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Which team is better? πŸ‘€β‰οΈ #cavs or #warriors Follow @bballgoat for more!
#frase En el cumpleaños 55 de su "Majestad" Michael Jordan, recordamos una de sus frases que vale igual que una anillo de #nba #michaeljordan #nbaallstar | #super7fm 107.7FM
Mixtape Dropping Soon🎼🎧πŸ”₯New Videos Coming Out Next Week On The Youtube Channel, Subscribe to stay tuned (Link in Bio)πŸ”₯ @21savage
STYLE, GRACE and PERSEVERANCE. The traits of a LEGEND. #michaeljordan #aj3
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#mj #michaeljordan #thegoat #airjordan #air_jordan  The end
Is Devin Booker the best shooter in the NBA?  For more posts like this follow me @ballboomin _ Via: @latestreplays
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MJ or Kobe? @hooprsofficial x @basketballaboveall
Waiting for the @nbaallstar finale, take a look at the best scoring performances in All Star Game history . Interact with data at: http://lagiornatatipo.it/all-star-game-top-scoring-performances/ . #tableau #nba #allstar #sunday #allstargame #points #history #star #mvp #losangeles #la #anthonydavis #russellwestbrook #paulgeorge #wiltchamberlain #michaeljordan #kobe #kobebryant #kevindurant #lebron #lebronjames #blakegriffin #stars #top #2018 #dataviz #stats #history
#blackpanther is the name of the black civil rights organisation created in America around the same time Stan Lee invented this little known black superhero, and its the genius of writer and director #ryancoogler (Fruitvale station, Creed) that he imbues a Marvel movie with so much authentic revolutionary angst and black pride that it seems as important a milestone for black rights as the creation of the eponymous political party. And I’m not exaggerating - black panther goes far beyond a strong central character and deals with the myth of an African continent never colonized (the fictional country of #wakanda ), technological progress far ahead of the rest of the world (thanks to a fictional metal called vibranium), and a benign, secret and prosperous existence that belies Wakanda’s third world status. And from that myth comes The Central question of how to deal with that technological and military superiority - to remain secret and peaceful (the status quo) or take revenge on a world that has marginalised and enslaved  black People (the vision of the movie’s late emerging villain, charismatically played by #michaeljordan ) ? Standing between these two extremes is our hero - the black panther aka t’challa the newly crowned king of Wakanda (a quietly intense Chadwick Boseman), a sort of young Nelson Mandela with an accent to match. Along with his posse of all female family and friends (a set of women’s characters that should put the over rated #wonderwoman to shame), especially his gadget inventing Sister (a la James Bond’ Q) and his fierce security chief, t’challa conjures up a third way - to emerge into the world outside, but do it in a peaceful manner and to help the rest of the world share in Wakanda’s riches and knowledge. And while there are enough car chases and charging rhinos and spaceships to keep the fanboys interested, even the action scenes have a certain nobility and wit to them which so woefully evades the rest of the marvel