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Taking a great free webinar on creating online coursed to share my experience and add value to my customer and my business. Excited to start implementing this so I can have more time freedom to be the best mom I can be! #steepedlife #momboss #mompreneur #workfromhome #iamcommitted #timefreedom #inspiringhealthyliving #entrepreneur
Spreading the word about nutrition and health at Orange Theory this morning.  #inspiringhealthyliving #fitness
PART II From my #legday this past sunday #funday 😁 👇🏻 🔹Kickbacks with resistance band. On every set, when I'm close to reaching failure, I do as many pulses as I can: short reps until my leg doesn't respond anymore👌🏻 🔹Walking Lunges & Squats with free weight (a bar in this case) I make sure I keep my knees straight and engage my core for better balance. 4 sets until failure💜 🔹The Lunge Trifecta😎 front, side and crossed back lunges using a bar. I do as many as I can for 4 sets. 🙋🏼Note: front + side + back = one rep👌🏻 . Give it a go and let the burn beginnnn🔥🔥🔥💜 . Tomorrow is leg day/cardio for me. How about you? Comment below👇🏻💃🏼 . #inspiringhealthyliving #hellojoelis #joelis ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔜12 weeks Mind-Body Transformation Program
There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. • C.S. Lewis • . . Even though 2017 has been an AMAZING journey I can’t help but be so excited for what 2018 will bring. A new year with a lot of changes ahead.😅 . .  When I think of the possibilities ahead of me I get so excited for what may come. ☺️I’m so blessed to have a life that brings me hope instead of anxiety. 💕 Training for a half marathon, 🏃🏻‍♀️seeing where athletic training will take me, 🏔building a life that helps so many people. 🌱I have a lot to be thankful for and I am so excited for what is coming. 🎉Sure change can be uncomfortable and a little scary but amazing things are coming and I cannot wait to see what happens. 🤞🏻 What are you looking most forward to in 2018? . . #graduateschool #athletictraining #bossbabe #designyourlife #newyear #newbeginnings #wellness #healthygirlgang #healthylivingrevolution #inspiringhealthyliving #wellandgood #neature #findjoy #change #adulting #roadtrip #mountains #pnw #amateurphotography #optoutside #forceofnature #powerofshe #sportsmedicine
Taking a great free webinar on creating online coursed to share my experience and add value to my customer and my business. Excited to start implementing this so I can have more time freedom to be the best mom I can be! #steepedlife #momboss #mompreneur #workfromhome #iamcommitted #timefreedom #inspiringhealthyliving #entrepreneur
Although Christmas 🎄parties and preparations are typically what consume us this time of year, if you are like me, you may also be thinking ahead (🙈and stressing a little too) of all the things you would like to do differently in 2018! If you would like to make your health a bigger priority, but aren’t sure where to start 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️, I would like to invite you join our New Year #shred10 group that’s forming now! It would be my honor to help encourage you through our process of #shredding bad health habits that aren’t serving you. Here's just some of the benefits: 🎉 FREE Cookbook 🎉 Accountability 🎉 Guidelines 🎉 Support 🎉 No Calorie Counting 🎉 Just Whole Food  Our January group is forming this week and next and it is typically the largest group of the year! If you are curious about joining us in a New Year Health Revolution comment below👇🏼👇🏼 with #newyearrevolution and I'll send you a brief informational video on the details of the Shred10 jumpstart. #takehealthyback #grabsomefriends #healthylivingrevolution #itsoktoinvestinyou #health #wellness #fitness #weightloss #vitality #shred10 #resolutions #inspiringhealthyliving #eatbetternotless #itsnotadiet
So true🙌🏻😂 Anyone else talk about food all the time with their BFF? Tag them below now❤️👌🏼⠀ ⠀ #bestfriendquotes #lovetoeat #juliachild #foodtalk #glowcation
SOUP. Hydrating and nourishing in these winter months. That's what I call #efficiencyandwellness. Onion. Garlic. Celery. Carrots. Yam. Green beans. Turmeric. Ginger. #eattherainbow
Vitamin b12 👉🏻 also called cobalamin. Water soluble. 👉🏻helps keep the body's nerve & blood cells healthy and helps make DNA (genetic material in all cells). . Important to know: This vitamin is required in smaller amounts than any other vitamin. . Animal protein such as milk, cheese, meat, fish, poultry will give you vitamin B12 but they come with undesirable "extras"🤔 such as saturated fat, cholesterol and antibiotics to name a few and not to mention the unnecessary cruelty involved.🤷🏼 So that's why people who follow a plant based diet should consider these options: 🔹Eat fortified foods 2 or 3 times a day to get at least 2 micrograms (mcg) a day. Example: if a fortified plant milk contains 1 mcg per serving then consume 3 servings a day. 🔹or take one B12 supp daily providing at least 10 mcg 🔹or take a weekly B12 supp providing at least 2000 mcg. . Personally, I prefer to take my daily supplement than getting it from a source that will raise my cholesterol and cause undeniable damage later on🤷🏼 those are my✌🏻 cents people. You know I'll always share new information and give you options/ideas so you can make your own decisions🙏🏻 Happy thursday!😘 . #inspiringhealthyliving #hellojoelis #joelis ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🔜12 weeks Mind-Body Transformation Program
