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The Heart and Soul Workbook is an incredible gift for that woman in your life who is diving into her self love. It is packed full of meaning and insight, breathing exercises, affirmations and reflection questions for deeper self expression.⠀ ⠀ If you've got that soul sister who is a bit more private in her expansion of spirit, this is a workbook that will continue giving long after the holidays are over.⠀ ⠀ I have many clients who work hand in hand during their coaching journey using this workbook. They have gifted this to their friends and are working alongside of them during the start of the new year. ⠀ ⠀ Perhaps this is your gift to yourself and to a friend who is craving a gift of depth, awareness, compassion and acceptance. ⠀ ⠀ It's time we start gifting ourselves the real, true gifts. Beyond the knick knacks and the trinkets. Give the gift of creating more meaning, more flow, more confidence and radical self love. These gifts are truly priceless.⠀ ⠀ Workbooks ship in 1 day to AZ residents, 3 day shipping for all other states. Just in time to tuck under the tree or send off to a friend. The workbooks are wrapped in crisp tissue paper and come with a note- if gifting to a friend and would like to ship directly to them- please fill out their shipping address. I will write the note directly to the person being shipped the workbook. ⠀ ⠀ Happy gifting, sweet friends. ⠀
I love new life. Another chance to experience this beautiful thing called existence. Sending peace, love and blessings to all the new mommy’s. ___________________________________________ #aura #chakras #kundalini #yoga #meditate #meditation  #higherawakening #highervibes #paradigmshift #pinealgland #ageofaquarius #consciousness #4biddenknowledge  #spirituality #knowthyself  #therainbowtribe #rainbowwarriors #spiritualawakening #spiritualrevolution #revolutionofconsciousness #familyoflight #loveandlight #numerology #transformation
My animal totem. I work hard to play hard. If you’d like to know your animal totem contact me through email. I practice numerology, tarot and other readings through donations. Let me help you be one step closer to knowing your higher self. ___________________________________________ #aura #chakras #kundalini #yoga #meditate #meditation  #higherawakening #highervibes #paradigmshift #pinealgland #ageofaquarius #consciousness #4biddenknowledge  #spirituality #knowthyself  #therainbowtribe #rainbowwarriors #spiritualawakening #spiritualrevolution #revolutionofconsciousness #familyoflight #loveandlight #numerology #transformation
SEGUNDO CHAKRA: Svadhistana o Chakra Sacro.  El Chakra que se conecta con las emociones, con lo más profundo de nuestro ser. El elemento es el agua y el ruido el océano. Persona sentimentales, pasionales y profundas suelen tener mucha energía concentrada en este Chakra. El tema es cuando está inarmónico, qué hacer con tantas emociones que se desbordan?  El Svadhistana es responsable por desarrollar la creatividad, la expresión emocional y la sexualidad. Se conecta con la energía del AMOR PROPIO y la AUTO ESTIMA.  Glándulas correspondientes: órganos sexuales, ovarios, próstata, regulación del ciclo femenino.  CHAKRA INARMÓNICO: La disfunción de este Chakra frecuentemente empieza en la pubertad. Las fuerzas sexuales provocan inseguridad o vergüenza, debido a que los padres y los educadores raramente están en condiciones de enseñar un manejo correcto de estas energías. Con la pérdida de la ingenuidad y la inocencia, pierdes también la franqueza para expresarte a nivel emocional y guardas tus emociones haciéndote daño en primer instancia a tu persona. Al estar inarmónico se experimenta: inestabilidad emocional, bloqueos creativos, miedo al cambio, disfunción sexual, depresión, adicciones, necesidad de controlar, etc.  La CULPA es una emoción negativa que se aloja en este Chakra y lo desequilibra por completo.  CHAKRA ARMÓNICO: Somos naturales con los demás, tenemos sentimientos genuinos y saludables por los demás (no sentimos celos, ni envidia y desconfianza), tenemos acciones originales, creativas y expresivas. No nos bloqueamos por miedo o culpa. Nos dejamos fluir, nos mostramos tal cual somos y compartimos con el mundo nuestra esencia.  Al estar armónico, se siente entusiasmo por la vida y que todo fluye naturalmente.  El 12 de enero de 2018, VIERNES, de 19h a 21h, hacemos el encuentro terapéutico de ARMONIZACIÓN del CHAKRA SACRO! Si no podés concurrir a los 8 encuentros que dura todo el verano, te damos la posibilidad de que te
We left the family mountain at 3pm, boarding the plane 2 hours later. 5 hours more, the plane left the runway. Engines thawed, plane de-iced. Glasgow to Gatwick airtime approximately 35 mins. Time jumped. The hours between midnight and 2am spent in a salty bath, accompanied by slow brewed camomile tea and stories. Tomorrow (already today), topped with sharper senses made readier for magik. W. B. Yeats says it is so courtesy of @suzycoyote Tell me of your magikal observations my loves. Tell me of your Yeats encounters. 🍯🍯🍯
Is there any other beach bum out there that’s looking for a beach buddy today?
