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I don't think this day could get any more beautiful.  As I am sitting here on my front porch basking in the glorious hot sun, I am thinking of all the incredible blessings in my life.  One in particular kept coming to mind today: this house.  Seven months have gone by since we moved in.  We worked our tail ends off for years so we could be in a position to buy our starter home.  And when we finally did, it was all surreal.  I walk in the halls and into the rooms imagining our little man growing up here.  I imagine the laughter that will echo off these walls.  I imagine the holiday celebrations I will be able to host.  I imagine being able to paint the walls and create a warm and welcome space.  I imagine the love that these four walls will capture.  My desires and dreams are unfolding right in front of me and I am soaking up every minute of it.  Then I think how without the role of my coaching job we may not be here.  You see coaching came into my life at the perfect moment.  A month after I started coaching, we got in a car accident that resulted in Mike not able to go back to work for 5 month.  That's a long time to financially survive when you are already living paycheck to paycheck.  But that is what my business did.  It helped us stay afloat.  The house was kept warm and food was in our bellies.  Our basic needs were met.  I don't want to know where we would be if we didn't have my secondary income.  We may not be were we are now; in our beautiful new home.  Experts say never rely on one source of income.  Always have a secondary one.  It couldn't be more true speaking from experience.  I have taken my passion of health and fitness and turned it into a legit business.  I am the CEO of my business.  I am a lady boss.  I am a mom boss.  I run the show.  I make the choices. I chose my priorities.  Wife first.  Mom second. Business third.  Are you ready to run your own show? Are you ready to make fitness your business and become your own CEO?  I am looking for
Our Friday nights look like this now.. and I don't mind actually.. add to this picture Andriy grilling some chicken for dinner and Jack eating grass , lol . 😎😎😎 пятничный чил.. кот возится с грилем, а джек ест траву ( видимо был коровой в прошлой жизни)  #handstandlove #practicedaily #yogilife #momlife #mamabear #firsttimemom #nursery #babyboy #momofboys #dayoff #floridayogi #yogaliving #yogadaily #brestfeeding #maternityleave #вожиданиималыша #мамасын #счастьеесть #zodiacsigns #newborn #youngparent #milkcoma #firstbaby  #floridababy #floridamom #parenthood  #mamalife #mamabird
Soaking up all the moisture in this triple digiet heat!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ buy now using the link in bio! . . . #watermelon #watermelonflavor #organic #handmade #fresh #smallshop  #etsyshop #etsyseller #chapstick #lipchap #naturalskincare #mamabear
Happy weekend ya'll!!! #babyleo #weekend #friday #friyay
Guys I never want to take these leggings off! - I want to wear them everywhere and well I'm probably going to! My lighting is making them appear much darker than they are but I absolutely love the color! - Today I did a heavy lifting session in the garage. Took it back to what once fueled me to push harder and show up everyday. - @toneitup helped me find my love for fitness. They are what kickstarted start my fitness journey. The community and self love is what gave me a passion for fitness. - Prior to #toneitup I would have never stepped foot in the "weight" section of the gym. I was your typical girl doing the treadmill, elliptical and occasional group fitness class. Tone It Up helped me build the  confidence to take on the weights and oh how I fell in love. ❤️ - I don't know what it is about lifting heavy shit and putting it down but man it makes you feel strong. It empowers you and makes you feel unstoppable. It lights a fire in you to push harder each day. - So I want to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. Try crossfire, Pilates, weightlifting, or anything that you have been wanting to try for all. I guarantee you won't regret it.
IT'S A BOY! 🤗💙 #mommytobe #babyboy #babybump #happyparentstobe
Indian food and mama bear make me a happy girl ❤💋❤ #indianfood #mamabear #mymomrocks #family
It's #nationalpinkday today?!? 💕🌸🎀 🐙👛🐷👄🌷 why yes, this is my favorite day of the year, thanks for asking 😂
It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving ❥❥❥date night goals via @rocamoon #tgif #alohafriday Relationships can be hard! Is the other person's weaknesses or differences bothering you?! Don't give up, but get creative!!! Spend time trying to understand where they are coming from, their perspective, maybe something's bother them inside and they are taking it out on you, stress, fear... a lot shapes how we relate with others... it helps to put your feet in their shoes, step back, take a breath and trust. It's hard to expect people to change, usually they won't or don't if you're forcing them to! This is when you'll have to get creative with living in their world! Being frustration, can be a feeling that too shall pass! Usually people out their guards up when they feel like they could get hurt! Relate in ways they are comforting and kind. A soft tone, a third person perspective, start with agreeing but share your heart... I've learned it's healthier to stay soft inside, to protect against a hard heart when frustrated!
Bennett is officially 3 weeks old today, and my weekly check in is LIVE on my website! Link in bio to see the progress i have made from day 14-21 of my sweet boys life 🐻 Link in bio! ❤️ #burpingbaby
The Mother Bear tee is now available! Click the the link in my bio to see more details. 🐻 #mamajesseniashop
Cheers to surviving 1,747 miles of road from Houston to Big Sky, MT. #wedidittogether #mamabear #moutaingirls
Beautiful mama to be ✨💫 @sewtrendyaccessories #madilaciephotography #maternityphotography #maternitydress #maternitygown #mamabear #mama #mamatobe #sunset @ig_rhodeisland @beautiful_rhodeisland #baby #babybump #babyboy #boy #expecting #pregnant #preggo #pregancy #happy #beautiful #love #babylove @pabreu89
Find your asterisk *. Yesterday, my team and I had an amazing training with Beachbody corporate, Mr. Kevin C Shaw.  He talked about this image below. About how we just always see our goal as being SO far away from our little comfort box. 🐢  So, the real question is, how do you get to the asterisk? What is an action that would take you a smidge outside of your comfort zone to expand it some. Maybe its our online accountability group starting Monday? Maybe its trying a workout you've never done? Maybe going to a movie by yourself? Only you can answer that.  When I started coaching, my little comfort box was TINY. But, being a part of these groups and with my team has grown it tremendously. I was always so fearful of taking that first step because I was afraid I'd fail. But I soon learned, if you START you don't fail.  So, I want to hear from you. What ACTION is that asterisk for you?
When in doubt, beach it up and que it up. 🏖 🍢#family #brosbeforehoes #mamabear #sunnycove #summer17
Come visit us at the Marin Country Mart Farmers Market tomorrow 9am-2pm! We have some fun new arrangements, and gift boxes ready for purchase. Can't wait to meet you! #larkspur #marincountrymart #marincounty #marin #boxtrotgifts #succulove #succulents #giftboxes #gifts #millvalley #cortemadera #bayarea #berkeley #uniquegift #gifting #succulentarrangement #happyfriday #mamabear #happymama #farmersmarket