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#wip “BRUSH WITH LUST” ••• “Greedy eyes never see enough, some call it beauty, others call it lust” ~ Posting this in its earliest most rugged form. Will do the cleaner sketch on top tomorrow. A lot more detail to add to everything. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “FAUX PAS” One of my favorite moments in MOLLY’S GAME is when she tries on this dress for her job as a cocktail waitress. It’s so humorously told and it’s one I was so excited to draw. I took like 20 reference photos of me squirming around in one of my party dresses before I caught the right pose I wanted. It was worth it. I have laughed so much today ❤️ #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
“FIRST DAY IN L.A.” MOLLY’S GAME ••• Welcome to L.A.,” he said. “Thanks Steve. Where do you think is the best place for me to get a waitressing job?” “Beverly Hills would be the best, but it’s really hard. Every pretty girl is an out-of-work actress or model and they are all waitresses, it’s not like-“ “I know Steve, I know it’s not Colorado.” I smiled. “How do I get to Beverly Hills?” ••• Gotta love guys like Steve, good ol’ risk-averse Steve. They may not want to put their hand in a jar of spiders but they do want to make sure you come home in one piece. I gave Molly a slightly amused grin because usually when “By-the-book” guys I know try to explain to me “when you see the nice shiny thing, don’t touch the nice shiny thing, it has fangs”, it’s always so cute, so I just try my best to hide my amusement. I also listened to LaLa Land while I colored this ❤️ #mollysgame #mollybloom #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “FIRST DAY IN L.A.” So I woke up feeling super confident about painting this, and then as I worked on and realized I was a little out of practise of sunlight I became unconfident, and then as I figured it out I became confident again! Monday mornings lol. So going for a rose tinged filter for Act/Mov. 1 to reflect Molly’s optimism and starry eyes. Rose light can add a few obstacles when shading and highlighting, because it is a soft and unassuming kind of light. Her complexion has a kind pf rosy quality to it too. So will continue to quarrel with this lighting scheme after some food ❤️ #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
Reading MOLLY’S GAME is a very real experience for me, as I know and understand everything she is going through. Some scenarios are almost identical, some parallel or glaringly similar, locations and circumstances are vastly different but the internal journey, changes, motives, nuances, transformations, are beat for beat. I can feel her experiences in my bones. Sometimes I have had to put the book down, walk around for a bit and breathe, and then go back to it because I can empathize so deeply. It started getting more and more challenging as soon as she started to wear masks more often and the trip home for Christmas shook me so much I had to calm the wild horses in my head there. The illustrations will become that much more emotionally charged in this second movement, because it is the mirage and actions that happened in that window that still causes me rocks in my stomach til this day. It’s a very tender, open wound. That’s been the most beautiful thing about reading Molly’s story, hearing her talk about it, that’s revealed how many sore spots I still have. It’s also giving me amazing strength, so much strength. She makes me feel strong and empowered. Molly is my hero 🙏🏻 #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
Color plated Molly in both of these simultaneously. I still need to revise the sketches of both her male counterparts before I plate them. I am really getting the hang of getting consistency on her complexion and hair, especially starting with the base colors. Her hair sometimes looks lighter and other times it looks very dark, and I think that depends on the lighting in the room. Also I am leaving more of my animators lines in the final piece. Taking inspiration from 101 Dalmations and Disney’s 70 and 80s films that just due to budget didnt do much clean up. The frenetic lines from the construction lines make the characters feel more alive and vibrant. Molly is very energetic and so I think its a good idea to keep some of those fringes and a less polished look to get that 😃 #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “PUNCHING BAG” ••• Yes, I used to work for a man like Reardon. He was an angry rage ball with a colorful vocabulary, who always came up with a new way to articulate how stupid and useless I was everyday. Compliments were hard to come by and they were usually back handed. I was his ingenue. I worked double shifts for him, did “volunteer hours” for him on what little off time I should have had for him. I was asked to quit other jobs or endeavors or else there was some major threat or ultimatum. He knew he was my main source of