One of the most valuable things I learned from experience this past year was how important FUN & EASE is to the growth of my business!  Fo-realz.  Pleasure is such a powerful tool in life and business- and it is on the top of my list for 2018!  Along with breaking down the ways of the old paradigm and how things "should" be done comes a new light from within each of us that is truly amplified by pleasure, play, fun!  Gone are the days where we NEED TO PUSH SO HARD TO "succeed". When you define success by how much JOY IS PRESENT.  The abundance always follows. 💜  #risesisterrise #iamher
It’s been awhile, y’all.. like a really long time. But I’m back! Heeeeey! If interested in my new favorite piece, private message me. 😌 #driyyaaah #blackgirlmagic #kundalini #chakras #oshun #moon #sun #galaxy #meditation #awakening #colors #melanin #blackartists #nc #supportsmallbusinesses #supportblackartists✨👁🙏🏾🖖🏾 #paintersanonymous
⊲ ʙʜᴜᴊᴀɴɢᴀsᴀɴᴀ → ᴀᴅʜᴏ ᴍᴜᴋʜᴀ sᴠᴀɴᴀsᴀɴᴀ ⊳  These past few weeks I’ve focused on bringing balance to the powerful styles of yoga I routinely practice with more nourishing styles so I can sink deeper into Asana.  This means going back to basics and really tuning into my myofascial body to nourish and release stagnant areas. When these tight areas open and become more flexible, it’s not uncommon for there to be an emotional undamming that’s released with the physiological body. I’ve found this type of emotional-physical surrendering to be one of the deepest forms of healing 🌿
Parallel process simultaneously with my Wolf - brother and my actual brother. Both came and gave the most potent love. One via a post, the other via a hug and the dopest transmission I've ever witnessed. I felt shifts in my body. #gratitude #loveyourself #witchywoman #yoniverse #yoni #goddess #pachamama #infp #introvert #empath #femalepower #divinefeminine #kundalini #yoga #metaphysics #vegan #thirdeye #lotus #wolf #aho 🐺
The first Kundalini Yoga video is posted on my YouTube channel “zenfaery” and you can find the link in my bio. This first intro video is to introduce you to the practise, how to tune in properly, various breathing techniques and how to close your practise. Next weeks video will have a full meditation! ❤️😊#kundalini #kundaliniyoga #yoga #yogagirl #healing #meditation #learn #grow #innerpeace #transformation #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #yogadaily #mantra #mudras
YOGA TONIGHT! Get Rid Of Grudges ~ 6.30 - 8.30pm at Soul Space, Newmarket. Join us xx . . ​We have all held or still do hold grudges.  During this time of the year when we find ourselves spending time with our extended families we can experience a reappearance of many grudges and gripes.  It can be easy to revert back to teenage behaviour when we spend extended time with our parents.  During this class we will uncover these grudges and clear out the closets.  Join us in giving your internal wardrobe a powerful make over. . . Ladies, invite your gentlemen to share space with us. Bookings available online at www.gracefulwomen.com.au/bookings or $25 when you arrive. . . #kundaliniyogabrisbane #brisbaneyoga #gracefulwomen #mindfulnessinthemadness