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Cheese 😁💛
Enjoying sunset together🙌🏻 Вон какая у Сони крокозябра на ноге😆 Только ей не показывайте, а то будет визжать, боится водорослей😅
"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. " - Maya Angelou.  I will not teach my children to hate, instead I will teach them to love. #lovewillwin
A rough charcoal sketch (18x24in.) of Nasturiums in a large pot in my garden. My dad introduced me to nasturtiums many years ago. They are one of his favorite annuals to plant in large barrels. I have become completely fascinated with nasturtiums. I love their large leaves, curvy, endless stems and beautiful blooms with spurs. These were planted from @floretflower seeds. They have amazingly large leaves and beautiful varied peach colored blooms. The seeds were called “Gleam Salmon" Nasturtiums. (swipe for more pics) Fun Story: When my dad saw the size of these leaves, he thought I might have planted them in soil that was too rich. He wasn’t sure if they would actually bloom, as this happened to him one time. I was crossing my fingers they would. One day while I was looking down in the depths of my plants, I spotted small buds!! Some happy dancing occurred in my gardens that day! Lol  I am exploring the idea of using this wonderful plant as a subject for a larger piece of work. My wheels are turning …we’ll wait and see where things lead.  Big thanks to @floretflower for these amazing seeds and for providing such lovely inspiration! I would love to hear any of your stories about Nasturtiums!  #nasturtiums, #floretflower #yearofcreativehabits #inspiredbynature_ #inmygarden #floralart #exploretocreate #seekinspirecreate  #dsfloral #charcoalsketch #workingfromlife #floralgarden #canadianartistdebbielameymacdonald #smallpauses #littlestoriesofmylife #floretseeds #cutflowergarden #makingarteveryday #flowersandotherstories #natureonthepage #slowfloralstyle #91magazine_paperlove #botanicalcreativity_
We choose how we feel, independent of what others do. It is important to take ownership of your feelings to have effective communication.
Real honesty is our goal in communication, less criticism, insults, and negativity. How can we be honest without being hurtful? Is that possible?
Reading books together with your children gives the opportunity to talk about what is happening with the character’s feelings in the story. The same is true with TV and movies. The storyline often involves challenges and victories which offer great opportunity to talk about emotions. As you read books and/or watch movies this weekend, be cognisant of the character's feelings and discuss them with your children. Cultivate empathy while having a cozy time.  What's your favorite books to read with your child/ren?
There are no paths of roses, but I invent them for you...🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺🌹🌺 #tv_moods #ihavethisthingwithfloors  #still_life_galler#infinity_light #click_vision #darlingdaily #ihavethisthingwithflowers  #rsa_vsco #tv_living #click_dynamic #from_your_perspective #tv_depthoffield #pocket_collage #9vaga_shabbysoft9 #infinity_magazine_vsco #global_ladies #tv_lifestyle  #tv_stilllife  #tv_neatly #littlebitsof_life #nothingisordinary_
Family VALUES precede family RULES. Always. Because what you value determines the rules. Values explain the 'why' behind the rules, the need for them. Sometimes it may seem easier to determine rules, but it will be easier for everyone in the family to follow the rules if they know why the rules are important. If you value LOVE, it is because of our love for one another that we do not hurt one another--either physically or emotionally. How have you seen your values shape your family rules?
Values guide decisions. Decisions guide actions. Actions define a person. What are your values? Where did your values come from? What values do you want to pass on to your children? What values need redefining? One of our core family values is LOVE. In all that we do, we want to be defined by LOVE. To show LOVE, we need to have EMPATHY. We need to be willing to see the world through someone else's perspective. We can start teaching our children about empathy early on.
TODAY is another day of opportunity! Today is yet another chance you can change your life, start something new. TODAY. #lifechange #love
Have you done something you regret lately? Hurting someone you love? Thats when we  all need GRACE. What a great gift to give! #amazinggrace
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🌼🌼Happy fridayyyyy💛💛
Life is good 💙 Life is great 💙 Life is unbelievable 💙