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One year ago I met Tywin. He was at NARBC on the edge of a table full of leos crammed in cup he was too big for (someone else vending there saw how crammed he was and gave us a bigger cup, which you see in the photo). There was no morph listed on his cup despite all of the other geckos having descriptions. I noticed a scar on his side and that he had weird curved toes with some stuck shed on his nails. I asked the breeder about him and he didn't seem knowledgeable at all about Tywin. No, I shouldn't have monetarily supported the breeder by getting Tywin. I knew it then and I know it now, but after seeing him crammed in that cup in the bottom of a pile of cups on Saturday I HAD to go back on Sunday and get him. My soul connected with his. I thought about him all night Saturday, so Sunday I made an offer of $30, and I brought him home. $30, can you believe that? He was 93 grams when we brought him home, and the breeder believed he was 80. Today Tywin weighs 115 grams. I don't know anything about his past- not his morph or age or where he was born. Will I ever support a breeder I don't know again? No, but I still don't regret getting Tywin that day. He's a big guy with a big appetite who loves to climb to his second ledge only to take poops. He's slow to approach everything except food, and he is brave. He once hunted and tried to "eat" our blue tongue skink who was walking around on the carpet in front of Tywin's enclosure. He knows how big he is, and thinks he is much bigger lol! I hope he is happy, and I hope he knows how much I love him. Just yesterday I was cleaning enclosures and he  was sitting in my hand. Arron held him, too, and said "That's a lot of gecko." Indeed, Tywin is a lot of gecko. 💕  On another note, I think the caption on this photo is hilarious, bc he was supposed to be my last leo and since him I have gotten 8 leos AND an AFT. 😂
One guy who is heading to Illinois.  A few others went south two states.  #geckosofinstagram #crestedgeckosofinstagram #lizardsofinstagram #reptilesofinstagram #gecko #crestedgecko #reptile
Someone looks comfy lol #leopardgecko #geckosofinstagram
Welcome to the world little one! 4 babies in the last 24 hours! #gecko #geckos #geckosofinstagram #cresties #crestedgecko
Nexus being silly this morning. She always acts hungry. #nexusgecko #gecko #geckolover #geckosofinstagram #lizard #coldbloodedpet #reptilelover #reptilesofinstagram #leopardgecko #leopardgeckos #leogecko #instagramsleos #geckosquadron #def_leopards #herptiles_ #jaesgeckogang 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Follow my other accounts: 🐶🐱@4woofs1meow 🐠🐌@liloscommunity 🎨👩🏽‍🎨@jaebyrd7