income, that I was naïve and would eventually cave to do whatever he demanded of me to do. Mistakes were never a good thing, mistakes broughy on unexpected volatile behavior. One time I made something the wrong way and he shouted at the top of his lungs and threw it at me. It was the most tumultuous boss-employee dynamic I have ever lived through. Was it brutal? Yes. Was it soul crushing? Yes. Did I take something away from it? Yes. Never allow myself to be put in that scenario again. Ever since I worked for him I never let myself be manipulated, talked down to and bullied by a male superior EVER again. I grew a backbone and whenever something happened in my work environments that I knew wasn’t right, to me or my co-workers, I was not (am not) shy to speak up and voice my concerns. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist @immollybloom
I mapped out the next section of my MOLLY’S GAME series last night. Each section (I call them “movement’s”) has an overarching thread that strings them together. Over a broad stretch of time Molly slowly builds this persona that she feels will make her irreplacable, and legitimate. “Bluff and perception are much more important than actual truth and circumstance.” Molly says about her schooling on Poker from one of the players. It’s a very delicate construction and moves in waves. She is always noting when she wanted to act how she normally would but acted another way instead, to fit into the status quo. I am at the place in the book where her persona is finally constructed. As I move forward I am interested in seeing how it evolves. My approach to her whole series is being in the trenches on the search for identity and purpose. That’s what her story is about to me. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “WORSE FOR WEAR” ••• Lol okay, this took me a few hours to stitch together. I wanted to say a lot with it. My first was showing how “in the trenches” female friendships are and how we support each other at the most broken moments. Whether it be roommates, co-workers, even brand new accquaintences on a trip, women always drop whatever they are doing to help another woman when she is hurting and in distress. This was very inspired by how many times my roommates found me falling to pieces when they came home from their outing or function, and would instantly be there to listen and support. Second, I wanted to really show Molly distraught for the first time, really rattled by how some of her choices have put her in an unbearable circumstance. Third, I am slowly bringing the world of glitz and glamour into these pieces, into her view. The more ad more she is exposed to it in L.A., the more appealling it is to her. I have yet to get to more of her and Rearden. I have to take some time tomorrow making notes on how I want to trunkate that first broad section of their dynamic. I had an exact alchemic working relationship with a boss just like him, with all the ultimatums, demands, long hours, etc. So I have to dig back into that and help that help me find how I want to depict that. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist @immollybloom
#wip “DAY IN THE SUN” • This is a few drawings ahead of ones yet to be done, but I have been very eager to get to this one, and have had it carved in my head since the moment I read this part of @immollybloom’s story. While Molly was working her tail off as an assistant and later a second job, she also found time to volunteer in the childrens ward at the hospital. She had a great sense of empathy for their struggle and day to day experience because of her own experiences as a young girl with her surgery and being in an isolation ward. She connected with a little girl named Grace who was frail but had a lot of energy and wanted to be an archaeologist one day. She hadn’t been outside in a long time so Molly pleaded to have the chance to take her outside. She had passed the next day. In re-reading it over I am not sure if this moment of being outside had actually come to pass, but this is the image that has stayed with me. I think it’s so beautiful how much she loved all those kids she spent time with and got to know them individually, and how dedicated she was to give Grace the chance to be outside. I think it speaks so much for her capacity to love and be in somebody’s corner 🌻 #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “REARDEN” - What I am continually amazed by while reading MOLLY’S GAME is how richly dimensional @immollybloom writes her story. This of course is a direct extension of who she is. Whoever an artist is, at the core of them always surfaces in whatever they create. I am about halfway through, Molly is already into starting her Poker games, and she still has that innocence and quirkiness that she did at the beginning, that she still has now - that is who sh she is. Just speaking as an actor who has read and worked on a lot of scripts, that its easy to fall