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Sitting in the airport, first trip since Tom was born - I am going to miss these two so much, but I am excited for the Kalahari. Will share updates as I go on Instagram Stories, going to a remote destination that is teeming with wildlife!
The last decade has seen poaching brutality against rhinos rise so sharply, that it is feared that they will be culled to extinction in the near future.  With regards to the Kruger National Park (KNP) in South Africa, where this image was taken, a total of 243 rhino carcases were found between January and the end of June 2017. This is compared to 354 in the same period in 2016. This represents a decrease of 34%. This is misleading though and a hollow victory because if we look at South Africa as a whole the picture is still bleak. Due to tighter security in the KNP, we have seen a huge increase in rhino poaching in areas like Kwazulu Natal. Private rhino owners and smaller parks outside of Kruger suffered more in 2017, where the onslaught seems to only increase.
Heading on safari tomorrow to a very diverse wilderness areas. This was taken on a memorable safaris in the Okavango Delta - playing with an orphaned elephant. As you can see, I am having the best time with him. Stronger than you would realise! @wearewilderness
Bravo Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 ZIMBABWE BANS TRADE IN LIVE ELEPHANTS AND ENDANGERED ANIMALS  On the heels of his predecessor, President Mnangagwa is acting forcefully on behalf of Zimbabwe's natural, national heritage.  We look forward to visionary leadership. Story from DailyNews.co.zw #unitethefight #supportafricasrangers #conservation #africa #whenthebuyingstopsthekillingwilltoo #ivoryfree
The Chinese government's ban on its domestic ivory trade sends a message to the general public in China that the life of elephants is more important than the ivory carving culture.  @elephant.__.lover @barnfly @the_explorers_club @richardwiese @elephantfanworld #richardwiese #ivorybelongstoelephants #ivoryfree #chinabansivorytrade #wgbh
More footage of lions from our last trip up to the Serengeti working on the @edgeofexistencefilm. We head back up to this area next month.  There are no fences between these wilderness areas and the villages that border the reserve - increasing the number of human wildlife conflict incidents with lion, elephant, hyena and leopard to name a few. Follow our journey at the @edgeofexistencefilm to learn more about human-wildlife conflict and to keep updated with the release of this film.  @blackbeanproductions @oli_caldow @sam_thegirl @sachaspex @naudewashere @gdkingwill @_keenanferguson_
The plans for our next long adventure have begun, and this time we will be three! This is @jamessuter exploring Twyfelfontein in Nam.
When a rhino is orphaned...it is left scared and alone, often next to the body of its mother. These animals stay by their mother’s side for two to three years - this is crucial for their survival - not just to feed.  This means that often when a rhino is poached for its horn, two generations are lost. Devastating.  Thanks to @hesc_endangeredspeciescentre and the rhinos they have rescued and rehabilitated into the wild.  This is baby Balu who @sam_thegirl and I spent the day with. So little and so vulnerable.  @rhinosinafrica
More East African elephants. Worth fighting for?
Incredible lion sightings filmed during our last month stint up in the Serengeti. Captured beautifully by @oli_caldow for the @edgeofexistencefilm
We love leopards, every sighting of them so unique - such beautiful cats in every way.  Captured by @oli_caldow in the Serengeti.
While on location filming our documentary the @edgeofexistencefilm - we have been privileged to have some amazing wildlife sightings, and capture so many of these moments on film. Here is some of the lion footage captured by @oli_caldow. It often feels surreal when we are in these areas - to see these animals in the wild - a whole different world that I encourage you to experience if you are able to!  @sam_thegirl @blackbeanproductions
regram @wildaid #elephantnews - #ivory seizure worth half a million dollars seized at Bangkok airport. @runeerdal captures this beautiful #tusker #tuskerthursday #saynotoivory #ivoryfree
#elephantnews - #ivory seizure worth half a million dollars seized at Bangkok airport. @runeerdal captures this beautiful #tusker #tuskerthursday #saynotoivory #ivoryfree
Amboseli has been hit hard by poaching. This is a magnificent lone bull elephant I had a sighting of whilst there. An amazing landscape to see these animals in, thanks to the efforts of @biglifeafrica and others - measures have been put in place to reduce this poaching but it continues to be a challenge. Visit @biglifeafrica to get involved and help.
One of the best parts about what I do is meeting incredible people from all walks of life. The Masai - such vibrant people in every way. The bright colours they wear, amongst the neutral tones of the bush - an incredible sight to behold.
Save the elephants poaching steals from us all #jointheheard🐘🐘 #wildaid #ivoryfree @wildaid @vanessamdee @Africawildlifefoundation @lupitanyongo @millardayo @wemasepetu @dianaflave
One minute of a short film we put together with behind-the-scenes moments from 2017. To watch it all click on the link in our bio.  It was another incredible year - filled with new challenges and adventures, and most important for us - filled with time spent exploring new places, and fostering important relationships - doing work with purpose. We met so many amazing individuals that inspired us through their work, their passion and the way they live life.  Thanks to all that hosted us, inspired us, taught us new things and joined us on this awesome journey.  2018 - we are coming for you! 😊
Sunrise in the villages that border the Serengeti, Tanzania. Photo by @jamessuter