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Right now, I am grateful for my Kinesiologist/healer Dr. Jeff Phillips. I'm grateful for the day I was rear-ended about 20 years ago, me needing a chiropractor as a result. Working at SPSC @standardprocess of So. Cal at the time, I had access to the best of the best and was referred to him. Talk about a blessing in disguise for here I am, 20 years later, owing my health and well-being to him. I am not exaggerating when I say I was woken up at 6am with an excruciating, throbbing, piercing pain in my right thumb and index finger, spreading to my palm. My thumbnail felt as if someone was prying it off with a needle. Constant throbbing pain. Without the old, barbaric, back-cracking way of adjusting, Dr. Phillips uses the activator method. Finds every spot that needs adjusting and realigning and like a miracle, I'm always healed...the first visit...no "Need to come back 3 times this week to feel better" crap. And he always knows what CAUSED the injury and shares how to prevent it next time. Wether it's my liver or allergies and being out of alignment is the secondary situation. Hello, kinesiology...treating the body as a WHOLE (including emotional 😱). So...I am soooo-oooo grateful for this man for I am pain-free. Have the use of my right hand again and reminded that health is wealth and the ones that are here to help us with that task of taking care of our human form are angels and blessings. What are you grateful for?? Send love that way as you prepare for the new day...🙏🏼✨ #gratitude #attitudeisgratitude #light #love #healer #standardprocess #afbetafood #drenamin #kinesiology #wellness #naturalcare #health #painfree #sandiego #cali #drphillipschiropractic #healed #fitgirl #holistic #wholefoodnutrition #net #activatormethod #blessed #grateful #goodvibes #goodnight 🌙
The soul is healed by being with children.- Fyodor Dostoyevsky 🎩❤🎩 #mime #soul #healed #childrens #art #love #artists
RAW REALNESS . Today back at work was the first time in four days that I had spent any significant portion of time outside , it felt weird and hella hot! I had been bouncing from the couch to hot baths fighting a fever and excruciating back pain  listening to what my body needed to fight off this nasty kidney infection i had gotten. It had me feeling pretty low at times but finally after four days of stillness and a little antibiotics ;) I was able to head back to work and back to the outdoors. These clips of what lasted more like an hour or so capture the feeling we all have but sometimes don't always reflect upon and that is the pure joy of being healed. It's a reminder that everything comes in due process , nothing truly important in life can be rushed. As hard as it was to literally lay around for four days , the feeling on the other side was magical! Sweating from hooping and not the fever was pretty dope and just the ability and desire to dance again was just lovely! So the lesson here being ..putting any time into bettering or healing ourselves will always be beneficial!  So ya today I felt like myself again and that was pretty great 😊🌲 #wisdom#truth#healed#lifelessons#rawrealmoments#selflove#selfcare#movementmatters#hooplah#hoopinglife#backatit#waaoooo
August 23, 2017 "Whatever your struggle, my brothers and sisters--mental or emotional or physical or otherwise--do not vote against the preciousness of life by ending it! Trust in God. Hold on in His love. Know that one day the dawn will break brightly and all shadows of mortality will flee. Though we may feel we are 'like a broken vessel,' as the Psalmist says, we must remember, that vessel is in the hands of the divine potter. Broken minds can be healed just the way broken bones and broken hearts are healed." Jeffrey R Holland (November 2013 Ensign)
Got a healed picture of this piece I did out in Phoenix #healed #healedtattoo #realism #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo #tattoo #statue #sculpture #inksav #lasvegas #vegas #lasvegastattooartist
"Esto es una suma de lo que he aprendido a lo largo de mi carrera; siempre he sido artista, desde que tengo memoria he dibujado en la libreta, mi mamá me ragañaba mucho porque no podía revender los libros de la escuela -Nunca fui de dinero, fui pobre toda la vida- ..." si quieres saber más de esta gran entrevista hecha a @juan_salgado no te puedes quedar sin nuestra edición #7 impresa de @coverupmagazine no olvides darle like y seguir sus redes sociales y las de nuestra revista @coverupmagazine  #repost @juan_salgado with @repostapp ・・・ What do you think? 🦁🐶💀🌊🌹#freehand #foodog #skull #healed #juansalgado#tattoo #art #fancy Follow! @juan_salgado  @colorconspiracystudio @officialh2ocean @fusion_ink #coverupmagazine
Grabbed this pic from my client @catdecember of these roses all healed up. Thanks again for taking great care of your tattoos Cat! #healed with @redemptiontattoocare 👊🏻
RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE . I've been vegetarian for 16 months and lost over 70 pounds & a large amount of inches, I wore a size 32 - 34 right now as of today I'm a 18-20 . Than I was plantbased for about 2months on and off and begin to realize I wanted more for myself . - so, now - . I've become bored with being vegetarian/ plantbased and want to challenge myself and become more healthy from the inside out. Its not only about losing physical weight but also losing weight in all areas of my life. My mind, body, soul & spirit. What I'm saying is.... . - I have a desire - . To be whole & healed. . #wholeness #healed #rawfood #vegan #plantbased #vegetarian #mindfulness #selflove #healthylifestyle #foodmatters