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** The Infinite ** • They’ve torn down the giant mango tree that covered the yard and paved over the dirt that covers your bones. Did you feel it? Did it rattle you at all? I know that you’re not there anymore, but still. Why is it that you’re breaking my heart tonight? . I don’t talk about you, I stopped the day that your heart did. But my memories they’re as fresh as the filtered mountain water and they’re in me still. What would people think to see a grown woman tear up and maybe even cry every time she talked about her boy? . Your fur, your freckled face, and your sad blue eyes. Your love of beach walks, and excitement of hikes. That special place underneath your ribs that made you shake your leg when it was scratched. And I can go on but what do you know of human words. Just, just understand that I love you still, even after all this time. . ( Love Letter to the dead ) random woman and dog
This weekend will be tough to beat!• • • From doing my first deep water wreck dive, contemplating life with a false missile alert, seeing insane waves on the North Shore, getting a new record time hiking Kokohead, and enjoying a little tidepool action ... there is SO MUCH to be grateful for. • • • But above all, I am grateful for smiles and laughter and friendships. My heart is happy. 🤗 • • #luckytolivehawaii
Just another day in paradise. #eastoahu #orangesunset #luckytolivehawaii #goodtimes #oahugrown
Scored some North wrap at Chinaman's Hat with Little Mark. Knee high and stoked on life! Thanks for the clip @yoga_scoop #lilshredder #fatherandson #gromlife #luckytolivehawaii #lilshark808
A perfect backflip dive,that would make Aquaman jealous!Mahalo to being a part of a gymnastics team!Lucky to live in Hawaii!#Superman #gymnasticsstar #perfectdive #luckytolivehawaii
I have a lot to smile about today. After yesterday’s 30 minutes of pure hell, I feel happy to be alive. So today friends, Kiss your partner, love on those babies (fur babes too), buy coffee for a stranger, and book that vaca you can’t afford. Love, Megan 💕💋🌈#hawaii #kauai #aloha #love #minnesota #sunshine #✌🏻#luckytolivehawaii
♡•We are feeling extra grateful for this magical place•♡ . . So let's go enjoy life! Cause you never know what life will launch at you!
⛅️ watched the sun set into the clouds 🌄 • • • #maui #haleakalasunset #10000feetup #abovetheclouds #haleakalā #luckytolivehawaii #freezingcold
Not the best video but still, how lucky are we #lahainabound #lahainaadventures #westsidevibes #luckytolivehawaii #sunnyskies #misslealertfalsealarm
This morning was fucking intense, there’s no other way to put it.  Levi came running through the doors of my job, during the breakfast rush, to show me the alert on his phone... BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. • His face was panicked, I was shaking, we packed up Aiden and raced home. • Called family, cried, said, “No matter what, it’s going to be ok.” Because it is and it was... a false alarm 🙄😳🙏🏽 • So, we packed up & went back to work.  NOW because we are #luckytolivehawaii we’re making sand angels and enjoying this perfect 85 degree beach day in January! Aloha❤️
••• Reflecting ••• * For less than 20 mins this morning the state of Hawai’i was in confusion and shock. Some lucky individuals however were happily asleep, oblivious to the imminent ballistic missile steadily approaching the islands. * It was 8:06 A.M I was at my desk when I looked down at my phone. The message was loud sounding and loud in writing, it was all in caps. “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.” Amazingly, I was calm. It could’ve been because I was still sleeping, I’m not sure. I thought of my son asleep in bed and how I had touched his face and told him I loved him before I left. For some strange reason I thought about the driver I had just seen yelling at another driver. I thought how that would be one of that driver’s last memory, and why was it also my in my last memories. I stood up and stared out the office window. The humm of the air conditioner was all I heard. Outside it was a warm sunny day and calm palm trees. I thought to myself “shit, I’m going to die in this office building, alone. Well at least they’ll find my body.” I wasn’t sad just practical, just taking in the end of everything and knowing that I had no time to seek cover and or to go back to be with my son. I thought of him sleeping. * About 20mins after everyone’s phones and t.v’s vibrates and messaged, no longer in caps, that it was a false alarm. A few minutes after my coworker showed up. We discussed that momentarily imminent threat. After we talked I felt a feeling of fear escape me. I had no idea it was there, I had no idea I had been scared. For less than 20mins it was all too real and many in the state of Hawai’i are still shook up and scared. However, we are still alive and I am not going to die alone today. What a strange relieve that last part is. * Be happy and ❤️ from Hawai’i 🏝
But like... does this mean I still have work tomorrow? #jk #theymessedup #hawaiiliving #itwasfalsealert #whatiwokeupto #luckytolivehawaii
One of the many gems we are lucky to get to experience! 🌞💕🤙 #sunset #mauisunset
We are almost halfway through January and we want to hear your wins for this week. Let us celebrate with you. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is my last weekend in Oregon and I am looking forward to some 80-degree weather.⠀ I can't say that my win was that I didn't get sick while I was here, however, I am glad that it waited for this week. My win was that it didn't stress me out. We all have tons going on and a lot of expectations for January. Sent via @planoly #planoly ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Taking care of business! #oahubound