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Honestly adorable after her bath! Best diapers ever! And almost as cute as the baby wearing it!πŸ˜‰ @honest #honestmoments #honestmotherhood
Happy #friday ! To all you working folk! #honestmoments
"ew... GWOSS... EW!" Check out @samanthabroderick's hilarious new post, so relatable! Happy Friday, everyone! #waterpura
it's been just us 4 all week, while Jeff is away for work. which means there have been absolutely no tears, lots of healthy meals, and endless amounts of sleep. πŸ˜‚πŸ™… um, IN MY DREAMS. which isn't even possible because dreaming would require sleep, which hasn't happened since sunday. BUT, we all still love each other and do make a pretty good team when it comes down to it. ❀ #onemoreday #goteam!
4 weeks post partum! Weighing 162 lbs this am(breastfeeding for the win!!). All I've done is go for a couple ten minute walks and some pelvic floor exercises. Getting really excited to get back in the gym and slowly get back to where I was. The female body is truly amazing. . . . . #mombod #4weekspostpartum #fitmom #fitpregnancy #breastfeeding #momlife #grateful #blessed #life #tattoos #imnotaregularmomimacoolmom #honestmoments #mamabear
My heart is exploding with love. #myfamily #repost @canadasaurus with @repostapp ・・・ Nothing brings out the giggles like playing with your #twin! #eleanorandgriffin #twinlife #honestmoments
Big brother pushing little sister in the swing 😍 I'm chatting about birth, c-sections, breastfeeding, and exercise on the blog today! It's been a while since I shared an update. 😊 Check it out via the link in my bio! πŸ“²
Ladies. Have I told you about Essential Beauty Serum? I feel like this product gets so forgotten in our little oil world but what a GEM! I apply every night πŸ‘Œ Love the smell and it works! I also use on my hands, whenever they get dry.  The Essential Beauty Serum (Dry) is designed specifically for dry skin. 3-5 drops can be added to your moisturizer and applied daily. It contains oils like Blue Cypress and Lavender, which are both known for their ability to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.  If you’re more of a DIY’er, here are a mask options for you.  TEA TREE & CLAY MASK 1 TBSP Bentonite Clay 1-2 TBSP Water (Distilled is best) 1 TBSP Ground Oats (You can grind your own and use gluten free oats) 4 drops YL Tea Tree EO Combine the clay and oats in a small bowl (mix with wooden spoon or a spatula. You want to try to avoid using metal with bentonite clay because metals can leach from the utensil and be pulled into the clay because the clay acts as a magnet for positively charged toxins). Add in enough water to make a spreadable paste.  Add Tea Tree and stir.  Apply to face for 10-15 minutes. Remove with warm water and washcloth.  If you have very sensitive skin, try swapping out the Tea Tree for something more calming. πŸ’œ . . . . . . . . • • • • • • •  #sahm#happymom#twinmom#momof3#christianmom#sleepsupport#wahm#anxiety#momblogger#postpartumjourney#organicmama#newmom#anxietysupport#naturalmama#plantbasedmom#joyfulmamas#healthymom#girlmom#boymom#beauty#beautytips#dryskin#veganskincare#veganbabe#veganlife#skincare#veganmakeup#veganblogger#veganbeautyblogger
#thatshonestlygood // "The other week I went out to eat with a girl I work with. It was one of those cold gross days, rainy and almost snowy. We saw a man standing out in the cold who looked homeless and I always have a hard time knowing what to do when I see that. Most often I don't do anything. But then my friend saw him and wanted to do something. She bought him soup and walked across the parking lot to give it to him. He gave her a big hug. I bet it made a difference for him, and it inspired me to see someone seeing a need and doing what you can to meet it, without an excuse or saying it's an inconvenience." ••• - Nicole, one of our customers whom we love! Stay tuned for more #thatshonestlygood moments! ⚑️
#mugaddict • When you buy your own presents because 🎯 @target dollar section never disappoints. • I don't always identify or like the word mom, and from the moment I found out I was pregnant I've had a hard time with it, but I love my little prince πŸ‘‘ and I go above and beyond so he can have an enriched and unique childhood, I don't always feel like the best, especially since I always have to play the bad cop... but his unconditional love none the less makes it worth every runny nose, dirty diaper, messy face,sticky hand print, every stained piece of clothing because we are each other's one-and-only♥️πŸ‘ͺ #momlife #honestmotherhood #honestmoments #motherhood #instamom
Sleep Awareness Week Tip V: Put baby down for nap time or bedtime when they are drowsy, but still awake. This will teach them how to put themselves to sleep from start to finish. Ready, set, sleep 😴
Real life.  Real moments.  Real love ❀️. . . . . .#briannaandersonphotography #scottsdalephotographer #momlife #momtribe #aznewbornphotographer #azmaternityphotographer #thatsdarling #honestmoments #love #family #twinsisters
When M and I started touching on the subject of having more kids, aside from generally not knowing whether we truly wanted more than one babe or not—Our second concern was how sick I got with P, and if it would happen again. In the realm of baby, I was totally healthy, but in the realm of morning sickness...I was miserable. All. Day. All nine months. Fast forward to today and as you have probably guessed by now, we did decide to grow our family and turns out, it's happened to be what God wanted for us too. -- Well y'all, here I am, nearly 14wks in, and I'm miserable. Don't get me wrong...I'm grateful. But I'm miserable. I don't post on here much anymore bc well, I don't do much anymore period. I wish I could say that pregnancy was flawless and gross-less and seemingly perfect for me but it's just not! So, next week (in an attempt to find consistency again) I'll be starting a new series on my blog telling my truth, and maybe your truth, about the reality of those three trimesters, as well as the fourth. So hopefully you can join me for a laugh or two and maybe tears. -- Here's to all of the mamas (and papas) riding the same wave and to the ladies who just listened to me shamelessly ralph into the gas station toilet on our way to Dallas (ew).
“One side of the WaterPura wipe is smooth enough for faces and delicate places, and the other side has small bumps to help clean up the messiest of messes.” A big thanks to @lweidknecht for appreciating the detail and research that went into developing our amazing #waterpura wipes! Tap the link in our bio to read her review! rg:@angels4kids #whatsinyourwipe?
A lot of cuddle sessions happened today. We have a full blown teething toddler in the house. He has some big ones cutting through this week. Today, it hit him pretty hard. When J is in pain, he nurses all day, loves cold stuff, and doesn't want to leave my side. I do everything I can to help, but it still hurts to see my baby in this much pain. Does anyone else have a teething toddler, if so what are your magic remedies? ✨
ready for FRIDAY! πŸ™Œ #almostthere
Nothing brings out the giggles like playing with your #twin! #eleanorandgriffin #twinlife #honestmoments
Proud big brother 😍❀️❀️