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Exhausted & Ecstatic= the only way to explain week 21! πŸ‘ΆπŸ’™πŸ™Œ This week we finally found out what our little one's sex is and I immediately feel so much more connected to him! We have a name 99% chosen as well ☺️ Now we just need to get our house wrapped up over the next few weeks so that I can focus on growing this little guy! Week 21 #bumpdate is on the blog! ••• On a separate note, does anyone have podcast suggestions?! Now that I have a 30 minute commute I want to make the most of it!!
Tina lives an active life and loves the outdoors.  She's a registered dietitian and a surrogate, bringing value to any of the WCS surrogates in need of nutritional counseling. #surrogacy #healthypregnancy #nutrition #pregnancy #ivf #gaydaddy #lgbt #surrogacyagency #wecareaboutyourhealth
this mama doesn't have to worry what's going on her littles skin and being absorbed. only the best non-toxic goodness for my babies #oilylife #nontoxic #chemicalfree #momof4
ENROLLING NOW for a fun, new fitness challenge! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ“Έ . Kids are all back in school πŸ“š and MOMS, it's time to take care of YOU. Why not have some fun creating healthy habits? . The details... . πŸ’« Every day for 30 days we will have a different photo to post in the group. For example, your breakfast, a quote that motivates you, your favorite workout tank or your WHY. . πŸ’« Posting earns you points, points = prizes. More importantly, it means you're SHOWING UP and working on your goals every day. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» . πŸ’« You pick your program! BOD, DVDs, the gym, yoga classes, etc. Totally up to you. . πŸ’« Shakeology is required for at least these 30 days. Give it a chance and see how great you feel. 😎 . We start 9/5. Comment if you think this sounds like fun and we will talk! Or message me for more details...❀️
Makeshift stroganoff over green beans. Getting back on the #lchf train to control some symptoms and honestly because I feel best when eating this way.  It's easy to fall off track when the physical transformation isn't there. At #32weeks pregnant nothing is getting smaller! But I've also been feeling super run down and achy and really just not my best self. Now I know I could easily blame all that on being in the 3rd trimester and that may even be valid. But, I also know this way of eating gives me way more energy and zaps the inflammation.  So, I'm showing up for myself and this sweet baby girl ❀  #healthypregnancy #fitmom #keto #lowcarb #realfood #heal #nourish #crohns #inspiration #foodporn
I left my monthly OB appointment feeling down and embarrassed today. 😣  Basically, the doctor said that I gained too much weight since my last appointment.  Her suggestions: maybe you could go for walks, maybe you should cut out sugary drinks. πŸ˜’ seriously?? How could this not bother me?  I drink water. 99.9% of the time. What else do I drink? A rare iced sugar free, creamless coffee... β˜•οΈ I workout 6 days a week and stretch on the 7th. And those workouts are legit- not a leisurely walk around the block. I upped my weights last month!  Health and fitness is incredibly important to me, especially now that I'm pregnant. 🀰🏽 Want to know my real thoughts while she was talking? --> what the actual F?!? 😑  I'm not perfect. I indulge from time to time. ((Lunch out today with my colleagues before the kids come back to school!? Heck yea!))But I left that apt feeling seriously defeated for all the regular hard work and structure I put in.  So after today's workout, I sat down, wrote out all of my meals for the next few days to a T, and my goal is to have this as "evidence" for my doctor at the next appointment- Evidence that I am not making up what I'm doing. ((Honestly- when I told her that I workout every day and that I drink water around the clock, I felt like she was smirking at me... "Sureee you doooo ..." )) She probably doesn't care THAT much, but it made me feel better to do something -- and that made me feel more in control of the situation.  And now I'm really, really just trying to let it go. ➑️ I'm not so good at letting things like this go... I dwell on things. I beat myself up, and I have had some pretty bad feelings towards myself and my weight throughout my life, so it's not easy... But I know I wouldn't want my accountability girls to feel awful when they are genuinely trying, so - I'm going to try to talk to myself the way I would talk to them. πŸ’›  I thought about not sharing, because I am embarrassed. 😞 But- hiding my feelings
DINNER • Made a Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Alfredo with whole wheat pasta, peas, and spinachπŸπŸ™Œ Topped it off with Parmesan cheese πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰ Mmm Mmm good πŸ’• #happywednesday #carbs #yummy
If you're just getting into essential oils or want to learn more about how to safely use your oils, this book is such an awesome resource! . It's written in a very easy to understand and straightforward way so no matter your experience level, you can get the answers you need! There's a page dedicated to every oil and blend from doTERRA and it's my go to resource! . You can order this beauty from @oil.life or @shareoils . If you're still wanting to get essential oils in your home for yourself, kids or the whole family, now is a great time to take the plunge! I have the perfect budget friendly starter kit for you with some amazing perks and goodies this month! . Message or email me at TheEssentiallyOiledMama@gmail.com for pricing and more info! . #theessentiallife #essentialoils101 #essentialoilstips #doterramum
One of the regulars at the gym came up to me today and said "Aww your belly is starting to pop!" To which I replied, "Well I'd hope so, I'll be 38 weeks on Saturday!" She just looked at me like 😳 and then proceeded to tell me how not only do I look great, but I look like I FEEL great! Which is like the biggest compliment ever for me! I could really care less about "how I look", I am way more concerned about how I feel. And I'm pretty sure I say this almost everyday, but I feel AMAZING! I'm so proud of myself for sticking with my workout routine and nutrition (for the most part) for the last almost 38 weeks and doing everything in my power to allow myself to feel as good as possible πŸ’ͺ🏼 #gome Anyways, I had an incredible back workout today! It was SO good that I lost track of time and ended up lifting for over an hour (I usually only lift for 45min)🀷🏼‍♀️ Here's a clip of one of the trisets from today's workout: •10 Single arm dumbbell rows (each arm) •10 Barbell bent over rows •30sec Battle rolesπŸ˜… The first two workouts are sped up, last one is not #37weekpregnant
A little sweet treat before bed! Sprinkles & all! I'm not a big fan of ice cream even the "healthier" versions like Halo Top. 😝 Yes, I may be the only person who doesn't love that brand. πŸ™„This "ice cream" is full of healthy fats, protein, carbs, & superfoods. It's super easy to make and may be my favorite version yet! #preggocravingsatisfied
Now that the 3rd trimester is here with a vengeance, I decided it was time to take things down a notch and not be so intense with my workouts. πŸ‘πŸΎ Now I am in prepare for labor mode, and strengthening my core, legs, and stretching out my hips with some gentle yoga and stretching! Shown in the video: -Warrior Pose 2 with Reverse angle and side angle pose -Chair Pose -Cat/Dog stretch -Pelvic Tilts against wall -30 second wall sit You can do these at home and need no equipment! πŸ’–πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
Accidentally survived an Intermediate Body class at @define_houston today (didn't know it was intermediate until class started - oops!) and the baby room is meticulously cleaned and ready to be decorated!
