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"To fall or not to fall?...Always Fall" 🍃🍁🍂 #freefallinfaith  This pic is from the "falling in love" shelf that my son has personally designed for our home. Everyday on our school runs we go via the scenic route through the field/forest on a little treasure hunt to find natures treasures that are beautiful and FREE.  We make a conscious effort to look for the beauty/magic in the world so that I can remind him that not everything costs money.  This little tray 👆 was specifically picked, each marble stone, each perfectly polished conker But my favourite treasure was today's find because he picked the multicolored leaf and said:- "Mummy look, why pick three  different coloured leaves when we could have all the colours  in one." And just like that my son learned the value of #qualityoverquantity.  Our treasure hunt was never about how much treasure we could find, it was about learning how to have patience to find the RIGHT ones. To search and be open to finding something magical.  As adults we get older and the world beats our innocence out of us. We become cynical and jaded and champion being the bearer of bad news to other people just because misery loves company smh. From the "you know Father Christmas doesn't exist right" to the "Who even believes in real love anyway, it's a joke" to "What God? Prove it" the list is endless for how we shoot hope down EVERY DAY just to burst someone else's bubble because the little kid in us has died.  I love being around children because their minds are limitless unconditioned and harbour creativity in it's highest form.  So no, this blog is NOT for those who use the line "Yeah but let's be REALISTIC" because what that really means is, let's live within the confines of someone else's LIMITS and if the creative geniuses, inventors and game changers of the world listened to that we would not KNOW what we know today or have advanced as we have. Entrepreneurs and leaders that came before us KNEW what some of us seem to
• Untamed • running wild • running free•  Not asking for permission to speak my own truth or to discover my own reality. I'm tired of sleepwalking bound by chains of expectations. My inner child is longing to be reawakened.  Ready to be astonished by the little things again. Giving and receiving unconditional love. Unafraid of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, fast enough, cool enough.. Ready to let go of all the fear that has been building up inside of me lately and to shine again. ☀️ #positivity #innerchild #love #hope #beyourself #gratitude
Second dessert just as good as the first! Cake in a jar! Brought to you by @metalandmatch . #rainbowsprinkles #innerchild #eatdessertfirst #treatstogo #dessertstation
sometimes happiness is a feeling, sometimes it's a decision 💛 #justbehappy #smilelikeyoumeanit #smile #fall #autumn #innerchild #anetthallapphotography
A month ago, I bought this rainbow rug for my new work space. It was tempting to say to myself that it was too childish, impractical, immature. I would put it into my online cart and then remove it, but over and over, I'd go back to look at it, and each time, I would smile despite myself.  The moment I unrolled it, my heart got giggly. I grin every time I look down at my feet. I literally lay facedown on it in moments of despair (read: every time I read the news) and it makes me feel better. I swear, y'all, this carpet gives HUGS.  Who taught us that the joy of rainbows is only for childhood? Thank goodness for LGBTQ Pride, at least someone wise knew good and well that we need more rainbows and love in this world. At what point do we decide that color and delight and sparkle and giggles and snorts are no longer things we should allow our hearts to have? Who says maturity should be measured in degrees of diminishing joy and increasing cynicism and self-judgment? Why do we buy into that kind of bullshit? It IS bullshit. Time to bring back the things that make us laugh out loud with happiness, WHATEVER they are. . . .  #empathy #joy #rainbow #delight  #rug #carpet #love #child #innerchild #beyourself #findyourhappy #vulnerability #authenticity #permission #play #laugh #cheers
