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When I was a new coach, six months into it I decided to do something that I’ve always wanted to do, but I always was too scared. I got a one way ticket to SE Asia. It was the first time I’ve ever left the country and I was terrified. I wasn’t making much money and beachbody was the only income I had. Some weeks I would only make $50 bucks. But I knew deep down in my heart that it would work (it had to work!!) I stayed in cheap bungalows, hostels, and sometimes homestays. I packed up 120 servings of shakeology, did the workouts (sometimes with the locals), and worked every single day from my iPad (no phone service) while I was out there. I spent 5 months traveling around, uncomfortable, and completely okay with it. Since then I’ve been to 12 different countries and have built a REAL business that I’m extremely proud of.  The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that if you want something so bad...get uncomfortable and go after it. You’ll make it work! And if you fail, try it again!! Life’s pretty awesome that way!
❤HEART 🤓PERSPECTIVE💃 ACTION 👑 I declare i will be present in every moment and i will treasure today.  A wise person once told me, 'life is a gift from God and what we do with it is our gift back to him'. This truth went to another level after having kids.. I love giving my kids gifts, watching them tear apart the wrapping in excitment and use the gift as it should be, rather than using it without any care until it ends up in pieces all over the floor... Life is to be treasured and when we see life this way is much easier to have an attitude of gratitude. Life is to be enjoyed not endured!  Wherever you are today treasure your life & choose to enjoy your day.  I believe in you,  Luisa 💋  DM me for your FREE Thrive Call!  #thethrivehive #transformfromtheinsideout
Won a IPAD Mini in the keymaster #lifegoals
If you don’t take the time to design & plan your life, you will have to settle for what life gives you..... #mindset #innerpeace #motivation #lifegoals #teamreyes #dreams #goals #plan #action #reality #entrepeneur
FEBRUARY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE - DAY 25/28  Another late post, so we start the week strong with 2 challenges today! So sorry, but the overnight international flight with 2 kids things threw our family a loop!! Age ain't nothing but a number - famous, and perhaps wise words. Whatever age we're at, we have a reason to be grateful for being here. Ageing is the real blessing, not everyone has the privilege to do so. Can you recall a gratitude for almost every age you've been?  EXERCISE With 10 minutes on the timer, list all the ways we're grateful to be the age we're at. Bonus points if you can think of other ages you've been thankful for! Share and comment!  PS. If you'd like to do this challenge on your OWN social media profile as a month long sharing of your own gratitude challenge, please tag us or hashtag #thetrailblazertribe so I can check in! :) #thetrailblazertribe #gratitude #dailygratitude #dailychallenge #coaching #sharonpakir #mindset #happiness #thehappinessproject #joyfulmoments #inspiration #dailyinspiration #gratitudejournal #lifeisbeautiful #acknowledgement #personaldevelopment #lifegoals #goalgetter #inspirationalquotes
Traveling is exciting but exploring the world with someone you love is indescribable🌎 😽
Attempt to get a split level shot. Conditions weren't the best for spilt level photography, waves and boats passing by meant the water was all over my dome. Still this shot came out alright. My mate @oscarfowl Getting ready to dive down and get a closer look at these awesome underwater statues. 🌊 .  Taken with the Sony xr100 mk vi with nauticam housing and inon wide angle lens. Don't forget the check out more of my stuff 📷 @just_in_water . . . . . #justinwater #underwaterphotography #nauticam #gili #sony #inon #visitindonesia #indonesia #bali #photography #savethesharks #stopsharkfinning #natgeoyoushot #beautifulplaces #wonderlust #thegiliway #spotmydive #nature #underwaterworld #lifegoals #bucketlist #saveourseas #scubadiving #scuba #paditv #wavephotography #divingpassport #scubadivingmag #paradise
Top 5 things that hold so much importance to me in this life. I needed a reminder today 🌛 . .  1. Keep your stress in perspective & take some pressure off yourself. Is what your stressing over that big of a deal in the scheme of things? No one is perfect, don’t sweat the small stuff, be proud of yourself, & be grateful for what you have. . . 2. Never stop learning. No matter what credentials people have, you can always learn something from others. Don’t be closed minded. . . 3. Your happiness is everything. Don’t allow anyone to compromise your happiness & if they do - cut them out. Being happy is the most important thing in life. . . 4. Take care of you first. Workout, eat healthy, go to bed early, & love the shit out of yourself! Take care of yourself first, above anyone else. You will be of no service to others if you are not your best self. . .  5. Be a nice human. Regardless of your mood or what’s going on - just don’t be an asshole. Karma is a real thing!! You never know where or when you will see people again, always be nice.
When the guitar is bigger than you 😅 Gran color de sonido de esa guitarra!🎸 @gretsch . . . . . . . . . . . #guitar #guitarist #musician #music #musically #studio #recording #best #lifegoals
Tequila baby💀🌊 don’t forget to check out my Miami blog, just click the link in my bio!
A keen eye and clever renovation over the years has made 32 Smith Street the epitome of smart first home buying. #christchurch you continue to impress. On the market now, link in my bio 👆🏼#100compellingreasonswhy
When you’re hiking around a volcano crater and find a random hut selling cerveza, you stop and have a beer on a volcano 🌋 🍺 #lifegoals #quilotoa #quilotoaloop #ecuador #pilsner