into the trap of abandoning those qualities as the story moves along when is dealing with a “tough” character. Garry Marshall is one of my favorite directors because he really created some of the most richly dimensional women: CC and Hillary in BEACHES, Maggie Carpenter in RUNAWAY BRIDE, Mia in THE PRINCESS DIARIES. What I love about all of them is that they all are flawed, CC and Maggie have gumption and grit but arent immune to emotion and being sensitive, they make good decisions, bad decisions, lose their cool, have moments of unabashed selflessness, and when they hit their hardest obstacles you love them the most because they have these hearts of gold. It was the heart of Garry’s leading ladies that makes us rewatch his films again and again. He also loved to cast women with big laughs, good sense of humors, so catching moments of goofiness and quirkiness was always a serendipidous and natural occurance. When I am working on her illustrations I definitely have been working to capture all of those facets. She is a very endearing and lovable person, and to me that has to come across first and foremost across the board. I want to feel like they are being caught in the middle of a moment. She is so relatable and I want people to feel that when they see these pieces. ❤️ #mollybloom #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist
“OVERTURE. iii” ••• “I got home that night and ignored the pain in my back and neck. I was tired of living with pain and pretending it wasn’t there. I was exhausted from trying to keep up with my superstar brother and I was especially tired of feeling like I had to constantly prove myself. Still, I had made the U.S. Ski Team and I had placed third overall. I felt satisfied. It was time to move on - on my own terms now.” #mollybloom #mollysgame  #emotional #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip - I have been very intentional so far with showing @immollybloom absorbing and observing her world thus far. To me there is a very distinct shift in the story where she starts becoming more assertive and coming into her own because of those observations. This is like my first Act, and I am enjoying exploring all these elements of Molly. It’s also great to explore all of the meneutia of being a new girl in a big city. I remember it well. I was 20, saved up $3000 working like 5 or 6 odd jobs when I was 19. I went in with no plan (although I convinced people I did lol) and got a job in my first week of living there. It’s crazy how uncanny her experiences are to mine. I never thought I would draw from this section of my life ever, I’d kind of written it off as source of inspiration. Well, life had other plans, and I am totally loving it ❤️❤️❤️ #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist @immollybloom
#wip Molly Bloom is incredibly fun to illustrate. It was after watching one of her interviews where she gets very animated and expressive that I was like “Hmmmm....maybe I should do this series with illustrating Molly and going full original designs 🤔” Then watching a few others and seeing how open and personable and funny she is I was like “I’m doing it!!!!” Glad I went for it. I love how she describes an experience she has lived in. It’s a very exciting experience reading her book and you can tell how energetic she is just by how she writes. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist @immollybloom
Another #wip with just Molly in there so far hahaha. I am bouncing back and forth between MOLLY’S GAME, my commission and reading today. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
I usually shoot as many takes of a reference shot before I choose one. For one where you want to catch a person believably in motion it took me a many takes to get that loose feeling in my body. I pictured Molly getting her orange, lemon and lime, and maneuering herself while the kitchen staff moved back and forth around her (yet to draw that). I spent all of my working life before being an artist in food service, so I channeled my own quirky experiences. #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist
#wip “FIRST DAY IN L.A.” I am really excited that I am prepping the next phase of Molly’s story, which is a restless, wide-eyed girl who can’t wait to burst out of the front door to explore and get a job. I wanted to capture this slightly amused expression as her friend explains to her that L.A. is nothing like Colorado. The cup, orange, and oatmeal (or cereal) is to show the multi-tasking task of breakfast. 😊 #mollybloom #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist @immollybloom
Here is an outtake of me shooting reference for an upcoming MOLLY’S GAME sketch that involves her getting an orange, lemon and lime. I was just so giggly the whole time I thought I would post this one ❤️😂 #illustrator #animator #illustration #artist #characterdesigner #storyboardartist #melissarenaeart #winnipegartist #freelanceartist