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Mood of the day! #leavemealone
#leavemealone 😸😸😸🙉🙉
ALL 3 of these babies are in 3 Different secret spots of the house enjoying their independence, but they will all 3 be up eachother asses tmrw!! So funny #siblings #leavemealone #sosleepy #tootiredtocare #love
Leave me alone!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 how you waiting in the dark? In my bedroom?  GO stalk your girlfriend!!! #leavemealone #moveon #imtoobusyworkin #dontworrybehappy!! #justleavemeoutofit
I have a pure heart but I am not perfect. I am just but human but this is my life, not yours. First just this week, it was ONLINE attacks on my Instagram comments section & now it is PHYSICAL altercations in public places on issues that don't concern YOU at all!! Girl get busy on your own life issues LEAVE me ALONE to deal with my life. A grown woman who should be busy building her life & being successful is all over mine now for more than 2 years! You tried spreading dirty rumours about me, you tried bullying me in malls & restaurants, you tried poisoning everyone around me to be against me & you still do, you had the nerve to try also poison my mother & family against me, you tried hacking my facebook, you tried with your several  whatsapp numbers from UK & Tanzania to bully me, you tried opening groups in whats app to embarass me, you tried walking around with screenshots about my personal life to everyone, you tried so so so much & none of your efforts have paid off girl. I am still here! Strong as ever & always will be! Leave my issues alone & STOP trying to GANG up on me in PUBLIC places with your new little teams & also ONLINE. It never worked before & it will NOT work now. I am WARNING you PUBLICLY, PUBLICLY on my Instagram  to leave me alone & for the last time I'm I issuing a plea. I am begging you to stop being in my personal issues. I have had ENOUGH!! LAST time & PUBLICLY mind your own life.  #mindyourown  #leavemealone
My hooman could just not stop taking pictures when it came to chew stick time yesterday #leavemealone #chewsticktime #stoptakingpictures #goawayhooman
Gudenight 🍳💛#gudetama #lazyegg #monthofmeh #sosleepy #leavemealone
黃立行 - 妳身邊  #20000301  國小就覺得他好帥啊😵😵😵 這陣子上班前都會洗冷水澡 哈哈 放風聲 🤣😂 #黃立行  #stanley  #妳身邊  #冷水澡 #leavemealone  #放風聲 #相約不如偶遇
"If you can read this, it's Father's Day... LEAVE ME ALONE" socks 😂😍 amazing present for fathers day👌🏽👌🏽 #fathersday #father #fathersdaygifts #socks #leavemealone
Аааааа, какой страшный тортик, фууу эти мерзкие калории 🙊🍰 Хорошего дня! И никаких страхов😘 #leavemealone