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Lowkey RBG vibes (BlackHistory/Present/Future Special)  Snakeskin racing stripes on black gel manicure for the royal @queena_dawg ❤️🖤💚 #maniadrienne
Melting milk chocolate gel manicurw for glowy @queena_dawg using @gel_two #berightback 🍫 #maniadrienne
Ruffian gel manicure with fine outline and babiest crystal accent for @queena_dawg inspired by her choice by @manikupchik ❤️ Used @gelish_official taupe and @vetro_usa products 😘 #maniadrienne
Geode gel mani for #maniadrienne @queena_dawg
Geode gel manicure for @queena_dawg 🔥 Matte black filed away to reveal the hidden gem sparkle 💎 This technique is difficult/tedious but I love the outcome 😍 #maniadrienne
Geode accent gel manicure fo @queena_dawg feat. @vetro_usa Cobalt Blue 💙 #maniadrienne
Eerie glow-in-the-dark galactic smoke for @queena_dawg inspired by @nailsbyregina 💚 Slide for vidz 💚 #maniadrienne
Vertical ombre spectrum gel manicure in #checkoutthegeysirs #lessisnorse and #suziandthearcticfox GelColors by @opi_products gifted by @preendotme 🙏🏻❤️ Created an icy sheen with @cndworld Titanium Pearl pigment on Gossip topcoat; @swarovski Crystal Pixie star shower accents 😊 Slide for process, video... #maniadrienne . . #opiiceland #journeytoopiiceland #opinailart
Mixed neutrals gel manicure for #maniadrienne - cream charcoal and cinnamon - autumn approaches 😊
Client @adrienne_shivers captured a way better nailfie of her mood gel than I did 🙌🏼😆 "Tequila Sunrise" by @gel_two on her acrylic overlay ❤️ #maniadrienne
"Strange Clouds" client design collab gel manicure for @queena_dawg feat. texture hidden by black to smoke screen mood gel polish by @lechatnails 😍 One of my fave polishes of all times 👏🏼 Slide for reveal video, client selfie 😍🙏🏻🙌🏼 #maniadrienne
Gel manicure (natural nails) with custom chrome mix, geometric blocking with naked nail peekaboos 💓 #maniadrienne
Ya'll are really gonna get sick of this white chrome but I don't care I'm obsessed 😬😂 Chrombre on gel manicure in "Little Blue Label" by @wavegelusa 🔮 #maniadrienne
POISON! POISON!!! Venom green gel manicure with black linework 💚 #maniadrienne
Dark night unicorn gel manicure with acrylic "unicorn nail" accent pinkies - Fairy dust from @oceannailsupply over black gel polish with eerie chrome on her ridge nails 💎 #maniadrienne (Happy Birthday 🎉 Adrienne! ❤️)
Holo chrome ombre over "Venus" by @vetro_usa for @adrienne_shivers 🌈 Flossy flossy 💎 #maniadrienne
Gel manicure in "That's Hot Pink" by @lechatnails with fairy dust from @oceannailsupply and unicorn nails created with @youngnailsinc acrylic, iridescent glitter+fairy dust topped with "Crysta Pink" #241" by @vetro_usa 💗 #maniadrienne
Gel manicure in pop in pastel green with acrylic unicorn nail  accent pinkies 🦄 #maniadrienne
Gel manicure in black with gold chrome ombres and nazer (evil eye) accents to ward off curses 🙅🏻#maniadrienne
Lava inspired gel manicure 🔥 Intended to do crackling lava but couldnt get it right 😩 but went another direction that turned out rad anyways! Main color is "Hot Sauce" by @vetro_usa with smoosh accent nails tipped in smoky mood polish that goes clear/gray when warm, black when cool 😝 #maniadrienne