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⁉️ @antoniodikeledistefano
I'm deleting this later that's why I have this picture but um I like this edit dkfndkfm
with no way out and a long way down everybody needs someone around (continue the song below!)
que lindos 😍😍😭❤️
I don't know if one day, the feeling I had since when he passed, will leave me tf alone. One day I'll not cry, like every day. It seemed like I saw you, while I was walking, and I said “that's probably a miracle, he's here right now, I hope.” nope, he wasn't here. He wasn't next to me. He wasn't in my head. He was in my heart. Like 5 years ago, on this day, I listened to LP, for the first time ever. One day, the man who's smiling in this pic, will return. He was holding on, with his problems, but he kept his smile on his face. Chester never cried in front of us. Because he didn't want to see us sad, he always smiled because he always wanted to see us happy. That makes sense, for someone. If this man wasn't here, I'll honestly don't know what I'd do. I'd give lives to get him back, right here and right now, in this moment. Everything stopped, the days aren't the same, and just thinking about him, it makes the world light up. I'm still not over that fucking day, that ruined my life. I'll never going to give up on him, I'll never get to meet him, I'll never be the same, I'll never see Chester performing, I'll never see his smile, I'll never get over him, I'll never stop to cry.  This is the worst feeling ever. He wasn't my idol, he was my hero. Without knowing that, he saved me, and every single fan of lp. I want to make him proud, and I'll do it, from the bottom of my heart. Till the end of the world. It's sad thinking about I'll never see him performing again, I've never meet or hugged him. But if one day, it will happen I'll only thank him, for what he kept doing, and for everything he did, and for every song. No one wants me to be sad, only God knows how much happy I am, when I see his pics, and his videos. Nothing will ever change. Even if you're not here, in my heart, you'll forever be there. @chesterbe, no one can stop you, smile. Don't forget me Chester, I love you. ❤
#esserequi in uscita il 26 gennaio 😍 #emmamarrone  #browncrew
Il sorriso di una persona soddisfatta.😍 #emmamarrone  #browncrew  #esserequi
Hey I’m gonna be posting today because Caitlin is taking part in something with young voices so DM’s will not be answered but enjoy!  #beckylynch #wwe
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