Southwest Black Bean Quinoa Bowl ready in just 30 minutes. Hello protein, fiber, veggies and fiesta flavors! Fresh guac πŸ₯‘ was added shortly after this photo, in case you were worried πŸ˜‰  In regards to food cravings I've had a pretty boring pregnancy, with nothing too extreme or emergent showing up....until today. I ate this delicious bowl of quinoa, but I'll be honest when I say all I'm thinking about right now is onion rings....which I don't even have. The hubs thinks I'm nuts. I think I'm nutsπŸ˜‚. If anyone needs ne I'll be out hunting down onion rings #34weeks #preggocravings
@thedailydoseofpepper loaded chicken bubble up bake 😍 WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO MAKE THIS?! So so so good! Paired with green beans & it's the perfect meal!  #weightwatchers #ww #smartpoints #wwfamily #wwig #wwmoms #wwdivas #wwsisterhood #healthypregnancy
Our last @hellofresh meal of the week: Chicken Cheddar Fajitas with Charred Bell Pepper, Lime Crema and Pickled Jalapeño. I honestly wasn't as excited about making this one as I was with the others as we do fajitas at home all the time so I thought it would be just another fajita night. However, this way exceeded my expectations and was sooo good. They definitely took a standard fajita night and elevated it with the pickled jalapeños and lime creama. It was way better than any fajitas we normally make at home, and I would have never before considered red onions or jalapeños in my fajitas as I'm typically a pretty picky eater! #hellofresh FTW tonight! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» #dinner #healthymom #healthypregnancy #healthyfamily #fajitas
When I'm super tired of water and just want something different, I look forward to my Vitamin Water Zero. Naturally sweetened with stevia it's the only thing I can really drink because even juices have too much sugar for me....yes even coconut water...but trust me this hits the spot from time to time. #gestationaldiabetes #pregnancy #vitaminwaterzero ##lowcarbs #lowsugar #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancy #healthybaby #healthymama
Loads of laundry have been washed. Last minute purchases have been made. Wilson and I have even gotten out of the house a few times this week. A small victory. It hasn't been the easiest thing for me to overcome towards the end of my pregnancy. He's gotten even more energetic climbing on everything, and throwing anything in sight across the room. I've nicknamed him Tas for Tasmanian devil. I'm trying my best to celebrate his outgoing personality rather than discourage him. I can't wait to give him a brother, then there will be two running around pretending to ignore me πŸ˜‚. • • • • #fitmama #mamabear #fitmum #fitmummy #boymom #sweatlife #fitnessmom #fitmom #inspirationpregnancy #healthypregnancy #fitpregnancy #bossbabe #pregnancyfitness #pregnantmama #pregnantmommy #pregnantglow #inspiredpregnancy #motherhood #momtogs #uniteinmotherhood #momlife #momprenuer #fitmumsofig #thatsdarling #postthepeople #flashesofdelight #livethelittlethings #liveauthentic #thehumaneffect
Emily is one of our badass clients, who also happens to be expecting her first baby in October. Emily started her MegaBurn journey when she was three months pregnant. Initially, she was unsure of how long she would be able to continue taking weekly classes, but at 7 ½ months, Emily is still rocking it 2-3 days a week with us πŸ™ŒπŸΌ New blog post is up on what to expect (at MegaBurn) when you're expecting πŸ”— Link in Profile! #megamom - - - #megaburn #megastrong #fitmoms #pdxfitness #pdxfitmom #pregnancyworkout #expectingmom #pilatesfit #megaformer #lagreefitness #healthypregnancy #pdx #beaverton #pelvicfloor #babybump #fitpregnancy #fitmama #firstbaby #expectingmom #studioflow #blogpost #whattoexpect #strongcore #corestrength #portlandoregon #pilatesbody #strongmoms