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When it comes to coziness there is nothing better than scented candles 🕯❤️
Mom life: Checking the baby monitor every 2min to make sure the baby is still asleep and you can keep going! 😉We had two meltdowns mid workout and then he finally napped for a bit.  Not every day is about going hard. This weeks workouts were challenging enough! 😜 Here’s what I did to get the blood moving:  SmolovJr: Back Squat 6x6 at 80lbs (Stories) - Nice and light.  Then @street_parking  A couple rounds of Butts & Guts: Reverse Box Step Offs  Sumo Deadlifts Barbell or Foam Roller Roll Outs Dumbbell Pull Across Plank  #startwhereyouare #justmove
How are you living beautifully?  I have two recent blog posts (link in profile) explaining how movement and making are featured in living a life of quality. That last bit- a life of quality- speaks to the change of my tagline a feed ago and sets the mission of my lived experience as well as the work I do with others.  #move #make #hvs_movemake  #creativepractice #movementpractice #kifeofquality #livebeautifully #mindfulness #slowdown #respondtolife #liveauthentically #knittersofinstagram #kintting #handknits #pilatesteacher #hvs_creativeselfcare #engage #create #selfcare #findyourfadeshawl #dreareneeknits #madelinetosh #madtosh #write #blogger #blog #arts
О том, что все мои планы на день пошли по звездному пути, стало понятно ещё до того, как я открыла глаза. По монотонным глухим звукам капающей с крыши на подоконник воды 😒  Не то, чтобы я собиралась на закрытую вечеринку Mtv, прыгнуть с парашютом или поработить Вселенную, но, как минимум, выйти сегодня из дома навстречу приключениям, входило в мои планы на это воскресенье 🎠.. но планеты выстроились в слово }{`/й  и этот космически-метеорологический облом не исправить с помощью зонта 😝  Для меня лучший отдых такой, после которого необходимо ещё денёк отдохнуть кверху ножками. Хотя иногда позалипать в одиночестве и тишине тоже хочется, но недолго и не сегодня 😒 От скуки у меня начинают заводиться глупые мысли 🐜 а дневная норма социофобии на сегодня уже перевыполнена и я начинаю подвывать в окошко с видом на тлен.  Все остальные варианты спастись, в данной ситуации, грозят либо сожалениями об утраченной стройности, либо о загадочном исчезновении денег с карты 🛍👠💸 А вы как спасаетесь от скуки? Ай нид хелп. Айм рили дайинг райт нау..
babes cheering for babes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #gopats #footballsundays 🏈
Yummy weekend baking! We made some delicious blueberry muffins, my first recipe from the Smitten Kitchen Everyday cookbook, and they turned out 👌🏻. Although the batter was so incredible itself, I almost wish we didn’t bake them all! Someone needs to make raw muffin batter a thing like cookie dough and cake batter - so freaking good. #tw
Sometimes we all know we’re not just pretty, we’re brilliant, we’re gorgeous and we’re going places. Other times we are confused about what mum is eating (Chia seed pudding with raisins). #dailyleela #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #tabbycat #tabbycalico #tabbytortie #socute #liveauthentically #livelikenooneiswatching #loveher #sosoft #prettykitty #cutenessoverload #mybabygirl #crochetwip #shelovesme #shelovesthisblanket #notherblanket
Just about the cutest 3rd birthday pic 💗🦄☺️ she is a doll! @peaceloveandmommy
❄️ When snow falls, nature listens. ⛄️
Everyday basics
Just got done doing stretch and release and let me tell you it was exactly what my body needed!! I may need to do this 15min stretch on a daily basis in the morning after my workouts because I feel great!!
Easy like Sunday morning. My happy place, in studio.
Hey there sweet babe, did ya know you're so perfect just as you are?! — I’m a raw, real & not retouched kinda gal. When if it means showing you a few stretch marks on my thighs and a few rolls on my tummy to help you along your own lovely journey. You see, I know I could say so many things about loving your body and heart just as you are, but the real truth is - it’s HARD. — Not even 12 months ago, I was in a relationship based upon survival. Trying to get through every single day without giving into depression, of trying to understand my own head and validating my own thoughts! Sweet friend, you are not alone. That vibrant soul, and bubbly Bethany that I knew and loved, it felt like I wasn’t her, as I if I would never know her again. — So here I am, standing before you, 30 pounds heavier, but happier than I’ve ever been able to remember! I’m not telling you the numbers  because I’m counting, but they are what we pay attention to as women. And because at one time, they were important to me. — My booty doesn’t fit in anything smaller than a large, or size 12. And holy wow, does it feel so good to have a bra that fits my body right! I went from a 34B to a 38C. Regardless of my size, I know I am strong. I crave to know my Lord better, for He created me just as I am - beautiful, powerful, gorgeous in His own image! — If you don’t love you just the way you are, how are you gonna love the amazing life you lead? Be a cheerleader - make the decisions you wanna choose for you! Start with joy, begin with love ❤️ Because I’m still on that journey right along side you. But I can tell you this - they world seems a little less to handle when I know I can look at my heart, my body, my soul in the mirror with contentment and so much damn love for my journey already. — How can I support you? What do you need from me?
Two action steps for you today:  1️⃣ If you haven’t read this book... go get it 2️⃣ If you want to know how I create routines that don’t feel like another to do, head to the link in my bio and snag your spot in the Productivity Masterclass ✔️
6 Tips for Reading to a Little Princess 👑: 1. Wear a Pretty Crown 👸🏻 2. Wear a Big Tutu ( optional) 😉 3. Point at the Beautiful Pictures 🎇 4. Do Funny Voices 😆 5. Don’t be afraid to be silly 🤹🏻‍♀️ 6. ENJOY THE MOMENT 💖 . . . There’s nothing more meaningful that to teach your kids the love of Reading 📖 ♥️. My little Lucia loves to read her Personalized book based on the letters of her Name 👧🏻🌟@wonderbly . . . . . . . . . #motherhoodsimplified #mommyblog #motheranddaughter  #oakville #motherhoodrising #joyfulmamas #seeksimplicity #bestofmom #livethelittlethings #instacuteness #oakvillephotographer #mommylife #mommyblogger #burlington #torontolife #lifestylephotographer #lifestylephotography #mommysprincess #oakvillephotography #darlingmovement #ig_kiddos #instapretty #instastyle #wonderbly #momlife #ig_motherhood #wonderblybooks  #theeverydayproject  #kidsphotos #momswithcameras