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🎬 ● Kong: Skull Island ● 金剛:骷髏島  故事和以往任何一部金剛電影都不同,背景設定在70年代,加人了冷戰和越戰等政治議題,為電影加分不少。視覺效果出色,混音和聲音剪輯都處理得很好。整體節奏控制得當,驚悚、刺激,還融合了黑色喜劇的元素。比較著重刻畫人類角色,雖然沒有一個角色的塑造是深刻立體的。對金剛的心裡刻畫較弱,但每次出場都霸氣凌人。 My Rating - ★★★★ #kongskullisland #kingkong #skullisland #kongisking #tomhiddleston #samuelljackson #brielarson #johncreilly #johngoodman #thomasmann #tobykebbell #godzilla #景甜 #金剛骷髏島 #金剛 #骷髏島 #2017
Before everyone starts complaining that too many universes are connecting like Marvel, DC and now the Monsterverse; Don't forget, the new Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise coming out this summer is uniting all the Universal classic horror movie monsters (Dracula, Wolf man, Frankenstein, Mummy, etc) for an expanded universe. Kong: Skull Island is the second chapter of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' expanded Monsterverse following the spectacular 2014 reboot of Godzilla. It's 1973, a few scientists from Monarch (the same Monarch from Godzilla) and some military men fresh off of the Vietnam War discover of the existence of Skull Island and decide to explore with the support of a war photographer and a tracker only to realize that the island is home to Kong and some other ferocious monsters. Now they are in a game of survival to try to escape the Island while fighting off the monsters. I loved the cast of this movie. We have Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Thomas Mann, Toby Kebbell, John C. Reilly and Shea Whigham. I had an extreme amount of fun with this movie. Sure some lines and jokes don't work and the characters aren't developed like Peter Jackson's "legendary" remake of King Kong from 12 years ago but it worked really well for me. And Kong? He's fucking BIG and BADASS. Although I still choose Godzilla over Kong because I'm a die hard Godzilla fan for life but this is my favorite King Kong movie ever made (fuck that King Kong vs Godzilla movie from the 50s, that shit sucked) and can't wait for him to fight Godzilla again. My complaints are that some characters died that I wish didnt. Overall, spectacular take on Kong. Kong: Skull Island receives 4.5 out of 5 stars. Stay all the way through the credits for a scene that was expected but still made me geek out, gush and happy -- especially me. #kongskullisland #tomhiddleston #samuelljackson #brielarson #johngoodman #tobykebbell #thomasmann #johncreilly #sheawhigham #godzilla
Kong: Skull Island. Finally got a chance to see this movie and it was pretty great,  I think it's a awesome way to intertwine & introduce this kaiju universe and personally I think one of the better popcorn movies in a long time.  #kongskullisland #kingkong #kaiju #godzilla #johncreilly #tomhiddleston #brielarson #samuelljackson #moviereview
Big Shrout out to cool guy spookster @micron_onpaper for spooking his dang doggies on National Pruppy Day, Great Job! Get those Spagett cutout submissions in by Monday for a chance to win a @braincircusapparel 'Why So Spooked' or 'Spooked Ya' Tee/Tank! For your spooky cutout👍🍝👻🍝👻 #spookedya #whysospooked #spagett #nationalpuppyday  #braincircusapparel
Watching one of my favorite movies Chicago and thought this was pretty. I love the nightlights of big cities 🏢💗 - -- --- [Tags: #chicago #musicals #nightlife #newyorkcity #miramax #reneezellweger #catherinezetajones #richardgere #johncreilly #queenlatifah #broadway]
In honor of National Pruppy day, here is the cutest pruppy ever, Eric's little rascal!Tag a dungal who needz a rascal of their own, for your new pet👍🐺 #nationalpuppyday #rascal #beautifulbroy #cute #pet  #whysospooked @braincircusapparel
Kong: Skull Island movie review  Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, John C. Reilly, Corey Hawkins, Jing Tian, Toby Kebbell and Jason Mitchell Plot: A group of people of varying occupations go on an expedition into an uncharted land known as Skull Island. There, they find it being inhabited by all sorts of monsters and one giant ape, Kong. "This is his home, we're just guests. But you don't go into someone's house and start dropping bombs, unless you're picking a fight." Review:  So, the MonsterVerse officially kicks off with Kong: Skull Island. To be honest, this cinematic universe revolving giant monsters and Kaijus isn't a bad idea because, believe me, I've heard worst (making a universe around one character is the dumbest thing you could do, Sony). Unsurprisingly, I was pretty excited for this, plus the 2005 Peter Jackson's King Kong was one of my favorite childhood movies; and, I'm glad that I left the theatre all excited and giddy. Definitely, one of the best aspects of this movie was definitely the creature design and the CGI that brought them to life. Kong looked really badass and I loved that they put more exquisite, refined details like the scars to show a more weary and more battle-hardened Kong; some of the island's less docile creatures also looked great and they really brought out the imaginative side of the filmmakers. The visuals were also impeccable and I don't just mean the CGI; the cinematography was equally praise-worthy as there were a lot of beautiful shots like the one where we see Kong for the first time in all his glory. That was just magnificent, plus the nice blending of red, yellow and orange really set the tone for this movie. Vogt-Roberts said he was inspired by movies set in the Vietnam War, primarily Apocalypse Now, and it really shows. From the setting to Samuel L. Jackson's character to the color palette, Kong: Skull Island really felt like a movie that was set in the