Someone’s excited about their lunch..... 🌶🥒🥦🐟
The Complete Juice Plus+ Vegetable soup ticks all boxes when it comes to a healthy nutritional snack on these cold autumn days 🍜 🍂 #inspiringhealthyliving ☑️ Vegetarian ☑️ Gluten Free ☑️ Omega 3 Fatty Acids ☑️ Without Preservatives ☑️ 3.6g Fat ☑️ 4.9g Fibre ☑️ 19.1g Protein ☑️ One sachet replaces one meal
Back home for quick lunch 🍴👩🏻‍🍳 Avocado 🥑  Tomato 🍅  Cucumber 🥒  Tuna fish 🐟  Goat cheese 🐐  #oceanwavesteam #followme  #healthyeating  #lunchtime  #inspiringhealthyliving #avocado #salad #food #healthy #yummy #picoftheday #italianwoman
Flüssiges Schokii Glück 😍👌🏽 Während des Staus einfach in Ruhe Hintern Steuer frühstücken, früher wäre ich einfach schnell ohne #frühstück aus dem Haus geflitzt. Heute für mich undenkbar geworden. 😁👌🏽 #perfektebasis #inspiringhealthyliving #complete #healthy #healthyliving #basisversorgung #läuft #gesund #fit #fitness #fitmom #momslife #loveyourbody #loveyourself #loveit #liveit #mindset #positive #jp #schokolade #vanille #shake #frühstück #2go
Stunning sunset last night 😅MISSION POSSIBLE by 🦏 ✅ Here to add value✅ ⬇️REDUCE THE RISK TODAY ⬇️FLAB ⬇️Blood Pressure ⬇️Type 2 Diabetes ⬇️Cholesterol ⬇️Stress ✅Better Sleep 💤 ✅Better Mood ✅ Kill Your Bills ✅Travel More ✅ Give Back ✅ No CARROT🥕 Hugging ✔️Try the MP Challenge  10 /10 /10 😉  Today From Home for FREE✔️ Inbox me for more details! #mp #iamrhino #jrp #f4  #realfood #personaljourney #nocarrothugging #keepitreal  #inspiringhealthyliving #family #healthymindandbody #fruits #berries #vegetables #skincare #bridgethegap #nutrition #hair #nails #weightloss #weightgain #musclegain #mission #postbabymotivation #protein #preworkout #happy  #glutenfree #dairyfree #wheatfree
Started off the day right with breakfast in bed (cup of coffee, porridge and 2 scoops of @juiceplus_uk vanilla for the nutritionists amongst you). Despite covering an unremarkable but respectable 35.7km, today was a pretty good day, the 12th hour wasn’t quite as heinous as usual - don’t get me wrong it was still a horrific affair but acceptably so.  After I fired off the blog last night I got about my final bag of rations. I divided the 50 days into 3 bags before I left and it was time to sort out the final 20 days, I’m splitting 3 extra days worth of rations over my next week to help up my calorie intake. This turned out to be a very dangerous decision, I had bags full of unwrapped chocolate, biltong, sweets and nuts everywhere. It was like watching a vampire try and perform open heart surgery. I was doing my best just to breath only through my mouth because one whiff of @milka_dach and I was going to wake up in a sugar induced coma surrounded by nothing but wrappers. An hour later and there were only 3 casualties thankfully, a piece of biltong, one chocolate chip @juiceplus_uk bar and a @haribo.....ok, 5 Haribo but they were tiny and had it coming to them.  I woke up randomly early this morning at 0530, I had a bit of extra time so thought I’d use a couple of my satphone minutes to check in with my Nan (second picture, she’s the one on the right) and make sure she was staying out of trouble. Now, my grandmother isn’t the most technologically gifted in the world and I knew the delay of the satphone was going to throw her but hoped I could get at least a hello across. In short - it was chaos, “oh this blasted thing, I do wish you could hear me.....crrrrrrr.....blast it....crrrrr....Scotty?....crrrrr” The last thing I could faintly make out before we said goodbye was something about making sure “I wear a hat” which just goes to show, you can survive a month alone in Antarctica but your Nan will still tell you to make sure you wrap up warm. . . .
When you are on your way to your 15th year of Christmas 🎄 Parties for the same company and you get asked if you have a Young Person’s Railcard 🚊😁Big smiles all round!! Is it the short hair 💇‍♀️or could it be all that healthy living? 😜🍏Either way it made my day!!
Good Morning 🌞❤️ Hast du schon deine Leidenschaft gefunden , etwas was dich so sehr begeistert?  Wenn nicht, dann wird es jetzt Zeit!  Du willst eine Veränderung in deinem Leben? Dann trau dich und schreib mir einfach ☺️ #itsallaboutpassion #inspiringhealthyliving #moveisalifestyle
Friends are the Angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly 🦋 . Our relationship started off as me as the Client and you as the PT and then grew to Business and Friendship 💜 . She's my go to, the one that keeps me grounded, believes in me, vibes with me and hustles with me. The Universe heard my calling and blessed me when our paths connected 🙌🏼✨ . 2018 is the year we are going to bring it!! We got this and there is no other person I'd rather be with on this journey to creating our Dream life with @ericaprescott 😍💃🏻💃🏻💕