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Family 💜 #grandkids #grandpa #happybirthdaydad
Thank you, Dad, for all the years of giving and caring, of patience and loving discipline. Thank you for all the years of listening to my problems, guiding me into making my own decisions and sharing my disappointments as well as my accomplishments. Thank you for loving me enough to hold me close when I needed you most and for loving me enough to let me go out on my own. I am who I am today because of all you've done and been for me. I'll always be grateful and I'll always love you!  #happybirthdaydad
#oldphoto #happybirthdaydad ❤💥 +50
Wishing this guy right here a happy 71st birthday #happybirthdaydad
#happybirthdaydad  A BIG Happy Birthday goes out to my Daddy aka Mr. Deas. I am so thankful and blesaed to have been raised by this man. . Those that know him, met him or even just had one converation will walk away either exhausted from the mental exchange or pondering what was just said🤔 . Happy Birthday Dad, love you ❤💡 🤗🤓🙄❤🤔😚😳❤👂🗣👨🏾‍🔧❤💪
Ogni attimo condiviso con te, è una ricchezza dal valore inestimabile,  da aggiungere al bagaglio dei ricordi, custoditi dentro il mio cuore. Buon compleanno, papà! 💓 #ridereacrepapelle #crazymoment #dad #happybirthdaydad #soyoung #timeflies #sosweet #bellicapelli #memories #love
Happy Birthday to the best Daddy that there ever could be!! Long live the King! ❤️ 👑✨😘 #bestdadever #iammyfathersdaughter #happybirthdaydad
La familia The true happiness in front of my eyes. #happybirthdaydad #happybirthdayfather
#happybirthdaydad on se maquille pour l’occaz et on rentre de nouveau dans un pentalon #youpiiiiiii
Celebrating my favourite guy's life today. Happy birthday, dad. I hope you have fun at the game today. 💜 #happybirthdaydad
Happy 76th birthday to the man that taught me how to love, that life is what you make it, and to have compassion for those around me. Also, how to swear like a sailor! I miss you, your fro and those jean shorts everyday. Cheers to my dude 🍻 #happybirthdaydad
Mark your calendars. #happybirthdaydad
#happybirthdaydad #teamoforever 👴 Hoy quiero dar gracias a dios x dejarte otro año mas con nosotros, eres mi abuelo, pero eres mi padre, dios no pudo darme mejor padre, ejemplo de fortaleza, sabiduría, sensilles, que me ha enseñado los mejores valores del mundo! Me ha dado él gran ejemplo... Te Amo Pa 💗💙💝💚💞🎂🎂🎊🎈🎈🎁🎉
Haven't had the heart to post anything on Instagram for a while...until now. Because family and birthdays (and fancy steak dinners) always make the cut ❤️#happybirthdaydad #love #mabuhay #aboutlastnight #dinner #porterhouseplease
To the man who waited for me for nine long months, the first man I loved, the first superhero I’ve known, the man who supports me all the way, the man behind my confidence, my imperfect but sweetest, coolest, and funniest Dad everrr!!! A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :))#happybirthdaydad
今天休息到中午才想起今天是爸爸的生日,特别庆幸今天能休息。去买了蛋糕,带着爸妈最爱的小包子去给爸爸过生日。一进门爸妈没有注意到我带了小包子,当我抱出小包子时,他们高兴得乐坏了。一晚上都在跟小包子玩儿。看着他们一直笑,那么开心,那么健康。我心满意足。更多的陪伴才是真。祝爸爸妈妈身体健康平安!#happybirthdaydad #ilovefamily