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E N E R G I S I N G #breakfast recipe! 😋 These berry chia seed breakfast pots are super quick to make and provide an energising start to the day. Chia seeds were eaten by the Aztec warriors to give them energy and with a perfect pack of fibre, omega 3 fats and #protein I can see why! . . These are so easy to prep: . 👉blitz blueberries with almond milk in your blender, I use my @nutribullet or @vitamix . . 👉Add 4 tablespoons chia seeds. . 👉Cover and place in fridge, ideally I do this overnight and then add some fresh fruit in the morning 🌤. . . For kids I add a few teaspoons to their porridge to give them a boost. Enjoy! 😃 #stronglikemum #familyhealth #nutritiontips
Part of baby and Daddy's rituals is to go say "hello to nature" . My daughter loves the wind in her hair 💘 As my little friend @the_catcher_2121 says "the world's airconditioning" mmm... I love that.
As we are nearing to the end of January you may find your will power diminishing, the thought of achieving that healthy body too much in the winter. Well fear not, here’s my tip to you.  Focus on the small changes you can implement each day so you don’t feel overwhelmed and I can assure you you will achieve your goal👍  If you would like my latest free resource Top 10 Tips to Small Changes please reach out, comment below or message me💪💪
10 THINGS GOOD TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR CIRCADIAN HEALTH - Circadian biology – the way our bodies respond to light, day and night – is hard-wired by evolution into our genes - We have quite different night-time and daytime physiologies which affect our brains, bodies and metabolism - Disrupted circadian rhythms may affect long-term risk of various diseases and conditions - The hormone melatonin is central to our circadian biology – it drops during the day and rises at night -Electric light affects the production of melatonin and disrupts sleep, as do back-lit screens such as e-readers and phones - Sleeplessness is not necessarily a sign of disrupted circadian rhythms, waking during the night is normal - Lying in the dark is fine – getting up and putting on an electric light will inevitably disrupt melatonin levels and increase sleeplessness - Keeping evening lighting to a minimum, and using low-wattage incandescent light bulbs will help your body’s natural circadian cycle - Melatonin-based medication can trick your body’s natural clock and is not helpful for normal sleep (but may be useful for jetlag) - Melatonin is a hormone and the long-term effects of taking it are not known
Yep. I’m that parent. #kermetthefrog
Beautiful lunch today #healthymum #lettuce #tomato #cheese #roastbeef #salt #pepper #healthyliving
"Goooooooodmorning,  Good Start, Good food 💖🍀" #kiminthekitchen  #fresheggs #poachedegg #liefvoorjelijf #balance #healthymum #freshisbest  #roadtorotterdam
G o o d  M o r n i n g 💕  My body is crying out for this after yesterday’s workouts. 🌱 oat bran 🌱 almond milk 🌱 Maca powder 🌱 cinnamon 🌱 frozen raspberries 🌱 1/2 large banana 🌱 chia seeds  C O M E  A T  M E  #blogger #food #healthynotskinny #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #oatbran #veganbreakfast #healthymum #cleaneating #bekahscrazyworld #banana #raspberries
🍅 DAY 24 DINNER Zoodles with haloumi and roasted vegetables. Holy feck, put this on your favourite list! Absolutely delicious. Zucchinis are in abundance at the moment, so I had a free one given to me by my neighbour, perfeco
🌟MUMHOODER OF THE WEEK 🌟 . This week we are chatting to Maria. Maria lives in Shoreditch and is a Senior Nurse in Paediatric Theatre. She has two kids - a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old baby girl (pictured 💕💥). . Anyone currently pregnant with number 2 definitely have a read of her answer to Q4 🙌 . 1️⃣ Why is exercise important to you? Keeps me happy  2️⃣When do you like to exercise? I would do it all the time  3️⃣ How have you stayed healthy after having your baby? Frame Mumhood Classes were the key 4️⃣What’s been the most surprising thing for you about having a baby? How easy it is the second time around!  5️⃣What's your top tip for new mums? Stay healthy and positive. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but it’s all a phase that flies quicker than we would like too [so true Maria - time is a thief 😢] . Thanks for sharing Maria - looking forward to seeing you at class soon! . Maria wears a Mumhood tank and her gorgeous baby is wearing a Bubhood romper - both are available to buy on the Mumhood edit 👊 . . . . . . #mumhood #motherhood #postnatalfitness #postnatalperiod #postnataljourney #postnatalhealth #womenshealth #newbaby #healthymum
My little squad 💁🏼 Love these five little babes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #family #fitfam #fitmum #healthy #happy
It's all about balance, right?! 🍩 #thatmatismine #thatyogamat #yogathendonuts 📸 @madeleinelumley
She might be on holidays with her family but that’s definitely not stopping her from reaching her goals, instead she’s getting her family involved! Healthy eating for everyone and exercising together!!! Great effort and definitely no excuses!!! #nourishtolive #goals #healthyfamily #nourishyourbody #walks #holidays #noexcuses #justdoit #moveyourbody #nourishyourbody #foodisfuel #healthymum
I am looking to help some more kids trial our wholefood chews to see how they improve their overall health, behaviour and food palette.  Customer testimonials and research have shown positive results in: 🌱Healthier, clearer skin 🌱Improved digestion 🌱Better focus and calmer kids 🌱Less visits to the Dr and time off school 🌱Healthier teeth and gums 🌱Boosted immune system 🌱Cravings for fruits and veggies 🙂  The trial is for 16 weeks so you will have plenty of time for amazing results for your little angels 🙂  The cost is from $13/week for the program that includes our delicious chews, jam packed with 🌟17🌟 varieties of natural Fruits and Vegetables! And you also get to be a part of the amazing JBT program and have access to incredible wholesome food recipes for you and the entire family! BUT ASK ME HOW THE KIDS CAN GET THRM FREE!  To be part of the trial is easy. All I ask in return is a quick review of the child's health changes and to help me to continue to collect feedback on our incredible product and help families improve their health.  Contact me for more details 👌  #kidshealth #healthykids #healthymum #fitmum #childrenshealth #healthychildren #wholefoodnutrition
No time to make muesli? Check out Lidl’s Simply Scrumptious really nutty 👍🏻
Here’s a sneak peak of one of our latest workouts. Watch out ladies, it’s coming your way soon.  Sign up to our newsletter at www.leanmums.com today to get the latest LM news, advice on weight loss and tons more. . . . . . #leanmums #fitstagram #workouts #giveaway #competition #recipes #familyrecipes #mums #motherhood #prenatalfitness #postnatalfitness #lifestyle #lifestyleeating #virtualtrainer #prenatalhealth #confidence #fit #strongnotskinny #lean #happy #foodie #foodpic #foodlovers #mumsthatmove #nutrition #thisgirlcan #healthylifestyle #firstmonthfree
. Here are some foods high in magnesium. I take magnesium supplements, I feel that I really need to, when I don’t, it is very common for me to get cramps usually on my calves during the night, and it hurts Like a MF. Magnesium is one of the most common co-factors in the body. Its presence is crucial to, glucose and fat breakdown, the production of proteins, enzymes and antioxidants. The creation of DNA, and regulation of cholesterol production. #getyourmagsuppeeps #magnesium #foodshighinmagnesium