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Draken #leapneversleeps
Amidst all the excitement about the design (love it or hate it) what has me salivating is something few others have mentioned - that Matt Becker, he of many years experience tuning chassis dynamics at Lotus, arguably one of the most pure range of drivers' cars out there - was given a blank sheet with the #newvantage Having experienced what Mr. Becker did tuning the DB11, after early whispered reports (which confirmed my own driver's seat time experiences in early DB11's) that the launch DB11s could be a little hairy, even ...ahem...scary, at the extreme limits, I am a huge fan. Current production DB11 V8s, after Mr. Becker's tuning, is predictable, planted, with just enough slip up to the limits to be fun and tossable (for a big heavy GT)  and V12 versions will get rolling updates ... The early spongy brakes have also been addressed. (When I drove it in August in Carmel, my comments about the sponginess of the brakes were shrugged off with a "no one else has complained about that." It's nice to be vindicated...) If Matt Beckers post production tuning is this good, I can only imagine what he can do with a clean sheet...Notice also how far back the engine is...not only near perfect balance, but low polar moment of inertia from a front mid-engine layout... #excited BTW having played with the #amggtr switchgear and being very sorely disappointed with the haptics and quality feel, I am happy to note that the pre-production cockpit I got to sit in and switchgear I got to play with in the 2018 #amvantage was up to expected #astonmartin standards...
The new Aston Martin Vantage has dropped, including the GTE race version. What do you think? #newvantage the twin turbo V8 engine mechanicals are from #amg but the engine management firmware and exhaust tuning are Aston Martin...as well as the suspension tuning.
Such a cool Pagani  #pagani#huayra#bc
Attention to detail... #pagani #huayrabc #leapneversleeps
@shinmikeyin revving the Chiron. I have to say, the Chiron sounds really good.  @bugatti @onlychirons @bugattibeverlyhills  #bugatti #chiron
Fill ‘er up #screwcaliforniagastaxes #jwkisgoingtocolorado #leapneversleeps