of 12 or so... took me out to the most 'off the chain' Lasagna (At Mothers in N. Austin) when I flew in to Austin to look for a house 13 years ago. Hooked me up with a hotel room on the cheap! Still grateful for the love and support! Austin has been great for us. Good way to start a new chapter! I know most of my friends here on Insta are rootsy musos...but if ya'll want to meet a good brother, genuine human being, and a brilliant musician / producer... follow him here on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/magicmendez2691/ He's the selfie king! Love ya brother.  #music #producer #allcolorlover #rodneygenejunior #unifiedtribe #soulmusic #neosoul #gear #musicgear #geartalk #gearnerd #writinggrooves  #magicmendez
Our first Gameday for this year! It was freezing  cold (-5°c) but still a pleasure🍻
After a long weekend of shows in Lake Park, Georgia and shooting a music video in Panama City Beach, Florida; it’s time to head home to Nashville #tour #tourlife #threestatesinthreedays
updated my pedalboard. cool show coming up next month! more details when the band is tight. . . . . . . . #marshall #plexi #mxr #vox #pedalboard #gearnerd
After my long trip to Lincoln to pick up the black beast with the glowing meter (an @ashdownamps BTA200!), this is how I will be spending my evening... Love the groove on this track, it’s super simple but just right for the song. It’s Devin Dawson’s ‘All On Me’ #tjsbass #bassist #bassamp #ashdown #ukcountry #countrymusic #playalong #barefacedbass #tubeamp #gearnerd #gear #tone #gearslut #fender #customshop #bassist #bassgram #bassgear #sessionbassist #lincoln #uk #flatwoundstrings #bta200
Snippet from #rehearsal w/ @bandofcovers the other night. Working out bits of #davegilmour #solo in #anotherbrickinthewall by #pinkfloyd. Performed it last night for a #50thbirthday #party #booking and the guy Was made up! 🙌 #practicemakesperfect #guitarist #bandofcovers #gibson #memphis #usa #vos #es345tdc #fendr #57 #champ #tweed #5f1 #tone #tonefordays #gearnerd #geartalk #gibsunday
Bout to mod the crap out of this Jaguar. #gearnerd #guitarmods #diy #tonefordays
Oh hell I have bad handwriting.  When we were working on the WUZI sessions earlier in the week, I started making notes of weak points in my skillset or in the studio's equipment collection, as well as equipment we used that I really like and want to have more options of. I'm already very happy with my set up, but i want to keep pushing to give bands more and more.  The first thing on my list is properly learning to set up guitars. I can generally do a good job on intonation so long as the guitar isn’t so far out that it would need any further set up work. We were trying out some super thick strings on my Fender Jaguar, and no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the G string to work well, and we ended up swapping it out for another, thinner G. I decided I don’t ever want this to be a problem again so I’m going to take some courses on setting up guitars, and put together a better toolkit. Does anyone have any recommendations of online courses for setting up guitars? (something like CreativeLIVE?) Next up! I want to get a larger, deeper rack tom. The band’s drummer Elliot really loves the sound of low tuned, deep toms. The studio’s Yamaha Oak Custom floor tom sounded perfect for what we were going for, but my 12” maple Shine tom wasn’t quite big enough and we ended up using Elliot’s great sounding kit’s rack tom. This isn’t a problem when the drummer has the gear they like to use, but if another drummer has a sound in their head and doesn’t have the gear with them, I want to be able to provide them with that sound. Anyone got a fave size / brand rack tom for a deep tone?  Buy a 12 string guitar. Honestly this was just cause Cal’s guitar sounded cool as hell! It’s a unique tone that I don’t have at the moment, so i’ve gotta get one to fill that gap in my guitar collection. We used a Danelectro, are there any other great ones?  18” Crash. This should really read 18”, 20”, 22” crashes and rides etc, I want to get a lot more
I’m always pumped to roll in on Sundays and see what awaits!  Y’all slept on a real deal ‘57 Champ, but this beautiful-sounding Gibson 1954 L-50 is ready to go.  #guitar #guitars #electricguitar #guitarplayer #gearporn #music #guitarsofinstagram #guitarspotter #guitarsdaily #guitargear #guitarporn #briansguitars #gotd #customshopguitar #gearnerd #guitarnerd #guitarforsale #gibsonguitar #gibsonl50 #vintageguitar #vintagearchtop #jazzguitar #vintagegibson #1954
The Pride of Texas, by the guys at @danelectro_official, emulates the legendary tones of a certain Texan bluesman. No doubt, it will have you reaching for an initialled, 13's strung, slab-board strat, with sunburst half worn down to the wood and a crisp black Plateau hat to match. The POT excels in the low to mid gain ballpark, fattening a clean signal whilst adding a balanced dose of low-mid and bassy weight and a beautifully articulate top chime. It's EQ parameters ensure the pedals suitability for both single coil and humbucker laden axes, yeilding gorgeous on-the-edge-of-breakup solo cleans to airy, light OD rhythm in addition to a plethora of others. Whilst it may not always be raining down in Texas, the POT undoubtedly will pour buckets of character and grit into your cleans and best facsimile of inimitable Stevie blues lines.
Essential gear shoutout to @wishboneworkshop and the Amp Hook. Had the pleasure of getting to know these guys at NAMM earlier this year. The ease of use and flexibility of the Amp Hook makes this a “must have” for any performing/recording musician. Well done guys!!