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Anna Vidgen | XL Catlin | Senior Casualty (Liability) Claims Adjuster | Law at University of Montpellier, French Civil Law masters at Université Jean Moulin (Lyon III) | I grew up in France, having also lived in Canada, Australia and now the UK. I have travelled to nearly 50 countries . While being in Australia on a Working Holiday visa I started working in insurance and found that I really enjoyed it, I decided then that I wanted to make a career out of it. Once my visa expired and after a quick stint travelling in South East Asia, I decided to move to London as I aspired to work in London’s insurance market. It’s no secret that London is known to be the largest global centre for commercial and specialty risk. I was certain that I wanted to come and work here. I initially worked in the company market before actively seeking a role in the Lloyd’s market. I started off as a claims graduate trainee with Chubb, then moved onto a claims assistant role at CV Starr before coming to XL Catlin to work as a claims adjuster and now as a senior claims adjuster. To be totally honest I never thought I would be working in insurance; it never even crossed my mind! I remember there being an insurance module offered at university during my degree, however I didn't take it and don't think I know anyone who did. In my case I somewhat fell into insurance, however realised early on what a great career this could be so stayed on! . In my current role I handle liability claims across many different jurisdictions such as Canada, Australia, the US and Europe, also managing our service providers within these countries. My role is incredibly varied and interesting. One day I could be handling a cyber loss in Canada, the next it could be a fire in a factory in Australia or a medical malpractice claim in the States. A highlight of my job is the fact that I never know what is going to come across my desk next; it makes things really interesting. I love working in the London Market; the
i don’t really listen to taylor swift much, just a few songs eg: you belong with me, wildest dreams and blank space. she has such a beautiful voice though!! do any of you like taylor swift?? 🌸 - - - - - - - - - #ella #yelich #oconnor #ellayelichoconnor #perfectplaces #greenlight #melodrama #melo #lorde #lordemusic #pureheroine #homemadedynamite #sober #soberii #liability #liabilityreprise #lordmusic #buzzcutseason #royals #400lux #supercut #thelouvre #ribslorde #tenniscourt #team #whiteteethteens #lorde2013 #lorde2018
A real test of a friendship is when you leave you wallet at home 🙀#whatarefriends #imsorry #liability #weekending #goodcatch #badbanter #freebeerallnight
Bought a new pad, absolutely love it 😍 #home #homeowner #bricks #expensive #liability #420 #yolo
⛴ WATERCRAFT NONOWNED INSURANCE is a type of property and casualty insurance, which means it covers physical property belonging to a person or business ✔️ ________________________________________________________ Find out more on ➡️ 1andonlyinsurance.com #1andonly #yachtinsurance #insuranceservices #insurancequote #watercraftinsurance #insurance #igers #insuranceagent #like4like #lifeinsurance #business #life #yachts #coverage #lifeinsurance #boat #carinsurance #insuranceagent #california #vannuys #safety #watercraft #liability #family #photooftheday #photo #ship #services #followforfollow
Exactly 12 posts prior we talked about the value of TIME and 14 posts prior we talked about the 3 enemies to YOUR MONEY. Today we continue the dialogue on TIME and MONEY.  Most people think you need a 6-7 figure income to retire comfortably. Do you know the greatest asset to planning for an ENJOYABLE retirement is TIME 🕰⏰⏲⏱🎛‼️ ➖ Don’t believe me, well here’s a list of 4 ways your hard earned money is impacted by TIME. This list does not need to be long to drive home the point. These 4 contributing factors to the value of your money is enough to get you thinking just how you’re spending your coins now that will impact your future. ➖ 1. Compound interest 2. Inflation 3. Taxes 4. Time value of money ➖ This same concept applies to the cost of life insurance. If you’re smart you will buy a large death benefit at a young age and pay a lower cost of premium. The longer you wait in life to buy life insurance, the more the cost of insurance will be as this is based on risk class. Think about it from an insurance company’s perspective. A 20-30 something year old is in a lower risk class compared to a 45+year old. Yes, there are many exceptions you can think of BUT from a simple common sense approach insuring a young person is less risky than a person that’s older. This too is true for health insurance. ➖ Your age is an asset and your lifestyle of healthy living and financial independence is priceless. ➖ As you design your path to FI, be sure to include The Gurl Get Your Life™️ Guide on this journey. This is the ultimate guide to understanding and preparing for a life insurance appointment with your experience, trusted, licensed and appointed life insurance agent Ebony. Tap the link in bio, 2nd option to learn more. ➖ #itsalifestyle  #getinsured  #jointhemovement  #lifeofanagent #lifeinsurance  #livingbenefits  #terminsurance  #permanentinsurance  #gurlgetyourlife  #gurlgetyourlifeguide  #ruffinconsultingservices  #womeninbusiness
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