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In a year where all comic book adaptations were at least good (Okay, I’m not counting Inhumans, I’m pretending it doesn’t exist like any Alien sequel after Aliens) with a couple of excellent ones in the mix, it’s definitely hard to stand out. However, PUNISHER manages to stand out as one of my favorite productions of the year, hands down. Although that wasn’t exactly my first impression, as the show started off too slowly for a show about a gun-toting, bloodthirsty antihero. But you will be rewarded for your patience. The Punisher is an envelope pushing series for the MCU, psychologically complex, beautifully shot, brutally violent and surprisingly emotional, approaching several controversial themes such as gun control and PTSD in military veterans. Yeah, I would like to see a lot more of Frank going against the mob as well, but the show is bold enough to go beyond that. It's a fascinating story exploring military trauma.  Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle is a perfect fit. Castle is a broken man still fighting a war, full of psychological complexity behind his no-holds-barred brutality and he nailed it. He's perfect for the part whether is showing him as a loving father or the killing machine he becomes.  Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page is the sunshine brightening up this darker corner of the MCU. She's wonderful and 100% heart, and thanks to her chemistry with Bernthal, we are rewarded with some wonderfully emotional moments. Micro is a pretty good sidekick with an interesting background (although, damn you Hollywood, why couldn't he be fat?), and Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah) is a compelling character and a great addition to the MCU. The show also gets right something that most comic movies don't. The villain. The season is an origin story for Billy Russo (Ben Barnes), and how he became a popular Marvel villain. If you're familiar with the comics, you know how it's going to end, but the journey is fantastic and Barnes is brilliant here. It's right behind
I feel bad for Turk. Man can't ever catch a break. Lol  What was your favorite moment in @thepunisher?  #frankcastle #petecastillioni #dinahmidani #agentorange #daredevil #karenpage #peterparker #elektranatchios #dannyrand #nickfury #natasharominoff #captainsteverogers
!!! THE PUNISHER SPOILERS !!! woo woo × echos - silhouettes [edited] also if u have animal crossing pocket camp, add me my ID is 09199546253 cool cool cool
Voglio piangere tanto #frankcastle #karenpage #thepunisher #s1 #jonbernthal #deborahannwoll @jonnybernthal @deborah_annwoll @thepunisher
Jon and Deborah Smiling Behind the Scenes of The Punisher and I Love this Picture 歹#jonbernthal #deborahannwoll #karenpage #frankcastle #frankxkaren #frankandkaren #kastle #thepunisherseries #thepunisher #thepunishernetflix #netflix #marvel #behindthescenes #season1 #episode2 #1x2 #picture #myedit
i literally binged the entire season w my brother in less than a day. all i did was talk bout how much i love frank and karen. so bitter they didn't kiss #bavskastle #bavsthepunisher #bavsdaredevil [cr: aethopia]
Jus completed #thepunisher #jonbernthal is frank castle. Period. he was so dedicated n he lived as the punisher  ! How the main character elevates the mixed bag of emotions is absolutely stunning. Most gruesome marvel-tv yet surpassing #daredevil #netflix supporting characters did a wonderful job too ( spcly The climax fight, #benbarnes vs #jonbernthal ) 5/5 from me , as it as everything we wisher for ! #karenpage #wilsonfisk #jessicajones #lukecage #infinitywar
 #mattmurdock #karenpage #daredevil #marvel
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