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«rains of castamere»  Not sure how this is going to look with text on top
Truth is, there’s always a new song that reminds me of Cersei or Cersei and Jaime, so I’ll tell you a few here.  Hurricane by Halsey  I Promise You by Judith Owen  Beautiful Trauma by Pink  Legends by Kelsey Ballerini Unconditionally by Katy Perry
As long as you can give me something to work with, I’m not too concerned on how many lines you write. Obviously it’ll have to be more than one or two, but you know what you’re doing.  If you’re not comfortable with mature themes, PLEASEEEE let me know that. I want you to have fun and not feel any discomfort.
Obviously I love Cersei with Jaime, and since she and Euron have an agreement to marry, him too. If you ship her with your original character, or even your cannon character, that’s ok too!
You can drop requests here, but you can also drop them in my inbox. Notifications are on most of the time, unless I’m at work or asleep ❤️
So here’s the thing. I’ll tag love interest in the center, family in the top left, friends (and allies) in the top right, enemies bottom left, and and undecided in the bottom right. 🍷🍷 Already tagged and people I’ve been role playing with for some time now. Any newcomers are welcomed too!
Name: Cersei Lannister (Baratheon)  Titles: - Queen of the Andals and the First Men (TV series) - Protector of the Realm - Lady Paramount of the Westerlands - Lady of Casterly Rock - Light of the West - Queen Dowager - Queen Regent  Personality: - Cunning - Arrogant - Passionate - Intelligent - But I’m a fucking delight.  Appearance: - Eye color: Green - Hair color: Blonde - Skin tone: Pale - Body frame: Slender, petite.  Sexual Orientation: - Heterosexual  Face Claim: - Lena Headey
"Hear me roar" #houselannister #got #bgm #bgmedellin #alannisteralwayspayshisdebts
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Power is Power 👑
Power is Power 👑
Power is Power 👑
Awhile back on Facebook I left a comment on one of @originalfunko ‘s Game Of Thrones posts about two Pops that I would like to see be made. The ones I suggested was a Lannister Soldier and a Stark Soldier. I thought since they made an Unsullied and a Harpy that these could maybe be a possibility, but idk. I would like to know some thoughts about this. #funkopop #gameofthrones #houselannister #housestark #vinylfigures