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Part 2: Asha Nair - Love & Health . Nicole and I love working in fashion and ecommerce. We also love to partake in philanthropy. I work with the Alameda Justice System and Nicole works with the Women’s Education and Leadership League in Modesto. We wanted to come up with a ‘fashionable’ way for programs like these to receive more support. We also get to work together and be creative, which is something we both love to do. . . One of my challenges is I have lived with endometriosis for 27 years and have dedicated my life to supporting women dealing with the disease. With the support of my family and friends, I overcame the initial miss-diagnosis. I shared about my experience on our blog: https://coleandash.com/blogs/news/endomarch-a-movement-to-change-women-s-lives-around-the-globe  I advocate to helping women and their families and that has become my mission as a social entrepreneur.
Day 19!  Milena Milicevic is a @oneyoungworld #ambassador from #serbia and the founder of the INAT Centre and the INAT Summit. #inat exists to develop IT skills and competencies of young people for the global economy. This year’s summit will be held from the 20th to the 23rd of April in #belgrade.  Still early in her career, Milena has been recognised for her work by three governments and international bodies: The Fund for Young Talents, The Ministry of Youth and Sport of Serbia; DAAD and the German Parliament; as well as Cambridge International Trust and PEXIM Foundation. She also led Belgrade bid for One Young World 2017/2018.  On #iwd Milena said, ‘ever since I could remember I was surrounded by strong diligent women and hard-working men in my environment. Very early I learned from my family that there are no shortcuts to success and that devoted work full of integrity, not only gives purpose to our lives, but it also enables us to make much better choices, to express ourselves and to live life on our own terms.’ ‘For my peers born in the #balkans in the late 80s, we had to grow up quickly. We saw former #yugoslavia disintegrate, we saw families fall apart as thousands of adults and children became #refugees, #orphans or impoverished; and we saw our parents working triple jobs to get by and provide the essentials.’ ‘Women have come a long way from winning the voting rights to receiving education and becoming emancipated about their rights to give birth, form a family, choose a spouse and build their careers unapologetically. One of the legacies for the INAT Summit is that we will create mentorship opportunities for young women that want to excel on all frontiers. Not only because 50% of our team members and visitors are women, but also because we know that women are capable of anything they wish to accomplish. Many of our headline speakers at the summit are women too.’ #iwd2017 #beboldforchange #heforshe #goal5 #impossibletoignore
Mary Shelley made by @pantovola.art for the Women's Day project: #beboldmakedolls • • "I chose to create a Mary Shelley doll not only because I have been fascinated by her life story and the fact that she was only 19 when she wrote one of the most famous novels ever.. I also felt it was interesting because of the circumstances she wrote this work of genius in.. It was during the year without summer, which some of you may be familiar with. In fact, it was not just one year without summer, but three years of global climate chaos.. It was in 1815 that a massive vulcano had erupted in Indonesia, which spat out so much stuff into the atmosphere that it caused the weather to abruptly change.. the sun could hardly get through the ashes stuck in the atmosphere and people all over the world experienced years of extremely cold weather, darkness, snow in 'summer', failing crops, hunger and so on. And Europe had only just battled through Napoleon times... In 1816, when Mary Shelley and some of her friends (among them Byron and Percy) took off to the Swiss lakes to enjoy a holidays, they were forced to stay indoors due to the extremely bad weather. They then decided to write ghost stories instead, and voila, Frankenstein's monster was born... In some ways, the grim circumstances were partly responsible for this amazing story to be written... To sum up...I believe that every generation lives through their own upheaval and doom and gloom of their own time. But art has always prevailed, has always been made, will be remembered and still be made tomorrow to be remembered by generations to come! No matter the circumstances we may be in , the fears and doubts our generation faces... art is always a winner."
