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The opportunity for new friendship is presented to us daily, but it is up to us to seize the moment and be vulnerable.  Christ disciples us, so we may go and disciple others.  Don’t skip out on building relationships, just because you are comfortable with your current circle of friends.  We are called to walk through life with others, just as He does with us.  #friendship #livelove #christfollower
‘Ever Thine. Ever mine. Ever ours.’ #perfectsunset #nofilter #loveletter #livelove #sueñaconbesos #blondiedreams✨
Things go seemingly "wrong" for each and every one of us each and every day 😒  It's a fact of life.  Another lesser known or at least lesser utilized one is that we don't always have to see it that way 🤔  Our brains are wired to lean toward negativity and then much of what's around us enforces it from what we see and hear going on in the world to the people we are surrounded by.  It's automatic. We all do it. It's human. 🤷‍♀️ We feed off of drama, gossip, and negativity because it's a default mode, but it's really just toxic to the love that our hearts are truly wired for.  The way we choose to think, speak, and act when what seems to be a bad thing happens or when our environment presents us with another toxic meal to feast on, can make all of the difference when it comes to feeling good despite the bad and forging new pathways to positivity.  So I say this:  For just one day, try a negativity BRAIN SNAP.  When you find yourself saying "FML" or thinking something negative or doing something that could bring negativity to someone else...SNAP OUT OF IT and think of how you can bring peace and love to the situation, if even only to your own mind.  Like this: 💓If you get stuck behind the elderly person struggling to write a check for five minutes at the grocery store, think of how much they might appreciate your patience. Growing old, slowing down, and needing more assistance in situations they used to be more easily capable to do must be a real struggle for them. Understand that and be gracious. 💓If your little one is driving you banana beans, remember that their brains are exploding with new information and that how we react and treat them is a piece of information that they will also collect and learn from. You wanted them, you made them, you love them. Take a deep breath, have patience, and then show them that love. 💓When you find yourself in positions you less than love, no matter what they may be, see the bigger picture. Does this suck
💕✨💖⭐️💫🌸 ✧︎ ✧︎ ✧︎ #authenticliving #abundancemindset #livelove
Sign PRESIDENT with @Etel.leit  #presidentsday #asltutorial
#blissloves Here at Bliss, we are so proud to support some amazing creators. This week, we are focusing our social media on showing off how these artists and creators are giving back to their community through their work. ⠀ ⠀ Meet Kate Moore from Live+Love Studio. In 2010, Kate set off to find a way to blend her love for creating fun stuff and helping people. Live+Love Studio created the Buy One, Feed One initiative: for every product sold, one meal is donated to hungry neighbors through Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee. Through this initiative, they have been able to donate over 25,000 meals! That is something to celebrate for SURE. Kate, we are so proud of you and what you are doing for our community. We love being a part of your "tribe"
This challenge was a biggie for me. Challenge number 19: get a tattoo. A real one. (Can you believe that at the age of 40, I was still worrying about what my mom would say?! 🙈😂) So, obviously I got something that speaks deeply to me personally... I believe that what we do with today will echo in eternity.  Today I choose to love. Today I choose to live in the moment.  Today matters, even in the most mundane moments.  Today ❤️
#hairstyles #haircolor #hairstylist #models #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #makeupartist #newlook #newproject #livelove #beirut #lebanon  Hair @bilalharebeautysalon @bilal_hareb  Makeup artist @hawraadergham  Photography @kifah.ballani
https://www.redbubble.com/people/chezmurray72  @chezmurray72  #checkitout #getintoit #chezmurray72 #freehand #organic #freestyledesign #wear #redbubblecreate #artoninstagram #mytribe #expression #livelove #created #cooltones #findme #at #red #bubble  xox chez  on of my faves.
Testando alguns produtinhos novos, e amei o resultado, espero que gostem também!  Testing some new products, and I loved the result, I hope you like it too!  #produtosnovos #testando #apaoxonada #amei #lovemakes #livelove #poder
I'm a free spirit... Either admire me from the ground or fly with me... But don't ever try to cage me🌠  #vegan#spiritualjourney#awakening#freespirit#lovelife#innerpeace#lawofattraction#loveyourself#spiritualawakening#meditation#livelove#empath#budda#buddalife