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@LaFlare1017's new album #mrdavis will be released September 15th! #guccimane #music #news
@LaFlare1017's new single #igetthebag featuring @Migos is out now! #guccimane #migos #music #news
Vans x peanuts cop or drop?
@WeAreGalantis' remix of @SelenaGomez's new single #fetish featuring @LaFlare1017 is out now! #selenagomez #guccimane #galantis #music #news
I want 1 of those shirts so badley
R u a hypebeast?
On wednesdays we wear pinkπŸ™πŸΌ
Would y'all cop these customs?
Today's my last day in Paris so i'll b back 2 the normal amount of posts from tomorrow
Ok so i found out i'm 2 busy to post while i'm in Paris so mby i'm gon' post @ night when i get back 2 the hotel, but i'm not sure (fyi i get like home, home saturday night)
Sooooo.. i'm Sorry 4 not rly postin' 2day, but i only have wifi at my hotel n i've been out the entire day so it was kinda hard to post anything, btw these LV boots r a total cop!😍
Sooo i've gotta get up at 3:00 am tomorrow cuz I've gotta catch A flight to paris 'n i'm kinda stoked Bout it cuz in my country there ain't no supreme store so def droppin' by the one in paris
Fishnets r defenetly the g8est trend of 2k17 4 now🐠
Nike air 97πŸ₯€. (Follow @24kisland for more posts like this)
Sry i haven't been that active lately, i just got back 2 school n' i just got all these projects goin' on so i rly ain't got the time lately, i'll try ma Best, but i hope u understand