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Es tan linda *-* . . . . #blackpink #jenniekim #jisookim #lalisamanoban #parkchaeyoung #roseblackpink #blinks
Jennie 🌝❀ . . . .  #blackpink #jenniekim #jisookim #lalisamanoban #roseblackpink #parkchaeyoung #blinks
her hair is seriously everything. i am in love. — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
i love kim jennie with my whole heart, is there anything softer than he cuteness, oh fuck no. — [200117] BLACKPINK HOUSE EP 3-4 @ BLACKPINK OFFICIAL YOUTUBE.
Soooooo~ prettyπŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ’ž > #jisoo  #kimjisoo  #jisooblackpink  #jisookim  #blackpinkjisoo  #blackpink
lisa's wish of taking her members to thailand finally came true, you do not know how happy i am right now. i love them. — [200117] JISOO V-LIVE CH+ OT4 UPDATE
can we just- look at the height difference between jisoo and lisa, they're so cute i wanna squish them :') — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
don’t even ask, ik it turned out bad  tag list πŸ’ @jendeukiyg @roseesmilee @kgirlgrovps @_kpopiseverything_ @unofficialblackpink_ @slayjennie.bp @pastachaengs @smolblinks.ent @lalisainyourarea_ @blackpyg @blackpinkyq @blinkackp @jenniekkim @rosesarms @the_seoul_of_kpop @heartsforchimchim @heartsfortaehyungie @poemsforchaeng @lisablackpinkig @lunielmuel @bts.blackpinkworld @rose._yg @chickin.jisoo @roseanne_park__ @rosebiased @blackpinkiah @cml.kookie @blinke9 @blackpinkeus @jk.vxjimin @jungkook.aw @jeondabbing @jjkheartss @jenlisa.aw @lisaapikachu @adorablejisoo
can i please be that straw?! :') wtf jisoo, you're making me want to be a straw how could you? — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
everyone, i have an announcement to make which a lot of people already know but i declare kim jennie as the softest baby bear girl to ever exist. πŸ˜ͺπŸ’ — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
why is she so precious, my heart is aching so badly. j- jichurin, what are you doing to me, why you attacking me? — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
that pout was seriously the cutest thing i've ever seen in my whole life, lisa why attack? i'm so excited for the next blackpink house episode ahhh — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT
okay but roseanne's airport style is to die for, she looks like a full goddess i'm in love. i need that coat in my life. 😫❀️ — [200117] BLACKPINK @ GMP AIRPORT