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Will we see a lineup change? Do you guys think Monroe will start? πŸ€
Mask πŸ’ͺπŸ‘‘πŸ†πŸ€πŸ’₯ #likeforlike #followforfollow #kyrieirving #uncledrew #mvp #maskedkyrie #boston #allstar @kyrieirving @kyrieirving @everything.kyrieirving
This all star game is fun but... who's more excited for what's to come after? I definitely am πŸ”₯πŸ€
Kyrie' shoes with every Celtics Banner year listed on the laces! πŸ€ - These might be the coolest shoes I've seen I definitely need these
Jaylen Brown’s height is listed at 6’ 7”, while Jayson Tatum’s height is listed at 6’ 8”. But NBA players heights are taken when they are rookies and often change. However, when the heights change, the internet keeps their rookie heights. A good example of this is the 🐍, Kevin Durant. KD’s height is listed as 6’ 9”, but he’s recently admitted he’s actually 7 feet tall (see 3rd picture) The same happened to Jaylen Brown, whose height is listed at 6’ 7. Jaylen admitted last summer that he grew to 6’ 8” in his rookie season (see 2nd pick). So knowing that Brown is 6’ 8” and seeing that Tatum looks at least an inch taller than Brown in the first photo, I would estimate Jayson Tatum’s height to be 6’ 9” or maybe even 6’ 10”... not 6’ 8”.
Who's excited to see our guys in the all star game? πŸ€ - What kind of stat lines will we see?
Who's jersey is next? πŸ€ KG or Danny Ainge? Kyrie, Brown, Tatum, someone else?
Who's your starting 5? πŸ€ - I've got Kyrie, Ainge, Cedric, McHale, and Russell  or Kyrie, Ainge, Pierce, McHale, Parish
Jaylen Brown's story from Paul Pierce's jersey retirement! πŸ€ Count the clovers πŸ‘€ #banner18
The 🐐 IT has... βœ…Attracted Al Horford βœ… Attracted Gordon Hayward βœ… Helped Acquire Kyrie Irving βœ… Caused Cleveland to Implode πŸ”œ Give us a top 5 draft pick πŸ”œ Prove to LeBron that he shouldn’t go to LA next year
Tomorrow will be special πŸ€ Some of my earliest Celtics memories are of The Truth #34 - What are your favorite Paul Pierce memories?
Get 67 FREE NBA PNGs bio going to the link in my bio!
Predicting tomorrow’s game against Cleveland is tough because we have 0 data of this new Cavaliers team. A couple advantages we have is home field advantage and chemistry, but an advantage Cleveland has is film to study. I’m opting to not make a prediction, but comment below some other advantage us or Cleveland could have.
This man’s been playing out of his mind these last few games!
The Celtics giving all these teams head starts like...
20 plus point deficit ain't shit. Al knows it. You know it. Lets get this win πŸ€
Do we want masked Kyrie to come back at all this season?? πŸ“·via: @fanaticosbostonceltics