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✨Do something every single day that will help you better yourself and grow into the person you desire to become. That something might be to start Exercising, reading more, studying something new, watching inspirational speakers on YouTube, keeping a journal full of your gratitudes and deepest thoughts, praying, talking to God, practicing yoga or a combination of a few or whatever else BUT NEVER settle for mediocre, never tire of learning new things and never tire of making yourself better, there is always work to be done. And the time will pass anyways so might as well use it wisely. No?✨
Walk away, Move higher, Move on, Move up, One step, Two steps, Progress, You’ll get there........ #onestepatatime #moveon #moveup #elevate #higher #walkinyourpurpose #yourtruth #givelifeyourall #live #quotes #poetry #inspiration #hope #goals #pumps #yougotthis #walkaway #leavingmymarq #writersofinstagram #author #wordstoliveby For exclusive photos, check out @createherstock
From one of my favorite channels @fat_and_bougiee #lifelessons #applyitelsewhere #givelifeyourall
#tbt What’s up good people?!✌🏽 Give life your all. Learn to control your energy... Love the life you live. Live the life you live. ~Bob Marley  We are in charge of how we react to the people and the events in our lives. We can either give negative energy power over our lives or we can choose happiness instead. ~Anais Nin We’ve got three choices: Give in, Give up, or give it our all!!!💪🏾😘#givelifeyourall  #teamjesus #god1st  #champion #childofaking #spiritalwarrior #spiritbuilding  #loveyou #40isthenew20fit #loveyourneighbortoo #believe #autismmom #sisterlocks #iameverywoman #faithandfitness #fitover40 #blackfitnessnow #ebonyfitness #yogaeveryday #ifbb #figure #carolynhudsonharris #blackwonderwoman #wonderwoman #onlyforward #queen👸🏾
Pain brings lessons it's what you do with those lessons that matters most #givelifeyourall #striveformore #makeeverydaycount #believeandyouwillachieve #bethechange
BRAVE. FEARLESS. INSPIRING.  These are just a few words that come to my mind when I think of this man, Dan Connor. Dan became friends with ALL of us @cycle614 in the summer of 2016. He had always been an avid cyclist, but took some time off before starting back with us. He faithfully came three days a week, and always with a smile on his face. Since then, Dan has completed two long distance bike tours, the last one he was especially proud because he wasn’t in the back of the pack, and was able to keep the pace with the leaders.  Late last summer, Dan found out he had a heart condition requiring open heart surgery, and he underwent the surgery in early August. And yesterday, he came back for his first ride. He was cleared for 30 minutes one day a week. He smiled, worked his tail off, and couldn’t have been happier to be back. And did I mention DAN IS 78 YEARS OLD?! Although he was limited in what he could do yesterday, he did his very best. And that’s what we can all do. Our best is different every single day. Our circumstances are different every day. All we can do is try. So if you need some motivation to do YOUR best today, think of Dan. Let him inspire you to be your BEST self. Thank you Dan, for your good vibes and huge heart. We couldn’t be more grateful for you, and all of us @cycle614 love you!
If it gives you butterflies....if you can’t stop thinking about it....if you dream of its success the do it!  Be fearless....forget the voice in your head that tries to give you excuses!  Time waits for no one...BE FEARLESS!! 💕
What’s your biggest challenge with getting your small business out there?  I would love to help you overcome it!  #creativehelp
Do you have video as part of your Facebook marketing strategy?  Organic reach is down but one sure fire way to expand it, is with video and live video content.  Remember....quantity over quality!  #facebooktips
Is there anything better than doing what you love and what you are passionate about?! 💕  #followyourheart
By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others 💕  #happinessrightthere
Do you ever feel like, when you have climbed one set of stairs there is another waiting for you?  Life...family...business...the list is endless.  Here are some of my top apps to help ease the pressure.  @evernote for the best note taking her.  That to do list will be smashed.  @buffer for scheduling social media.  @tailwindapp to release the pressure of Pinterest posting.  What are your top tips?  #letssavetime
A digital marketing strategy can sometimes be over looked.  It’s not bricks and mortar and for the most part it cannot be ‘seen’ but behind every successful business that operates online is a strong marketing system and structure.  Think The Body Coach - his whole business was built digitally but with a strong and targeted marketing system.  #digitalmarketingworks
💕We never stop learning!💕 Everyday I make sure that I have built my knowledge, understanding or even just my personal development up somewhere.  Whether that’s webinars, blog posts, podcasts...we live in a digital world where everything is accessible at the touch of a button.  So me and my progress journal are primed ready for the latest webinar from @amyporterfield  Absolutely love her!  If you don’t follow her already then I suggest you check her out 🙌🏼 #neverstoplearning
How do you feed your mind?  Is it full of positive, inspiring content like podcasts and tedtalks?  Have a think today about what thoughts are going through your head.  Are they good and positive?  And if not, what you feed your mind with needs to change as you will be what you tell yourself you are.  #youarewhatyoulistento
Hey!! I thought it was about time I officially introduced myself! 👋🏼 I am overwhelmed with the amount of new followers coming in everyday so hello and welcome to you all.  I am Alexis, mum of two boys 6yrs and 2yrs and I am a Branding, Social & Digital Strategist and my passion is to help you.....individuals, small businesses, creatives to realise their potential online and how to tackle it...basically.  I specialise in systems and strategies that work and make your business dreams a reality!  Connect with me here and stay tuned for all the FREE cool stuff I will giving away and doing real soon!  Thanks for your support and I can’t wait to connect with you all soon. 💕 In the meantime nip over and join my community on Facebook to be the first to hear all the exciting things to come!  Link in bio 💕✌🏼 #thecreativemarketer
Who inspires you?  For me it’s @garyvee @amyporterfield @tonyrobbins  @julssolomon amongst many others 💕  Inspiration is all around us ✌🏼 #inspire
💕On this weeks podcast 💕  I speak to @anne_marie_mcelroy about how she has built an award winning, global wedding specialist Business after leaving school with no formal qualifications.  Branding and personal development are both integral parts!  Nip over and subscribe to listen as soon as it goes live.  Link in bio ✌🏼 #thecreativemarketerpodcast