Good vibes dreamcatcher glasses. Turned a child's toy into a toy for my inner child! Lost them at a festival after only minutes of wearing them... Oops! Hope they're being loved out there somewhere!  #goodvibes #dreamcatcher #artsandcrafts #dork #butterfly #kandikid #uvdreads #glowbug #innerchild #lostbutnotforgotten #glassesart #myart #minnesotaartist #janeofalltrades #glowinthedark
#throwback to that time we played in the park like little kids. Such a fun memory to look back on. As an adult do you still make time to be playful? . . . . . . . #joy #love #playful #innerchild #fun #tbt #skipping #hopscotch #park #play #playtime #wellness #freahair #gooutside #park #bigkid #funtimes
Nature ❤️
Autumn isn’t too bad on days like this! 😍🍂🌞 #innerchild #autumn🍁 #happydays #keepsmiling
Me salió un chucho en mi Kinder 😂 #comprandokinder #nostalgia #innerchild
When your paintings are very personal images and you are about to display them to thousands of strangers there is a peculiar sense of trepidation.  Art you make in your own personal space you then show in a public place...a scary feeling but strangely exhilarating too... I will be exhibiting recent canvases at  Parallax Art Fair,  Chelsea Town Hall this weekend.  Come along and say hello at Gallery 6.... #artfair #artist #artblog #artlovers #artlife #artistsoninstagram #contemporaryart #fineart #artgallery #contemporarypainter #contemporaryartcurator #contemporaryartcollector #artcollector #artbuyers #artinlondon #londonartscene #londonartist #inmystudio #artistatwork  #painter #painting #acrylicpainting #myart #innerchild #personalart #intuitiveart #childhood #colour #londonart #chelseatownhall
#tfw yr at the gym with bae, look over and he’s running watching Sesame Street #innerchild #lovethisguy
When you're not even four years old yet but your hero is Kurt Cobain from Nirvana 👀 Fun fact - I was the same age that my daughter will be this Christmas, in this photo. This is also the face that I see whenever I picture my inner child. Your inner child is the echo of the child you once were. #throwback
My struggle: my inner child wants to crush this rock in my bare hand, my inner naturalist wants to leave it untouched, and my inner engineer wants to carefully reassemble it. #rock #innerchild #nature #engineer
Day 4 of the #shadowselflove challenge. Are there any shadows around love or being loved? . . . Love is the biggest part of light and also of darkness in my life. Since my childhood I try to hold my beloved ones very close. Not always on a healthy base. I always feared a lot about loosing my parents, partners and now the biggest task came up - my child. I love with every cell of my being. Unconditionally. To be faced with parting was always a withdrawal of love for me. After giving birth I had to work with this shadow because I saw that I would not serve my daughter with this behavior. I dived deep into my inner child and found a hole. A big hole of lack in selflove. Since 3 years I fill myself up with love and that is not always easy but I feel the changes and the freedom wich Come with it. And the deeper understanding  what real love is. . . . Tag 4 der #shadowselflove challenge. Es geht um das Thema Liebe. Wo liegen hier Schatten Anteile? . . . Liebe ist der größte Anteil an Licht in meinem Leben aber auch der Anteil mit der größten Dunkelheit. Seit meiner Kindheit versuche ich meine Lieben um mich herum ganz nah an mich zu binden. Nicht immer auf eine gesunde Art und Weise. Ich hatte immer große Angst meine Eltern, Partner, und jetzt die größte Aufgabe - meine Tochter zu verlieren. Eine Trennung war für mich immer ein Entzug von liebe. Ich liebe mit jeder Faser meines Seins. Bedingungslos. Nach der Geburt meiner Tochter musste ich mich mit diesem festklammer Schatten auseinander setzen, weil ich sehen konnte, das dies meiner Tochter nicht gut tun wird. Und so tauchte ich tief in mein inneres und hörte meinem inneren Kind zu. Es zeigte sich ein riesiges loch an selbstliebe. Seit 3 Jahren fülle ich mich täglich mit selbstliebe auf. Das ist nicht immer einfach aber es zeigen sich Veränderungen. Und ich fühle die Freiheit die dabei mit hoch kommt. Und verstehe so langsam was Liebe wirklich bedeutet. . . . #shadowselflove #love #innerchild #fear