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I might be super tired this Tuesday morning, but it isn't going to stop me from making a little magic happen before I head into the office! . Checking in with my ladies, working our self love muscles, cuddling with my puppy dog, and road mapping my dream! . Life doesn't just hand you the perfect hand, you've got to put the work in and then the benefits will follow. . So what are you doing today to make magic happen in your life???
#georgiagirl 🍑
Love this bridge shot of beautiful model Autumn ❤️
Much is to be discovered inwardly on trails like this one. He kept looking back asking, "Do you want to rest?" Climbing up 6.9 miles isn't easy, especially on trails that are literally inclined the whole way! Self pity starts to seep in and doubt. We designated our resting points and timed them to insure our legs would not start to cramp. My choice, my desicions. We listened to our bodies, but importantly we pushed through. #skaibab #trails #hike #backpack #grandcanyon #az #wonderlust #outdoors #georgiagirl #uga
Do you know what it's like to want something for 15 years? . I have been overweight for a LONG time. Like a LONG time. I was 13 years old when the diets began. . Yep, 13. I was successful until I had to stop for certain reasons. I wanted it, sure but I couldn't do it alone at 13 and honestly looking back- I wasn't willing to be the lone sheep in the crowd to do it on my own. . Not gonna lie, sometimes it still feels like it right now while so many people are "falling off the wagon". . The difference is, my reason is bigger than me- I want to LIVE. Wanting not bad enough for me is having good health so I can do the things I want to in life. I was NOT on that track. . Do you REALLY want the things you keep saying you want? Then check to make sure your actions match that goal....
For those who are still following, just like @taylorswift, @littlemissbrokeatuga for @littlemissbroke is starting over! "Look what you made me do y'all." I've never felt better. September 28th was supposed to be the move in date at J & J, but as I researched what I was getting into; I realized that I needed to go with my original plan and that was to open a free standing store. I'm determined to open in Athens and for that matter a store near college campuses nationwide! I'm a Georgia girl by birth and I gotta start at the center of it all, without spilling anymore deets 😅 I want @littlemissbroke to encompass the beauty of everyone and post what you'll be seeing in store early next year. In the meantime I have a lot of catching up to do! Remember this girls (and guys), confidence comes from within and as a small business owner I've been observing how Taylor has overachieved so many obstacles. From Kanye to pervs in court, @littlemissbrokeatuga will be a rebel WITH a cause too and that's YOU! #littlemissbroke #littlemissbrokeuga #littlemissbrokegirls #tswift #taylorswift #taytay #lookwhatyoumademedo #madewell #madewellstyle #oneway #georgia #georgiapeach #georgiagirl #georgiagirls #georgiaonmymind #athens #athensga #universityofgeorgia #campus #campuslife #comingtoacollegenearyou #atlantaga #atl #atlvintage #vintage #vintageclothing #vintageclothes #brightsunnyday #bossbabes
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Tonight as I sit on my couch and relax with my family, I am getting the chance to connect with other like minded women who struggle with the same things that i currently am or once was. . And one of the best things... . Nobody is judging anyone, no one is feeling less than anyone, and we are all here uplifting and supporting each other! From high school, to marching band and color guard, to college, and the workplace, I have never found a single community where women really treat each other like this. . So here is a huge shout out to all of the ladies in my group who are making my week awesome! I can't wait to see where the next three weeks takes us!
Don't want summer to end; keep the festivals going. 🎪☀🎟 #thebeltedpear