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Don't read on if you haven't watched the finale 🚨 • • Oh my what an episode. From the little conversations to the jaw dropping moments there was everything. I'm going to go straight to the Aegon Targaryan reveal. I don't really get why his name would be Aegon when Rhaegar already named his son that and if you've read the books you'll know the issue with that. I didn't really like how Bran did the little "GoT for dummies" explanatory voiceover it felt a bit unnecessary - also by right of conquest Jon isn't the heir to the throne, only to the Targaryans. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the Kings landing storyline, my only fault was with Cersei but that was saved later in the episode when she revealed her plan.. I'm surprised Tyrion didn't catch on. As a Jaime hater, I have to admit he has gotten more likeable. Lastly in Kingslanding I was disappointed they didn't use the shot of the dragons flying over the city from the vision from the house of the undying. Then in Winterfell.. Littlefingers death was predictable but I didn't think it would be Sansa who did it so I loved that twist and also her conversation with Arya. _ I'll finish here! I'm really interested to hear your thoughts and feel free to ask me questions!! ----------------- 📷 Via:  @gameofthronesfacts
#repost @suitupgeekout ・・・ 'GameofThrones' #tablerunners  Article at... http://bit.ly/2zV2lGk  @thinkgeek #stark #lannister #targaryen #winteriscoming #tablesettings #geeks #nerds #awesome #awesomeness #ingers #like #instalike #instagood
'GameofThrones' #tablerunners  Article at... http://bit.ly/2zV2lGk  @thinkgeek #stark #lannister #targaryen #winteriscoming #tablesettings #geeks #nerds #awesome #awesomeness #ingers #like #instalike #instagood
#new Sophie recently with a fan in Rio ✨ (via @shayennefilgueiras)
[ forgot which episode 😅] Shit I forgot to post so late post again excuse my lazy ass lmao good night now 💓