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#iwd celebrations 2017 Be Bold for Change
G O O D FIRST WEEK FOR #bandosupreme πŸ˜‡πŸŽˆS/o ICEWATER #iwd #igm 🌐 L I N K I N B I O
Our VIP Sunset Cruise is coming up very soon! Enjoy a glass of bubbles, nibbles and mingling with lovely, like-minded women. Meet other movers & shakers! Limited tickets on sale now at: https://register.canbook.me/sunset-cruise-oct17 @Noosa River & Canal Cruises for donating the ‘SS WINDO’ for the event. #windo #windosisters #evolvingwoman #iwd #noosacanalrivercruise
“…for me there lies, Within the lights and shadows of your eyes, The only beauty that is never old.” —James Weldon Johnson  I arrived home from Haiti late last night and, after a few hours of sleep, jumped back into "normal" life--making lunches and getting kids off to school, doing laundry and paying bills, editing articles and answering emails. But as much as I've missed my family and feel so happy to be back, my mind is filled with thoughts of this past week in Haiti.  It will take weeks for me to go through the hundreds of photos I took and even longer to process the emotions and ideas and hopes I brought home with me. Each photo I edit elicits an emotion or triggers a reminder. Looking at this sweet child, for example, I am struck again by the sweetness of her quiet spirit, the directness of her gaze, and the evidence of a strength and resilience no child should ever need to possess. This is what life in Haiti requires of her, yet it is my hope that that same strength and resilience will, with love and prayers and the right kind of assistance, help lift her above the circumstances of her birth.  More photos and stories to come in the days ahead. I hope you’ll follow along...
They could buy a new car for that amount.β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Sanitary items are still taxed at 10%. The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.β €
"It is okay to sell what'sβ €β € between a woman's legsβ €β € more than it's okay toβ €β € mention it's inner workings"β €β € – Rupi Kaurβ €β € β €β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.β €β €
"As a bloke, I'd like shaving cream exempt, but I'm not expecting it to be" — Australian health minister, Michael Wooldridge, opposing an amendment that would prevent menstrual products from being taxed in 2000.β € β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.β €
Angry women will change the world.β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
No matter your gender, the tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Fuck the patriarchy.  The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Anything you can do, we can do bleeding.  The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Period items are not counted as health items under Australian GST exemptions. The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Ideally, they'd be free.β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Girls just want to have fundamental rights.β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
Ever since the GST was introduced in 2000.β € The tampon tax is a #bloodydisgrace.
And so say all of us πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ˜‚ πŸ“·@celebrationsbypenelope  #iwd #irishweddingdiary #wed #weddingdiary #irishwedding #weddingday #weddinglife #everythingweddings #brides #marry #mariage #married #marriedlife #marriedbliss #loveweddings #irishbride