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#taichi originates from ancient 🇨🇳 and it is recognised by many health bodies to be one of the most effective #exercises for achieving #healthy #mindandbody 💪 Similarly, #japaneseramen was originated from ancient China as well and it has been recognised by many #foodies around the world as one of the most satisfying #meal for #happy #mind and #tummy 😉  My #lucky8 #sydneyramentour2017 stop is #menyanoodlebarcity that is just 3 minutes walk from #qvb building. I went with my mate and he ordered #hakatatonkotsuramen while I tried #kyotoshoyuramen for the first time. Both ramens are on the Recommended #osusume on their menu.  I straight away noticed the same beautiful bowl that I saw at #ramengoku as both ramen shops are run by the same management. The Hakata ramen broth was creamy yet not too thick but I noticed they didn't use the thin & straight #hakatastylenoodle so that was a bit of a let down and the seasoned boiled egg was slightly overcooked but the yolky bit was still pretty good 👍  A typical #kyotostyle #ramen is served with shoyu #soysauce based broth and medium size straight noodles. Chicken broth with hint of infused #shellfish is used as the base of my #kyoto shoyu ramen. It is then topped up with high quality aged shoyu and pork back fat. I thoroughly enjoy slurping the soup as it is flavoursome but not too heavy with the added pork fat.  I visited Kyoto twice but I haven't tried their ramen so definitely something I would love to try in my next Kyoto trip.