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Thank you art buddy @katevlnab for the encouragement and mega canvas to give copying a Kuniyoshi Utagawa print a go.  This was so much fun!!!! ❤️ 🐟 🌊 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #acrylicink #acryliconcanvas ⠀ #theeverydayproject2017 _ #astilllifestyle #thenativecreative⠀ #slowlivingforlife #sgiew #simpleandstill #livebeautifully #styleonmytable #a_sill_life #distractionsandinspirations  #itsstill_life #inspiremyinstagram #simplystyleyourspace #nestandflourish #thesimpleeveryday #littlemomentsofmylife⠀ #artchangeseverything #foreverfaffing⠀ #mystoryoflight #lifeunscripted #paintanyway
7 days, 7 photos in black and white of an every day life. No explanation. I was challenged by @kwouter. Wanna play, @frdrckvdw? #7/7
I was challenged to do the 7 day photo challenge by @sheffeel_  B&W shots, no people, no explanations. Here’s what I took 📷
Round two in the S N O W ❄️
Had yet another super busy weekend but it was so much fun! Friday night was bowling night. Saturday we did the usual food shop etc but got the rare chance to go out out as it was Simons Christmas party (where his photo comes in) we danced, had some lovely food and laughed so much. Yesterday we went and viewed our family photos we had done which are amazing and I can’t wait to collect them in a couple of weeks time. This week is the usual super busy routine with gym, running and everything else in between!  Q. What are you up to this week? ▫️ #thegirlgang #happyselves #husbandandwife #coupleselfie #selfiegram #lovelylittlesquares #lovelylittlethings #happymoments❤ #thegramgang #storiesofmylife #littlemomentsofmylife #capturinglife #christmaspartytime #bloggingmama #bloggingbabes #happyparents #mumsofinsta #mama2017 #marriedlove #lbloggersuk #enjoyingthemoment #enjoyingmyday #loveandmarriage
Please tell me I’m not the only one that poses with lobby Christmas trees pretending they’re my own? 🎄🤣 . . . 📸 by @britlynne // edits by me (before & after up in my stories 💕)
*When the little one turned 9 months old* How fast the days are passing. How soon we are in december. If i look back now, i see a blur back at time.  So much changed in this year. On being in the last trimester of pregnancy, to giving birth, to trying to understand motherhood...and to right now when i am trying to jiggle between being a professional, student and a mom. Its exhausting. Its taking everything in me...somedays, i see that i am working as a therapist in my dreams. I have clients and i am dealing with them. The other days my dreams are pretty vague and descriptive. Somedays, like today when i slept like a log i dreamt of my parents and so much details.  I really imagine how past days or when i was a child, how did the time pass? It was not so quick then. It was not so tiring..time was merely something that parents worried of not us.  I hope and i wish i could give a beautiful time to my kid. I hope he has beautiful moments and understands what time is and what time means. Wen he looks back at time, he smiles because he enjoyed it. I wish...#childhoodunplugged #momswithcamera
LOVE LOVE LOVE these DIY sprinkle ornaments! 😍✨👌 Do you make your own Christmas tree ornaments or do you prefer the store bought ones? 🎄 // 📷 @dixieandtwine . . . #bitsandbobs #bitsandbobsshop #zurichshopping
Issa boodle fight! No plates, no utensils. Just hungry hands, family, and a good atmosphere. Filipinos do it best 🇵🇭 • • • • • #boodlefight #foodie #firsttime #chicagoeats #filipinocuisine #birthday #eatwithyourhands #sundayfunday #foodporn #vsco #littlemomentsofmylife
How cool does @shaunnovakmusic look in these @publicsunglasses [partner]? The best part is, they're unisex can so you can steal them from your man to wear too! 😉⠀ ⠀ Shaun's also pretty cool IRL. Today, he braved 30 degree weather to take outfit photos of me. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. ⠀ ⠀ Raise your hand if you're over the cold and ready for warm sunny days to come back already! 🙋🏼
Imagine a soft yet durable denim fabric made into a beautiful, practical apron: meet the Baker + Maker aprons! Featuring our signature Camilla print, these darling aprons are the perfect match of function and style. We’ve spent months designing and are so delighted to let everyone in on the surprise just in time for Christmas! (Link in bio!)
A good old fashioned Christmas tree hunt done right. Sledding, fires, snow. What a gorgeous day 🌲❄️🌲
Santa with real beard - ✔ Awesome knitwear - ✔ One terrified looking child - ✔
The fields here have a good covering of snow but in the woods there was just a dusting. #littlemomentsofmylife
The first snowfall, I believe, is memorable for everyone and it was no different for me. . I spent the entire day taking long walks with snowflakes drifting down like white feathers showering on me. I met with few strangers who had come out to enjoy the first fall, gazed at a lone duck swimming in this puddle and ate chocolate icecream on my way back home. . This place here is called the Passion Puddle and looks as beautiful in the snow as it does in the fall. . #my_sacred #travel #cookdouglass