How cool is this customized #changetheratio Hackbright lego gifted to a mentor by a student 😻
Grateful for the opportunity to perform today at #ponggul CC International Women's Day concert #iwd2017  Thank you to my band leader @alpsjs for organising this! Happy to chill with so many friends passionate about music & photography. #keyboardist
#beboldforchange! To learn about @statedept's initiatives to #empowerwomen around the 🌏, visit: www.state.gov/s/gwi #usembassyisb #iwd2017
Tanah Kami Subur Tuhan… Di Negeri Permai Ini… Berjuta Rakyat Bersimbah Luka… Anak Kurus Tak Sekolah… Pemuda Desa Tak Kerja… Mereka Dirampas Haknya… Tergusur dan Lapar… Bunda Relakan Darah Juang Kami… Untuk Membebaskan Rakyat… . . . . . . . . . . Beribu kali turun aksi, bagi kami suatu langkah pasti! #instapic #like4like #vscocam #marginal #iwd2017 #peoplepower
Emma Redeye of @MuayThaiNiagaraMMA seals the ring counterclockwise wearing the sacred #mongkol, opposite her her opponent. It's believed that a benevolent #spirit resides in each ring, and the sealing ritual is an offering to that spirit. Photo @paul_mclean_ . #shefights #beboldforchange #iwd2017 #unite #shespars #backforwardkick #wearemuaythai #fightlikeagirl #muaythaiontario #muaythai
. احیای مجدد عظمت آمریکا. "Make America Great Again". (doesnt have the art part, that worked so hard on. ill make my own tshirts soon. sadface) the tshirt project, w my calligraphy. $ goes to ACLU it's unironic cz we are taking back our identities as american-iranian/syrian/libyan/somali/yemeni/sudanese. a great america includes the america trump's shitting his pants abt. hope has diapers. or not . . . #womensmarch #adaywithoutwomen #nyc #politicalart #politicalcalligraphy #persiancalligraphy #calligraphy #iranianamerican #iranian #calligraphyart #arttherapy #farsicalligraphy #farsi #resist #resistence #خطاطی #nastaliq  #protest #resisttrump #march #punchanazi #iwd2017 #nobannowall #muslimban #nobannowallnoraids #iceraids
#shoutout to TheLab805 (@thelab805 )) will be stopping by for today's open mic! Be sure to come by and grab some merch from them!! Join us today for our monthly open mic series from 3pm - 5pm in honor of Women's International Month! #stickers #stickerslab #thelab805 #feedbacksunday #openmicla #openmiclosangeles #poeticjustice #poeticjustice #livemusic #iwd2017 #internationalwomensmonth #poetsofinstagram #stickersofinstagram #stickergamestrong #losangeles #ktownmusic
DAY 26: WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH - WELosAltos Shares Her Story . Part 1: Asha Nair, Co-founder/CEO, Cole + Ash . Cole + Ash started in November 2016. It is an online boutique that supports the “Women Helping Women” movement where portion of your purchase is donated to women focused charities and programs. The name Cole + Ash was started by close friends that happen to be neighbors too! Nicole Ruccolo “Cole” is a fashion tech business owner and does the buying and content creation. Asha Nair is “Ash” and manages the business partnerships and day-to-day operations. . . This is not my first business, I also own Stanford Motor Inn and am partners with my mother’s event planning business, Pushbanjali, where we plan and coordinate Indian inspired weddings. I essentially was raised into entrepreneurship and now am focused on social causes. Inspired by my parents, Kamal and Raj, who are themselves successful entrepreneurs. After 18 years of doing philanthropy in tandem with these businesses, I created Cole + Ash as an opportunity for people ‘to give back’ by supporting nonprofits that are inspiring and empowering women and their families, assisting the underprivileged, and inspiring them to make positive changes in their lives. . www.Coleandash.com . Follow us throughout the day as we share more about Asha and others in March.
Sunday morning. | Repost: @claudiadeytona ... • Claudia Dey is a novelist and the co-founder of @horsesatelier. She designs stunning pieces using ridiculously beautiful fabrics. I love her work! I want one of everything. • She's contributed to my W.O.W (Way Out Women) Collaborative Mixtape vol. III - Blood, No Blood. • Link in bio. • Her kick ass picks: Patti Smith, 'Everybody Hurts' Michael Jackson, 'Billie Jean'  #wowmixtapeseries #iwd2017
Today's superheroine is the Giver. She is a champion of charity but not in a self-righteous way. She helps others because she knows it is right and she is able to do it. Rather than giving money, she gives her time. She makes food with her own hands to feed the hungry. She cover people who are cold with blankets. She takes in those who need shelter. When the Giver needs times to recharge, she retreats for a bit and then goes out again to help others with a renewed sense of energy. - Christine Stoddard --- #womenshistorymonth #wmnhist #superheroines #superwomen #womensmarch #beboldforchange #iwd #iwd2017 #feminism #fashion #ootd #fashionillustration #fashiondesign #nurture #giver #thirdworld
Yesterday I was lucky enough to lend a male voice and perspective as a part of this excellent Panel Discussion on The Psychology of Wellness at Yes She Can's first annual Women In Wellness Conference. Aside from yours truly, the panel consisted of: Dr. Oraine Ramoo - Women's Counselling Psychologist, Dr. Sandi Arthur- MBBS (Hons Mrs) DM. Family Medicine, Taryn Phillip- Registered Dietician, and was moderated by Ms. Yvonne Lewis from the Ministry of Health. A great discussion and a fantastic morning of presentations and speeches. I am so grateful to @yesshecanproject for including me. #womeninwellness #buildingourwomen #strengtheningoursociety #iwd2017 #beboldforchange #strengthcoachlife #educatingthemasses #lovewhatido #motivationalspeaker #inspiration #motivation #education #fitness #training #takenodaysoff
Pharrell gives us a preview of the Adidas Nmd "Human Race" Colourways